Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 2

Cuffs Will Keep Us Together

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 24, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Oliver believes that the key for getting Lilly and Miley's friendship back on track is by handcuffing the girls together. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and he may lose his friendship with both girls if he can't find where he put the handcuff keys. Robbie discovers that silence really is golden when he wants his son to pay attention to him.moreless

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  • Perfect

    Season two is probably my favorite season, and this is a good example of why. I like the plot of Oliver handcuffing Miley and Lilly together, because it helps their friendship. Jackson's subplot was good too because he realizes he needs to start listening to what his father is telling him to do, and then do it. Overall this is a great episode of the show, and a great episode to my favorite season of the show, everything i liked, the humor, the plots, everything, and because of this the episode gets an A+ from me. Very well done episodemoreless
  • Miley and Lilly gets into a fight, and Oliver tries to solve it by cuffing them together. When Oliver loses the keys, things get out of control. It gets even worse when Hannah has to be on live televison.moreless

    I think that this episode is very revealing and very different from all the other episodes. It shows the true friendship between Miley and Lilly. I never get tired of watching it, and it makes friendship very important. It truly shows the true meaning of frindship how also how it can be broken. Also, it reveals how different Miley and Lilly's personalities really are. This episode is filled with laughter, cry, and even some anger. I enjoyed watching this episode because its real and original. Its an episode you will not get tired of watching and its one of my personal favorites.moreless
  • Better the first time...

    This episode was really great the first time I watched it but it isn't that good now. It did have a nice plot, though. The jokes were funny the first time, but now they seem just corny. I also didn't like the moral. It was kind of stupid and obvious. Some of the things the characters said were dumb, too. However, I did still like a few things, such as plot, which was probably the only thung that didn't seem stupid the second time, though. This episode was above average but not even close to perfect. But it is probably my favorite episode and the reason why I watch the show.moreless
  • This is one of my favorite episodes.

    Miley and Lilly are fighting because Lilly didn't pick Miley to be on her team for flag football in gym. Oliver thinks he solved the problem when he handcuffs them together, but then he loses the key. When Miley tells Lilly that she won a Booty, Lilly tells her good because she could use one. Hannah introduces "True Friend" as a touchy little song about a two faced backstabber. Then she chooses a plant instead of Lilly to ride in the limo with her. Oliver is trying to stay friends with both of them, but they keep fighting. Then they finally work things out in the end.moreless
  • Lily and Miley have a fight and Oliver puts handcuffs on them, losing the key and getting them into alot of serious trouble when he loses the key. Hannah Montana has to go on television on a live satellite feed so they have to get Lola off of her.moreless

    The fight was a smidge over done, I feel they picked on Oliver a tad too much as well, other than that it was a really great episode with a cleverly written script and picture perfect acting. The handcuffs were a little fake I guess, there are tons of 'We're Stuck Together' episodes in all sitcoms on television now a days, but this was one of the few high quality ones, Lizzie McGuire's was a well done one as well. The booty jokes were so so so so so so so so so so so so so funny, but a bit overdone as well. This was a great episode though, 9.1 to Cuffs Will Keep Us Together!moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Romi Dames

Romi Dames

Traci Van Horn

Guest Star

Hayley Chase

Hayley Chase

Joannie Palumbo

Guest Star

Brooks Almy

Brooks Almy

Mrs. McDemott

Guest Star

Morgan York

Morgan York


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • While there is not an actual Silver Boot award for country music, there is a Silver Boot award in Major League Baseball that is given to the winner of the Lone Star Series. The Lone Star Series is played between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros.

    • Robbie tells Miley that Carrie Underwood will be announcing that Hannah Montana won a Silver Boot award for "Best Country Pop Cross Over". In real life, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus announced that Carrie Underwood won the 2006 CMA "Female Vocalist of the Year" award.

    • Goof: When Lilly and Joannie are talking to each other, there is a football on the ground between them. Shortly, after this, it disappears. Then the coach walks by carrying the football.

    • Goof: When Jackson is getting his tattoo, the guy held Jackson`s arm and is already going to put on the tatoo. If you look closely, you can see that Jackson`s arm is clean. This never happens. A profesional tattoo artist would draw the tattoo on his arm first so that he wouldn`t mess up and so the tattoo would have a first look and they could change it if they wanted.

    • When Miley is trying to get ready for the awards and Lilly puts her feet in Miley's face, it is obvious that she and Lilly are not handcuffed together.

    • Goof: When Hannah is singing "True Friend" her sleeves go from being rolled up to normal then back to normal again.

