Hang Time

NBC (ended 2001)


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  • Put this classic teen show in a complete DVD series box including closed captions, please!

    This is a best teen classic TV series of history. It is way better than the original class of Saved By The Bell, but not quite strongly public as Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. But it has an advantage and the true story has been revealed.

    It is all about a transferred girl student, who acts like an explorer, enters Deering, a Co-Ed high school, that only has boys basketball team and no girls basketball team at all.

    I don't think this type of too many cast changes is that bad. The total number of the cast is even and the cast changes is also even, unlike all Saved By The Bell classes. They also did not change the main character (Daniella Deutscher as Julie Connor) and the outstanding funniest supporting character (Megan Parlen as Mary Beth Pepperton) at all. They both stayed in this show for all 104 episodes and all six seasons, which is good enough.

    The ending was spectacular because she scored the winning shot and ended the series in graduation. The six other teens graduated at the same time and, of course, coach had to stay to bring the boys basketball back to normal and Deering High School formed a new girls basketball team at the same time. This is the ending that Fresh Prince should have in their series.

    So I really want the Hang Time DVD in a complete set in the future and there will be no excuse at all!