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  • Great name for a show - execrable execution.

    There seems to be a rule: the more lame and unfunny a sitcom is, the louder and more intrusive the laugh track is. "Hank" had a very loud and rampant laugh track.

    This show has a similar premise as Grammer's last show: Grammer is a very successful person who has a reversal of forture and has to adjust to reduced circumstances.

    In this case, the premise doesn't really make sense - CEOs of companies who lose their jobs through hostile takeovers may be out of a job, but they don't lose everything - they walk away with a boatload of money.

    Perhaps I've just overloaded on Kelsey Grammer's shtick. After 9 years of "Cheers", and 11 years of "Frasier", Grammer's pomposity and general insensitivity to others no longer seems funny.

    The supporting cast is the typical array of quirky characters that sitcom producers throw together is lieu of actual humor. There's the wife who is much too hot for the main character, an obnoxious brother-in-law who is an incompetent general contractor, the moody teen-aged daughter, and an eccentric son who talks like Yoda. Yoda? That might have seemed fresh and funny 25 years ago, but now it seems tired and a little sad.

    I'm sure there will be many moments of the brother-in-law screwing up the house just like Alf and Ralph did in Green Acres 40 years ago. I just won't be seeing it.
  • Hank and his family

    I normally do not write reviews. Can't even remember if I have ever written one before, but in this case I will make an exception.

    I love it. I just do not understand why it received such bad reviews. Very funny show. Frasier//oops sorry Hank is a very lovable character and his family (took me a while to warm up to the son) but all are likable. Now, I did discover The Middle first - did not know until this week that Kelsey had a new show. Now will not miss it. Hope they let it stay around for a while.
  • It's a shame

    It's actually quite a shame that this show is going to get cancelled because of its ratings.
    Sure, It isn't great but it's not as bad as everyone is making out. I
    think the problem is people are expecting a fraiser contiunation but
    that isn't what this is about. It's just a sitcom thats quick and
    entertaining. I also don't believe it's to everyone's taste, Some will
    like it, Some will hate it. But there are many shows on TV using this
    and they won't get canceled. When comparing it to it's timeslot it's
    obvious to see why it's failing so please ABC, Just move it's timeslot.
  • Great pilot and great family show since Everybody Loves Raymond, don't listen to the negative reviews. Give this show a chance. Definite potential to develop in coming episodes.

    Loved the pilot, not too sure why the negative reviews. Kinda reminded me of Everybody Loves Raymond with the family storyline. Plenty of crack-up lines mainly from Hank's character, very funny indeed! Much better than the Middle, which wasn't funny at all. Kelsey Grammar is clearly leading the show, the other characters definitely have scope to develop. The writing could be better, but certainly gives quite a few chuckles throughout the episode. Hank and his wife and two kids are funny enough, though the brother is kinda annoying. For fans of ELR, this show is definitely up your alley! Hope the show sticks around for a full season! :)