    • Goof: When Hannah is singing "True Friends", her mic has an antenna at the bottom. When she signs off for the night, the mic changes to one without an antenna.

    • Hannah Montana's song "True Friend" was sung in this episode.

    • Goof: When Hannah is accepting her award, she says, "because friendship means a lot to me", but the teleprompter says, "...means a lot to me, because of friendship."

    • "True Friend" is a song about Lilly.

    • The other girls in Gym Class call Miley "Stinky" or "Stinky Stewart".

    • Oliver's mother was a police officer, but she was promoted to police detective.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Robbie: Even though I didn't say a word, you finally heard me.
      Jackson: Oh, believe me, Dad, I heard you. Loud and clear.
      Robbie: Son, that's all a parent ever wants. That and grandkids.

    • Joannie: It doesn't matter who you pick, Truscott! Your team's going down!
      Lilly: In your dreams, Palumbo!
      Joannie: You've been trying to beat me at something since second grade, and news flash: never gonna happen! (To Miley) Hey, Stinky, how ya doin'?
      Miley: Not bad. (Realizes Joannie just insulted her) HEY!

    • Lola: Hey, I'm not the one who gave a limo ride to a plant!
      Hannah: At least if Fern was playing flag football, she would've just picked me!
      Lola: It's a FICUS!
      Hannah: NAMED FERN!

    • Lilly: Hey Oliver, do you wanna go surfing?
      Oliver: Yes! (Putting on his "man voice") Because I'm a guy, and guys wanna surf in deep waters full of sharks. You know big, huge, nasty guy sharks!
      Lilly: (Noticing his nails) Are you wearing a clear polish?!?
      Oliver: It's called Buff...like me! Let's go.

    • Hannah: (Sarcasticly) Well, look who showed up, were all the other concerts in town sold out because-a... I know you wanna pick mine first...or second...or last!
      Lola: Hey, I was gonna pick you until you started that whole haircut thing, and what's the big deal anyway I won! (Taking a huge lock of Joannie's hair out of her handbag) D'you wanna share the trophy? (Hannah cringes) I couldn't have done it without your three fumbles!
      Hannah: Its a stupid game! The ball's not even round.

    • Miley: Go ahead, Lilly. Pick away. Make my day. Everything is gonna be okay...
      Lilly: Cowalski.
      Miley: What'd you say?!

    • Miley: You're going down, phony Joanie.
      Lilly: Who smells like week-old bologna.
      Miley: That's been in your locker all alone-y.
      Lilly: Right next to that... that...
      Miley: Melted ice cream coney!
      Lilly: Oh girl, you are in the zone-y!

    • (Oliver runs off to the left)
      Miley: We're doomed.
      Lilly: Why?
      Miley: His house is that way. (Points to the right)

    • (After learning she's won a Booty)
      Miley: I can't wait to tell....
      Robbie: Lilly?
      Miley: No. I have plently of other BFFs I can tell.
      (Robbie looks at her)
      Miley: Okay, maybe BFs....
      (Robbie keeps looking at her)
      Miley: Okay fine! Fs! Well ya stop torturing me?

    • Miley: Well, Oliver thought...
      Robbie: Sweet nibblets! I wish he would just stop doing that.

    • Mrs. McDermott: Let's go, ladies! Pick your teams. You're slower than my husband in the bathroom.
      Miley: You said that last week.
      Mrs. McDermott: I know. Now he's got a mini fridge in there. I think he's hiding from me.

    • Mrs. McDermott: Let's go, ladies! Pick your teams. You're slower than my husband in the bathroom. Curse the day he put that plasma screen in there!

    • Miley: Oliver, you can't go with her. The Awards are tonight, and you have to help me with my hair. I won a Booty.
      Lilly: Good, you could use one.
      (Miley gasps)

    • Robbie: Hey, darlin', you still upset about what happened with you and Lilly.
      Hannah: No, of course not. Why would you say that?
      Robbie: Well, you normally don't introduce "True Friend" as a touching little song about a two-faced backstabber.
      Hannah: Just my way of keeping things fresh. You know, I'm an artist. That's what I do.
      Robbie: Well, I'm a dad, and knowing that that's a hunk of hooey, that's what I do.

    • Miley: I hate flag football! It's just one more sport where I get picked last, and you wanna know why?!
      Lilly: 'Cause you stink?
      (Miley glares at her)
      Lilly: Or 'cause you're pretty and all the other girls are jealous?
      Miley: Nice save.

  • NOTES (4)