Hang Time - Season 2

NBC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • The Best Game of the Season
    It's the last regular game of the season - the one which will decide if Deering gets a spot in the play-offs. Julie is made an incredible offer: the chance to play pro-ball in Italy, forcing Julie to decide between playing pro in Italy and completing school.
  • Green-Eyed Julie
    Green-Eyed Julie
    Episode 12
    Julie gets jealous of a new waitress called Nicole. Meanwhile, Mary Beth tries to teach Vince how to dance, with painful results.
  • Superman Brodis
    Superman Brodis
    Episode 11
    When Teddy's dad, NBA superstar Theodore Brodis, Sr. moves to Indianapolis after retiring from the NBA, Teddy has high hopes that he and his dad will finally be a family... but will his dad's criticisms soon enfuriate Teddy? Meanwhile, the team gets ready for a 3-point shoot-off.
  • Son-in-Law
    Episode 10
    When Mary Beth begins to resent the fact that her father is not spending enough time with her, she starts dating Vince to get his attention. Her plan backfires however when Vince begins to fall for her! Meanwhile, the team is pysched out when they have to play (and beat) undefeated Remington High to get into the play-offs.moreless
  • Style Before Substance
    It's time for the Mayoral Election and nobody is really interested except Danny, who has a love of polictics. Amy soon becomes interested when she sees one of the candidates John Kent! Meanwhile, the basketball team challenges the football team to various competitions when they accuse the gang of being 'wimps'.moreless
  • When Loss is Gain
    When Loss is Gain
    Episode 8
    The gang decide to each sacrifice an important personal item for a charity drive - when Mary Beth gets mugged for her efforts, her (somewhat justifiably) uncharatable comments cause Josh to go ballistic.
  • Fake ID-ology
    Fake ID-ology
    Episode 7
    As we start, the gang has all been benched by Coach Fuller, and, in flashback, we soon find out the reason: the gang had obtained some fake I.D.'s to get into an over-21 club to see a band, and, while there, Josh, Mary Beth and Amy had gotten into some alcohol, while Vince had gotten into a fight.moreless
  • Short Cuts
    Short Cuts
    Episode 6
    When Vince hears about a basketball training camp hosted by Coach Fuller and NBA star Muggsy Bogues, he is willing to do anything to get in... including taking steroids!! Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are filming an alien invasion movie called "Zeltoid Hunters".
  • War of the Rose
    War of the Rose
    Episode 5
    When Mary Beth has the locker room painted a pink color, Vince gets back at her with a nasty note, which leads Mary Beth and Vince to take part in an escalating war of retaliations against each other. Indeed, they get so out of hand that the gang has to interviene. Meanwhile, Julie tries to avoid having a surprise party for her birthday.moreless
  • The Sure Thing
    The Sure Thing
    Episode 4
    At tryouts, Teddy takes a liking to one of the girls there, Tracy. Josh, Danny, and Vince sense this but Teddy tells them that there's one drawback. He's never asked out a girl before because he thinks he's "the fat kid whose everybody's friend". So, the gang try to help him build up his confidence. Meanwhile, Julie's constant "baby" talk to Josh is driving him nuts!moreless
  • Harvest Moon
    Harvest Moon
    Episode 3
    Everyone is excited about the Harvest Moon Dance, especially Danny who will be reunited with Sam. Mary Beth and Vince insult each other over their choices for the dance. Amy tries to convince Teddy to be the DJ for the dance. Danny is upset to receive a letter from Sam telling him that she's found another lovemoreless
  • Just One of the Guys
    Julie has a crush for new teammate Josh Sanders, but when she begins to think that boys don't notice her, an identity crisis means she quits the team! Meanwhile, when Danny, Teddy and Michael insult the cheerleaders, Mary Beth and Amy punish them by getting all the other girls at Deering to stop talking to them until they apologize.moreless
  • Winning Isn't Everything
    It's the start of a new school year at Deering High: Michael, Chris and Earl have left, as well as Sam who's gone to college in Chicago. New recruits are recruited into the team by new team manager, Mary Beth.