Hang Time - Season 3

NBC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Fuller's Big Offer
    Fuller's Big Offer
    Episode 26
    The Tornadoes have made it to the Indiana State Championships, but trouble ensues when they find out that Southern Florida University is interested in hiring Coach Fuller to come and coach for them. Upon finding this out, the team lose focus on the game and worry about losing their coach instead.moreless
  • The Curfew
    The Curfew
    Episode 25
    Coach Fuller sets a curfew for the team before the big game. However, Teddy meets a girl and is invited to her sorority's party. He goes to the party with the idea that he'll only stay for a little while and get back in time for Coach Fuller's head count at curfew. But when the gang notice that he's not back yet, Julie, Michael, and Vince go to the party to get Teddy. After Coach Fuller shows up at the sorority looking for them, all four of them dress up like members of the opposite sex and sneak out. But Teddy still isn't finished talking with the girl that he's met, and everyone but Teddy makes it back before curfew. When Coach Fuller greets him, he lets him know that he's benched from the game.moreless
  • Goodnight Vince
    Goodnight Vince
    Episode 24
    After missing an important free throw during a game, Vince loses all of his confidence.
  • Twister
    Episode 23
    To win tickets to a concert, the gang enter Teddy in a pizza-eating contest. But when he can't get up the hunger to eat for the first time in his life, Kristy fills in and wins the pair of tickets. After receiving the prize, the gang is dissapointed to find out that the tickets are for a day that they have to work. But since Coach Fuller is going to be away for the day, they decide to bring the kids to the pizza parlor and take turns going to the concert. Everything goes smoothly until the coach shows up at the pizza parlor and after hurrying to get back to camp, Teddy, Kristy, and the kids get stuck outside during a tornado. Also, Vince uses a quarter worth $5,000 in the camp's soda machine and Mary Beth won't let him rest until they get it back out.moreless
  • Game Point
    Game Point
    Episode 22
    In this clip show, Kristy writes a paper on how sports help to enhance personal relationships and she proves this to the team by looking back on things that have happened throughout the past season.
  • Kristy Connor
    Kristy Connor
    Episode 21
    While hanging out with Julie, Michael, Mary Beth, and Vince, Kristy starts to feel like a fifth wheel, so she borrows Julie's jacket and heads off to get some pizza. While wearing the jacket, she meets a cute guy who's immediately impressed that she's Julie Connor from Deering. Kristy's interested in him and doesn't have the heart to tell him that she's not actually Julie. Meanwhile, Vince gets Coach Fuller to buy hamburger for the big camp cook out from his uncle. They get a little bit more meat than they expected when an entire, live cow shows up at the camp and the guys try to keep it hidden from the coach.moreless
  • Fuller's Camp
    Fuller's Camp
    Episode 20
    The gang are counselors at Coach Fuller's basketball camp. The kids arrive and only one is a girl, so Julie immediately tries to bond with her. However, Julie starts pushing her too hard. So hard, that she decides she wants to leave camp because she's not having any fun. Meanwhile, Mary Beth starts to receive love letters from one of the kids and Danny is terrorized by his group of campers.moreless
  • Love on the Rockies
    Love on the Rockies
    Episode 19
    Julie runs into her ex-boyfriend, Paul, at the lodge. She decides to tell Michael about him, but is convinced by Mary Beth to keep quiet. After finding out who Paul is on their own, Michael and Vince befriend him and try to keep him busy so that he can't chase after Julie. Meanwhile, Teddy, Danny, Kristy, and Coach Fuller rescue a millionaire out on the slopes. Since she's rich, they expect a reward and start spending before they actually receive any money.moreless
  • The Laugh Riot
    The Laugh Riot
    Episode 18
    To try and make his dream of performing stand-up comedy come true, Danny signs up to perform at the ski lodge's comedy club. However, things don't go as he planned when he gets on stage and immediately freezes in front of the audience. Teddy rescues him and they agree to be a comedy team. But trouble ensues when their friendship is strained after Teddy gets a big head and starts to claim that he's the funny one. Also, Vince gives Mary Beth an expensive ring, but she loses it.moreless
  • Mary Beth's Parents
    Mary Beth's Parents
    Episode 17
    At the ski lodge, it doesn't turn out to be a very happy birthday for Mary Beth when she finds out that her parents are divorcing. She cooks up a scheme with the gang to try and get her parents to fall back in love.
