Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 10

Achy Jakey Heart, Part Two

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 24, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Now that Miley and Jake are officially a couple, Jake tries to adjust to normal life in order to make their relationship work. But he soon learns that being a normal person is easier said than done. Meanwhile, Jackson and Oliver's good fortune with their cheese jerky forces Rico to do whatever he can to try and steal the recipe for himself.moreless

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  • Perfect

    miley tries to teach jake to be a normal guy, which does not go well. so she thinks maybe they should break up. but she fears to break up with him because she thinks he will go and tell the world she is hannah montana. what will she do, and wil it break not only their relationship, but their friendship too?

    good, the ending was kind of dumb (i'm talking about jackson's and oliver's plot) but the rest was solid enough for me to give it the A+ I think it deserves. An all around great episode, I think somoreless
  • This is a review on Achey Jakey Heart. This about Jake trying to get miley back and Miley finally says yes. Miley gets mad because he has another date, but when Jake accidentally says her name instead of the publicity girlfriend Miley comes and they kiss.moreless

    I really like this episode because I like the pairing Jiley and they deserve to be together. I also liked it when she finally said that she was Hannah Montana and "Leslie" got alittle woozy. Jake was completely honest, but Miley had one secret up her sleeve and it involved being a famous popstar. I give this episode two thumbs up. I think it is the only to be continued episode so far. Very good episode.This has got to be one of my favorite episodes so far. Overall, the episode Achey jakey Heart was a really good episode. I hope that there are more episodes like that.moreless
  • Over all A really good episode.

    I hoped that it would have a happy ending and that jake and miley would be together for more that 2 episodes. I don't think that miley should have had hairy armpitts cause that just made it slightly silly. The bit when she told jake she was Hannah Montana was exiting and I think that it would take alot for anyone to actually see miley with another guy now because they have made it look like they were ment to be. It was sweet that jake discised him self to spend a normal day with miley but it just made the audience see his real colours which was pretty funny at times. Over all i think that the writters for this episode and all of the other ones do really well and i hope that disney continues to produce fun, funny and entertaining Hannah Montana episodes.moreless
  • Ok but not how I wanted it to go.

    Jake was shocked to find out that Miley was actually Hannah Montana. Miley and Jake were at the movies. Everyone was watching them and taking pictures. Miley was used to getting attention as Hannah, but hated getting the same attention as Miley. Jake decides to try to be a normal person so he disguises himself as Milos by wearing a dark wig. Jake was being really rude and obnoxious because he had never had to act like a normal person before so he didn't know how to. Miley tries to get Jake to break up with her by acting just as obnoxious as he was. It didn't work. They decided to take some time off and Jake said he needed to learn how to be more normal.moreless
  • lots hapens in this episode!!

    in this episode miley and jake are finally going out but after jake tells miley his biggest secret she feels bad because she is keeping the biggest secret from him, her other half hannah montana

    miley tells jake that she is hannah montana , he is shocked and takes a while for it to sink in ( but at least he didnt faint like oliver did )

    also in this episode jake tries to be a normal person but he doesnt quite get the hang of it, miley relises that under neath the celebrity jake its still celebrity jake who is still very up himself

    so miley makes the decision to break up with him but is scarred to in case jake gets mad and tells everyone mileys secret so she tries to get jake to break up with her by embarressing him

    in the end jake relises what miley is doing and is hurt by it but promises to keep her secret for ever and that they will still be friends

    overall is a very action packed episode and a lil bit of a tear jerker

    i highly recommend you watch itmoreless
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Brandon Johnson

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Anita Morales

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Continuity Goof: If you look closely when Miley is talking to Lilly and Oliver about telling Jake she was Hannah Montana, you can see the Miley necklace from "Don't Stop Til You Get The Phone". But in that episode Lilly said that Miley bought the necklace last week. One would think that the writers intended for this episode to air right before "Don't Stop Til You Get The Phone", but six other episodes aired before it was shown.

    • Near the start of the episode Miley, as Hannah Montana, says that Jake Ryan can not be seen cheating on Miley with her otherside (hannah Montana) but it does not seem to count when Jake puts on a wig and becomes Milos. It doesn't make sence because people know Miley is with Jake but if they see her with Milos they should think something like she is cheating on Jake. Why should it be different just because the situation has been changed around?

    • Goof: In the scene where Jake and Miley are fighting about their relationship, Miley has a sunburn on her back. The scene cuts to Jake, although you can still see Miley's back, her sunburn is gone. Then it cuts back to Jake and then back to Miley and she has the sunburn again.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Oliver: Like the adorable way he steals water from little girls.

    • (Miley is reading Jake's note)
      Jake's Voice: Dear Miley, I thought about what you said and you're right. I do wish I was a normal person sometimes. I just don't know how to do that yet, but when I figure it out I hope I'll be worthy of someone as terrific as you. And don't worry, your secret will always be safe with me.
      Miley: (Reading out loud) Love, Leslie.

    • Miley: Normal people don't say thing that other people wrote for them. Normal people don't steal water from little girls.
      Jake: Excuse me if I didn't know that!

    • Jake: Did I tell you guys that already?
      Miley: You might have mentioned it once, or twice...
      Lilly: Or 30 times!

    • (Jake waiting for his ice cream)
      Jake: How do people do this? It's agony! How long have we been here?
      Oliver: Well, in one minute, it'll be exactly...a minute and a half.

    • Jake: Oh, man! Paparazzi.
      Hannah and Jake: They follow me everywhere.
      Jake: I think they're following me. You know, uh big movie about to open.
      Hannah: Hello! Millions of albums already sold!

    • Hannah: Listen. If you're gonna be mad, don't be mad at Miley. She wanted to tell you, but...
      Jake: But what? Hannah wouldn't let her?
      Hannah: Well, you know she's a popstar. You know how they can be! Total divas; I try to avoid them.

    • (After Jake learns Miley's secret)
      Jake: Just give me a second, okay?
      Hannah: If it helps, you're doing better than Oliver. He fainted when I told him.
      Jake: Jake Ryan doesn't faint. Leslie on the other hand is a little woozy.

    • Miley: I don't get it. I lie to my boyfriend and feel horrible, I tell him the truth and it blows up in my face. Maybe I should just give up guys for good.
      Robbie: Oh, honey, not for good. Just until I'm dead.

    • Jake: Look, now I'm just a regular guy. I'm a nobody, like Oliver.
      Oliver: Brilliant! (Suddenly insulted) Hey!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Robbie: Good Night, Nurse Nichol!

      When Robbie says "Good Night, Nurse Nichol!" he uses the name of Nurse Nancy Nichol, the woman who Billy Ray Cyrus's character marries in the series "Doc".

    • Miley wearing a dress that looks like a swan to a premier

      The singer Bjork once wore a dress that was designed to look like a swan to the Academy Awards.

    • Achy Jakey Heart is a play on the Billy Ray Cyrus song, Achy Breaky Heart.