Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 26

Bad Moose Rising

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 30, 2007 on Disney Channel
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The Stewart's nasty neighbor gets Miley and Jackson to look after his equally nasty niece. Robbie gets the flu and Roxy has to look after him.

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  • this was one of the weakest episodes...

    this was one of the weakest & worst episodes of hannah montana , which is why i rated it a 4. everything was weak about it , the jokes , the lines , the acting , the characters , the everythingg. the best acting throughout this episode was the little girl i thought. and lilly and oliver were barely in it and they are my favorite characters ! but the plot was kind of strong with the way miley was dragging jackson around , but i do think its robby rays fault for making him do it all the time when its his car , not robbys. probably THE worst episode of hannah montana ive seen.moreless
  • Miley Deserved All Of It

    I hate the beginning of this episode, Miley is WAY too selfish and mean to Jackson. The line about using his "Big Foam Finger" to "Wipe the tears from his eyes" (Whilst she was joking) seriously makes me want to punch her. If I had a younger sister and she talked to me like that I would punch her! I think she deserved everything that Dontzig's niece does to her. My overall grade is a low "B", because it is a generally good episode I think, I just really dislike Miley in the first few minutes. Still mostly good, methinksmoreless
  • My favourite episode. It's hillarious!

    This one is fantastic! Miley & Jackson have to look after their awful neighbours neice. But she's really bossy, and a bit like Angelica from Rugrats/All Grown Up! After doing lots of boring and horrible stuff (for Miley & Jackson anyway), she wants to go to Make-A-Moose, and everything goes terribly wrong. I can't remember it too well though. I think Miley and Jackson had some bet, but they both end up caving. Oh yeah, and Miley has to wear the moose suit. :P It's a good episode, a very, very good episode. Shame I can't remember it too well.

    A Grade.

  • Pretty good.

    Robbie promised that he would take them to the mall to get shoes, makeups, and manicures for the Stella Fabioni fashion show. He gets the flu and Roxy comes over to take care of him. Robbie tells Miley and Lilly to have Jackson take them. Jackson is tired of always taking Miley everywhere so he tricks Miley babysitting for their neighbor's bratty niece, Patty. Miley has to do everything Patty says to be able to go to the Stella Fabioni fashion show and get to keep her dress. After a long day, Miley gets stuck in a moose costume and has to do the fashion show with it on under the dress.moreless
  • Jackson drives Miley everywhere just because of Hannah Montana. Jackson sick of it. Instead, he puts a bet with Miley, that she can do whatever Mr. Dognitz's neice, Patty says. If Miley wins, Jackson takes Miley anywhere she wants. Bad things happemoreless

    I liked this episode. It talks about sisterhood and brotherhood. In this episode: Jackson drives Miley everywhere just because of Hannah Montana. Jackson sick of it. Instead, he puts a bet with Miley, that she can do whatever Mr. Dognitz's neice, Patty says. If Miley wins, Jackson takes Miley anywhere she wants.

    Bad things happen soon. I like how Jackson communicates with Miley as Hannah. One of my other favorite Hannah Montana episodes was Now Get Me Some Water, which was similar to this episode 'Bad Moose Rising'. This episode got NERVE. lol. I just loved this episode. Yup! Dup!moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Savannah Stehlin

Savannah Stehlin

Patty Dontzig

Guest Star

Peter Vogt

Peter Vogt

Mr. Dontzig

Guest Star

Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen

Moose Master Mike

Guest Star

Frances Callier

Frances Callier


Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Jackson: See, it's easy to say that when you don't actually have a little sister.
      Miley: It's not my fault, I always wanted one.
      Jackson: Well, I wanted a puppy, but they brought you home instead.

    • Robbie: Thanks Roxy, but I can't eat a thing.
      Roxy: Please, you don't eat the funk! The funk eats you! (slaps funk on Robbie's chest)

    • Robbie: Hey, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but your job is not to take care of me. It's to be a bodyguard for Hannah Montana.
      Roxy: That's just the fever talking. You know we're just like family. Now, just let your Aunt Roxy take care of those nasty, nasty germs.
      Robbie: But what if you get sick?
      Roxy: Ha! Roxy ain't afraid of no germs! Germs are afraid of Roxy!

    • Mr. Dontzig: Your father gave me his backwoods cold. Yesterday, I was the picture of health. Now, look at me, I'm withering away to nothing.
      Jackson: Well, on the bright side, maybe you'll see your toes by Christmas.

    • (Robbie coughs)
      Jackson: Dad, you sound great! You are really getting it out. Speaking of getting it out, maybe a little fresh air would do you good. Maybe drive Miley to the fashion show?
      Robbie: No.
      Jackson: Oh, come on! You're just going to let a little cold beat you? You're just going to abandon your son in his time of need?
      Robbie: Yeah.
      Jackson: California's made you soft, old man!

    • Miley: Dad, why aren't you dressed? The Stella Fabioni fashion show is tomorrow, and you promised you'd take me and Lilly to the mall to get shoes, makeup, and manicures.
      Lilly: You did, I remember, I was there!
      Miley: Yeah! Come on, come on! Let's boogie!
      (Robbie blows his nose)
      Lilly: Eww! Not that kind of boogie!
      Robbie: I'm sorry, honey, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to take you. This thing's knocked me flatter than Uncle Earl's inflatable butt cushion after football season.
      Lilly: Now there's a mental picture I really didn't need.

    • (Mr. Dontzig knocks on the door)
      Robbie: As if I didn't feel bad enough already. (Opens door)
      Mr. Dontzig: Stewart, I'm sick of your leaves in my pool!
      Robbie: And I'm sick of your face in my house!

  • NOTES (5)


    • (After Miley finishes rapping about the bet)
      Jackson: Hold on there Busta Ryhmes.

      Busta Ryhmes is a famous rapper.

    • I love Moosey. Moosey, I'm home! Wahhh! is an allusion to the 50's show I Love Lucy.

    • Jackson: If I were you, I would do anything to own the dress. That precious, precious, dress.

      During this scene, where Jackson is trying persuade Miley to give up the bet at Make a Moose; he imitates Gollum from the Lord of the Rings series (books and movies). Gollum repeats the phrase(s) "Precioussss. My precious..." in reference to the One Ring.

    • Miley: Tell it to someone who cares, Bullwinkle!
      Bullwinkle is the animated moose from the TV show Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Bullwinkle's antlers stick out just like those on the Make-a-Moose.

    • Moose Skywalker, one of the hundreds of mooses, is a play on the Star Wars hero, Luke Skywalker.

    • The Make A Moose store is an allusion to the Build A Bear workshop.

    • Moose Lee, which was said by the employee at Build A Moose, is a spoof of the kung-fu master, Bruce Lee.

    • Bad Moose Rising is a play on the Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Bad Moon Rising".