Hang Time

NBC (ended 2001)


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  • Hang Time is one of my favourite shows.

    -Hang Time is about a team of basketball players at Deering school. Each season has its own mystery and romance. The main character is Julie Connor. In each season you can say that Julie has a new love.

    -Here's the cast: (these are only the people that take part in all the seasons)
    .Daniella Deutscher as Julie Connor
    .Megan Parlen as Mary Beth Pepperton

    -Here's the rest of the cast:
    .David Hanson as Chris Atwater
    .Chad Gabriel as Danny Mellon
    .Hillary Tuck as Samantha Morgan
    .Christian Benz Belnavis as Michael Maxwell
    .Robert Michael Ryan as Earl Hatfield
    .Reggie Theus as Coach Bill Fuller
    .Kevin Bell as Josh Sanders
    .Amber Barretto as Kristy Ford
    .Adam Frost as Michael Manning
    .Michael Sullivan as Vince D'Amata
    .Anthony Anderson as Teddy Brodis
    .Jay Hernandez as Antonio Lopez
    .Mark Familgietti as Nick Hammer
    .Danso Gordon as Kenny "Silk" Hayes
    .Phillip Glasser as Eugene Brown .Paige Peterson as Amy Wright
    .James Villani as Rico Bosco
    .Dick Butkus as Coach Mike Katowinski.

    Hang Time is one of my favourite Tv shows because its filled with comdey, a little romance and drama and it has basketball involved! I LOVE basketball!! :)