Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 21

Bye Bye Ball

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 13, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • fair

    jackson accidentally ruins miley's stuffed bear, and so she wants to get even. she accidentally ruins a signed joey vitola baseball he had. can he in any way make it up to him?

    it was alright, i think the first half was generally good but i think the second half was boring. joey was too obnoxious for me to enjoy any scenes with him, and in the second half he was in it quite a bit. The ending was also kind of dumb, so because of the good first half, bad second half, it gets a solid "C" from me
  • Joey Fatone as Joey Vitola!!!

    Jackson accidentally destroys Beary when he tries to kill a bug. Miley is really mad and tries to get revenge. She goes into Jackson's room with Lilly and they try to find something to destroy. Lilly finds Jackson's Joey Vitola autographed baseball. She is going to destrpy, but can't bring herself to do it. Then it accidentally falls into the garbage disposable and is ruined. Miley is happy until Jackson comes in with Beary fixed. She is then on a mission to get Jackson another ball. She finds Joey but he says no. She asks if she got Hannah Montana to come down if he would sign the ball and he said he would. He finally did and Hannah did a show with him at Joey's restaurant. Jackson found out that the first ball he had was just signed by his dad.
  • Jackson destroys Miley's teddy by using it to kill a wasp. Miley tries to get back at Jackson by messing with his most prized possession, an original Joey Vitolo ball. Miley (and Hannah) will have to suffer the consequences of their problems.

    This episode is so funny. Jackson tries to kill a wasp by using Miley's teddy bear. So hilarious! Miley as Hannah Montana now has to dance with Joey Vitolo for messing with Jackson's Vitolo ball. You should of seen the way that Joey and Hannah were dancing and singing. All I had to say was, "Whoa" and "Wow". This episode is one of the best episodes in Hannah Montana. I could compliment it anymore and run out of space. Hannah Montana rocks, her episodes are good, and anyone who would despise all that would be my sister, who Hannah is too much of a diva.
  • Probably the best of the series.

    I don't even know where to start on how funny this episode was. I'll start at the beginning. OK, I loved it when Miley treated her bear like he was her child. That always makes me laugh. I also laughed when Jackson freaked out over seeing the wasp, and when his father did the same. I felt bad for Miley when she lost Beary, and I'm glad that Jackson fixed it for her. But, most of all, I loved Jackson's room! I loved the mess, and I loved all of the closet seens. My favorite part was when Jackson was making Lily and Oliver tell where Miley was and when Jackson threw Oliver into the closet. I think this episode was great, expcept for Joey, who was a total jerk!
  • This is why i love Hannah Montana

    This epsoide is CLASSIC!! I love how when Joey votilo was a baseball player he injured himself then he goes on to own one of Malibu's greatest restarunts, then when Miley ruins Jackson's knockoff autographed baseball, which no one knows it is, she goes to Joey himself to get another autographed base ball, Hannah preforms with Joey she gets the base ball for Jackson, a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a aa a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a I dont know what else to write!! LOL!!
  • excellent episode

    Who says there aren't good comedies nowadays? This episode is definitely funny. In this episode, Miley accidentally shreds Jackson's baseball signed by joey vatolo, a once famous baseball player who is now runs a pizza parlor. Feeling really guilty, she goes to joey vatolo's restaurant and asked him to sign a new ball for her. But Joey is not a nice person at all and he refuses to sign the ball. Miley promises joey's daughter that she can get hannah to come and meet her, this gives miley the leverage that she needs. The writers came up with a really funny episode. joey fatone was great in the episode.
  • A bear gets the stuffing beat out of him. We're used to that in Chicagoland.

    Bye Bye Ball was a pretty good episode, but it did have something I really didn't care for.

    I'll lead with the positives. I think this was Miley's best acting performance to date. The imitation of Jackson was priceless, and her reaction to finding out how to get the baseball signed was perfect. Meanwhile, Robbie's bookshelf was good for a few laughs, and Oliver had a meaningful role. Without Oliver, Miley can't sneak into Jackson's room, Miley doesn't find out how to find Mr. Vitolo, and Jackson probably doesn't know where Miley is.

    On the contrary, there were two flaws, both of which involve Lilly. First, Lilly had no reason to be in this episode. It's as if the writers tacked her onto the story at the end. Miley could have raided Jackson's room on her own. Lilly didn't have any purpose in the interrogation scene in Jackson's room. Nothing she said or did was important to the plot. I would rather see Emily shine in her own subplot than be wasted as a tagalong in the main plot. Maybe Lilly can play off of Rico?

    The inconsistency is the other issue. Lilly also entered Jackson's room the first time wearing a medical gown, nose plugs, and gloves, while carrying tongs. Later, she sits on his bed in fashionable girls' summer wear-without gloves, plugs, or the gown. How did she suddenly become comfortable in there? Next, Lilly says, "You'll never get me to squeal," then gives Jackson a "come and get me" look, like she wants his attention. She does nothing to stop Jackson from targeting Oliver, either, except reaching for Oliver. She never got off the bed to help Oliver. It's as if Jackson and Lilly got together to set Oliver up. We'll never know for sure, though.

    Overall, it's a pretty good episode. I wish my favorite character on the show (Lilly) had a better role, but it was made up for by giving Oliver an important role to play. Miley's character was softer here, and it works for her. Miley was on top of her game here.
  • I liked it!

    Jackson accidentally tears up Miley's teddy bear. Miley gets upset and decides to get revenge on him. She and Lily go into Jackson's messy room and takes his prize possession, a signed baseball. Oliver tells Miley that the reason it is so special is that Joey Vitolo made 5 home runs in a row, but then injured himself and will never autograph anything anymore. After Jackson fixes her bear, she feels bad for shredding the ball, so she finds Joey and tries to get him to sign it. It turns out that Joey's daughter loves Hannah Montana, so Miley promises that she'll meet her. Hannah comes down and Joey makes her perform in order for him to sign the ball. Jackson finds her and lets her off the hook. Robbie is building a bookshelf, but failing miserably.

    This episode was pretty good! It was a nice sibling episode. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10.
  • Jackson uses miley's bear Beary to hit a bee that comes into the house but at the same time the bear rips. When Miley finds out she wants get revenge on Jackson so she recks he prised possession his Joey Vittolo ball.

    This episode was hilarious the best part was when Jackson was pretending to be some german bad guy to get either oliver or Lily to crack where miley is but forces Oliver to tell him or else " he will go into the closet." If Miley wanted his ball reautographed again she would have to sing with Joey than after he promised to sign the ball. Things don't exactly go that way because in order to get the ball autographed again she would have endorse the resteraunt but in the end Joey does get the ball signed and evrbody's happy.