Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 11

Can You See The Real Me?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 05, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Now I didn't like this episode that much but I raised the score because we got to look back at some funny moments.

    I thought this was a good Hannah Montana. Now I don't like clip shows that much their only good if we get to look back at some funny moments. Now I forgot the funny moments I went back at. Now I was bored thoughout the episode but I came back a little bit. Well I can't really give this episode a good solid, long review since there was no subplot but the ending was kind of funny. So overall 7/10.
  • A mediocre "Hannah Montana" clip-show episode... I wouldn't even consider this an episode

    Clip shows of an episode for a show is just a boring idea. As shown in the previous "Hannah Montana" 1-hour TV movie "I'll Always Remember You", Miley reveals that she is Hannah Montana. I mean it's cool that everyone finally knows that Miley is Hannah Montana but come on writers... this is the last season, a clip-show is a boring idea for this show or any shows. You can't turn this into another great idea. It was like watching a real talk show. I love talk shows BUT a talk show for an episode is just a lazy and boring idea. Miley talks to Robin Roberts throughout this whole episode and it's so boring... it's nothing but blah blah blah. I'm sorry Miley Stewart but your life isn't exciting on this show. I would have given this waste of a time clip show a lower score BUT I loved some of the clips that this clip show had from the past "Hannah Montana" episodes. Some of the clips from the past episodes still made me laugh even though I've seen them from the past Hannah Montana episodes. All of the clips from the past Hannah Montana episodes are on there... what am I saying?. Overall, a mediocre "Hannah Montana" clip-show that was just a waste of time... unless you don't mind watching clip shows, don't watch this boredom and it's not worth your time. 5.5/10
  • 411

    A lot of people can call this a filler, and bicker at how bad or unnecessary it was. But for me, I think it was a necessary installment. It brought back some great memories of the golden days of Hannah Montana, and you can really see how much the show changed over the years. Like notice how all the sentimental moments were in the early years?

    Or like the time when Miley could actually kiss a guy on screen? This episode reminded me that Hannah Montana was actually a good show at one point, as opposed to the muddy writing in season 3, but this season has been pretty good all things considered. It has redeemed the previous season in ways, and it really is tying all lose ends.

    Now I did find it very obvious that the clip show and the shorter season order was done to save money, but I wasn't very bothered by that. Satisfying clip show.
  • clip-show

    miley, after revealing she is hannah montana, goes on the robin roberts show and talks about her life, her friends, brother, how it was dating people, her father, her family in general, and how being hannah montana has affected miley's life altogether.

    good episode i guess. it was a clip-show. that right there tells you pretty much whether it was good or bad. if you are like me, and don't really mind clip-shows, then you might like it. if you are one who hates them, you might dislike it. but i liked it, mostly, so my overall grade- a C+/B-
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