Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2009 on ABC

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  • Pretty bad. But the second half began to pick up.

    What doesn't work: -the weird son
    -repeated jokes about business
    -the house that's supposed to be a fixer-upper but really isn't all that bad considering what people with real financial troubles have to deal with.
    -Liking Kelsey Grammer, who is playing a big old jerk.
    -relating to a comedy that is capitalizing on the recession state of the economy; we're supposed to sympathyze with these rich folks who don't get to be rich anymore? F you.

    Hank is bad. Really bad. Nothing was funny for at least 2/3rds of the episode. Hmm. Make that 3/4ths. But I did finally begin to smile and chuckle towards the end. And I kind of like the wife, though she doesn't have a lot of good material to work with.
  • Hank Pryor and his family must move back to their home town after Hank's sports chain board of directors kicks him out unanimously as CEO. The Pryor's have a tough time dealing with everyday life as they always lived in more of a fairytale world.

    This has got to be the poorest premiere of any half hour or hour long show, comedy, drama, procedural, science fiction, or medical show that started these last few weeks. Hank has no clue about anything related to his family. Kelsey Grammar is Kelsey Grammar as Hank. He plays pretty much the same character we always have seen him play. A little superior, snooty, not really able to deal with everyday people. His wife Tilly played by Melinda McGraw is fine but there are no sparks in her scenes with Hank. The children, Maddie played by Jordan Hinson and Henry played by Nathan Gamble may be the best thing about the show period. They play pretty stereotypical characters at this point but there is room for growth and you don't feel they are going through the motions. Grady, Tilly's brother is played by veteran actor David Koechner. If possible he was more annoying than Hank.

    Unless this show changes its tune pretty quickly I think it is doomed from the start. The opening numbers for the premiere were nothing to write home about as well. Really all you can expect is for them to go down and for this series to be canceled.

    The show was not funny. There are too many funny shows later on Wednesday on ABC and earlier in the week on CBS. I think we've just found an hour between this and The Middle for ABC to slot one of their replacement hour long shows. Thanks for reading...
  • The show is mostly a mess, but there are some signs of potential.

    Kelsey Grammer may have made one sitcom too many, but the man has earned the right to at least give this latest venture a shot. With Grammer and The Office's David Koechner you are guaranteed at least a few laughs per episode, but some of this writing seems like it would be better suited for an episode of Cybill than a show in 2009. This is essentially A Minute With Stan Hooper 2.0, but given the environment Norm Macdonald is better suited for the role than Kelsey Grammer. Frasier is not a relatable loser, despite being the protagonist for 11 years on the show of the same name he needs to be a little despicable to make things work. This is the only role Grammer is really suited for and his style just doesn't work here.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond lite. Really not that funny.

    In a season of great sitcom premieres (Cougar Town, Modern Family, The Middle), Hank simply sinks below them all and is due to fade away. Even Accidentally on Purpose had a better premiere, and that show is simply subpar. The problem is how bland and slow the show is. Kelsey Grammar is better then this, and it seems he has yet another dud on his hand.

    There was some funny lines, such as the whole Moody Maddie thing (when Kelsey Grammar says "NOOO!" I admit that I laughed) and David Koechner had some pretty funny lines.. and I guess Hank singing to Henry was pretty good. But the characters are so thinly drawn that you could point at any TV show and find at least three characters that have more depth then them.

    Perhaps I'm being a little strict with it.. but I was surprised that in a two hour block of ABC comedy, this was the only one that wasn't funny whatsoever.