Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

Season 1 Episode 4

Please Pass the Jock

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 1992 on ABC

Episode Recap

Robin goes to a skiing camp and needs money to go. So she tries to find a way to teach more children music lessons. Vanessa gives her the idea of "having the first lesson free". But, there are more than enough lessons than she can handle. Also the music lessons are driving Vanessa and Mark crazy. Mark teaches an high school Algebra class and Mark has a basketball student in the class called Andre. Mark meets his old baskeball coach Coach Rickits. Coach Rickits excuses Andre and tells Mark that Andre needs to pass the next test and Mark has to give him the exact questions before the test. The coach puts pressure on Mark saying that Mark did not pass the Algebra test when he was in high school and the coach made Mark pass because Mark was failing Algebra like Andre. Mark does not know what to do. Mark does not give Andre the questions and agrees to take and study the test with him so that he himself can pass Algebra class. The principal gives Mark and Andre the test and both of them pass but Mark finds out that the coach was lying about Mark failing in high school. Robin finally goes to the skiing camp and goes down on one of the toughest mountains.