  • Midnight Basketball
    Midnight Basketball
    Episode 16
    The gang volunteer for Deering's teen line, where kids call in to ask for advice. Teddy, or Tick Tack Jack as he calls himself, gets a call from a kid named Eric who says he wants to run away. Teddy breaks the rules and meets Eric in person to talk. He's able to convince the coach to allow Eric and his friends to play basketball in the gym during the evening, but it doesn't go as planned when the kids trash the locker room after losing the game. Meanwhile, Julie and Michael have feelings for each other but don't know what to do. They both call the teen line seperately, but get some not-so-good advice from Danny and Mary Beth.moreless
  • Teen Mom
    Teen Mom
    Episode 15
    Danny starts to date a girl and after she seems to have to leave every one of their dates in a hurry, he starts to think that she might be seeing someone else on the side. It turns out that he's somewhat right. She has a baby. After discovering this, he decides to propose. Meanwhile, Kristy gets addicted to a video game at the Stadium and misses the photo shoot that would put the girls on the cover of Girls in Sports Magazine.moreless
  • Blood Drive
    Blood Drive
    Episode 14
    Mary Beth volunteers to organize the school's beach dance and Vince agrees to help her so that they can spend some more time together. Kristy is in charge of the school's blood drive, and Danny offers to help her in order to spend more time with her. But when a handsome doctor arrives to help out, Danny starts getting jealous of the time that Kristy is spending with him and ends up making a mockery of the blood drive during a segment being filmed for the local news. Meanwhile, after learning that Michael is afraid to ask Julie to the dance because he can't dance, Teddy tries to teach him some moves.moreless
  • The Perfect Girl
    The Perfect Girl
    Episode 13
    When Mary Beth enters a modeling contest, she becomes very self-concious about her looks. And when she doesn't win, she starts talking about plastic surgery to make herself look perfect. Kristy goes to the doctor's office with her. While they're having their consultation, Vince goes into the waiting room and sees a girl whose face is wrapped up in bandages and thinks it's Mary Beth. He tells her that she perfect the way she is and doesn't need surgery, while the real Mary Beth listens on.moreless
  • Fuller's Rival
    Fuller's Rival
    Episode 12
    Coach Fuller desperately wants to beat his long time rival's team in the upcoming playoff game. Meanwhile, Julie and Kristy compete for the attention of Scott, a cute guy that works at the hotel the team is staying at.
  • The Hustlers
    The Hustlers
    Episode 11
    In California, Julie and Teddy end up being the only ones practicing when the rest of the team go with Mary Beth to watch for celebrities at their hotel. When Julie and Teddy take on two guys in a two-on-two basketball game, an onlooker makes a bet on Julie and Teddy's team and ends up winning. Looking to pay for their room service bill, Teddy and Julie go back and bet a $100 that they can win another game. Not only do they lose their money, but they find that they were being set up all along. Meanwhile, Vince finds Mel Gibson's wallet at the hotel.moreless
  • Kristy's Other Mother
    The team goes to California for a tournament, and Kristy gets a call from her mother. It turns out that Kristy's birth mother lives in California and since they would both like to finally meet each other, they set up a lunch date. They get along so well that her birth mother asks her to move in with her, leaving Kristy with an incredibly hard decision to make. Meanwhile, Vince and the guys enter a game show looking to win prizes and later find out that it's a dating show. Vince is hesitant to go because of Mary Beth, but does anyway and ends up winning the date.moreless
  • Not a D'Amata
    Not a D'Amata
    Episode 9
    After Vince's little brother, Nicky, returns from a year in France, he's changed. He used to share interests with Vince, but now likes writing poems and other hobbies that Vince doesn't find suitable for a D'Amata. After Vince tries everything that he can think of to get his brother to return back to normal, Nicky thinks that he should just go back to France where he'll be accepted.moreless
  • Playing With Pain
    Playing With Pain
    Episode 8
    A talent scout from the University of Arizona goes to Deering to check out Michael. While practicing with Julie, Michael hurts his ankle. Lying to Julie, he says that his ankle is fine, but is secretly taking pain killers and decides to continue his plan on playing for the scout. Meanwhile, Kristy tries to teach Mary Beth the bones in the human body.moreless
  • Julie's Guy
    Julie's Guy
    Episode 7
    When her teammates discover that Julie is dating Jason Redman, a player from a rival team, Mary Beth tries to arrange a get-acquainted dinner with all of the guys. However, things don't go smoothly when the Deering guys practically refuse to get to know Jason. Meanwhile, Teddy tries to teach Kristy how to drive in preperation for her driving exam.moreless
  • Coach Fuller's Car
    Coach Fuller's Car
    Episode 6
    Coach Fuller not only needs to be dropped off at the airport, but he needs someone to look after his car. He gives Julie, Vince, Danny, and Teddy a long list of rules and entrusts the car in their care. The gang later attend a frat party and when it's time to leave, find out that the punch they were drinking was spiked and that they're too drunk to drive. They leave Coach Fuller's car parked at the fraternity overnight, with the plan to come back to pick it up, only to find it missing the next day.moreless
  • No Smoking
    No Smoking
    Episode 5
    Teddy has secretly started smoking, using the excuse that it wants to use it to curb his appetite. But when Coach Fuller and Teddy's teammates catch him smoking, he's kicked off the team. However, when Teddy sees his little brother carrying the same brand of cigarettes that he's been smoking, he makes up his mind to try and quit. But kicking the habit doesn't prove to be such an easy task. Meanwhile, Kristy scoffs at superstitions when she walks under a ladder in the gym. But immediately afterward she has a run of bad luck that makes her think she really may be cursed.moreless
  • Fighting Words
    Fighting Words
    Episode 4
    During a game against Montrose, Danny gets into a verbal fight with a bully. So, he, Michael, Teddy, and Vince start taking karate lessons to learn how to fight. Meanwhile, the Montrose and the Deering cheerleading teams have a prank war.
  • First Game of the Season
    The Tornadoes are up against Lynwood for the first game of the new season, and Deering has a new Vice Principal, Ms. Williams, who turns out to be Coach Fuller's ex-fiance. After Michael encourages the team to skip Study Hall to practice, they are given detention two days before the game. Then after losing his temper with Ms. Williams, Michael gets suspended from the game. Coach Fuller tries to work out a solution with Ms. Williams so that while the team gets punished, they can still play.moreless
  • Sexual Harrassment
    Sexual Harrassment
    Episode 2
    Mary Beth purchases sport bags for the team that cost $1,000, not realizing that the amount is the team's budget for the entire year. After not being able to return them because they're monogramed, Coach Fuller tells her that she's going to have to pay for them. Her father refuses to loan her the money, so she gets a job at the Stadium working with Tom, one of Deering's former players. But when Tom starts harrassing her, Mary Beth doesn't know what to do.moreless
  • Team Captain
    Team Captain
    Episode 1
    After Amy and Josh leave Deering, a new cheerleader, Kristy Ford, and a new player, Michael Manning, come to Deering. Michael's a great player, but Julie expects to be elected team captain and is extremely hurt when the rest of the team choose Michael over her. Meanwhile, Mary Beth reveals that she kissed Ryan Parker while at space camp.moreless