Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 4

De-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don't-Don't-Don't Tell My Secret

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 01, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode of Hannah Montana was shocking great but like in every episode there are a few things i hated.

    I liked this episode of Hannah Montana. Now Season 4 is probably the best season of Hannah Montana and this is the second best episode with the finale being the best Hannah Montana ever with with a perfect 10. Now I did like the plot and I liked the idea of Miley not wanting to tell the Hannah secrect to Sirenna. Now like in every episode there is always something that bugged me and it was Miley not wanting to tell the secret. I mean come on its not that big of a deal if she tells the secrect. If I was in a situtation like that I would've told the secrect I'm glad she finally told the secrect at the end. Now Miley's my least favorite characters this is exactly why she is my least favorite character. Now the subplot was really funny and enjoyable. Now it was hilarious when Rico kept catching fish but Robbie wasn't catching a thing. But if Miley wasn't selfish and actually enjoyable then the score would've been a 10 and that's only happened 2 times that there is an episode that got a 10. Overall 8/10.
  • good episode, but...

    i like it, the seriousness of whether or not Miley would tell Sienna... but Miley's line about how Sienna can't be trusted was bogus. Yea, Sienna told Miley a little secret about Jackson (something about where he shops or something, I forget exactly), but that's just it; she accidentally tells a LITTLE secret. If Miley just trusted Sienna, but no, her secret is just too big, which is stupid; yea her Hannah secret is big, but if she can't trust certain people, it's just dumb to me. It's not even that big of a secret anymore (come on people, Miley- Hannah... the only difference is hannah wears a WIG! not that big a difference really, unless the characters in this show are really dumb). Anyways, the episode as a whole was decent, so it gets a B from me
  • Miley really got me furious in this episode

    This episode would have been excellent and twice as much enjoyable if it weren't Miley. Miley just really got me furious in this episode and this episode just really proved how selfish she was. She cared more about herself than Jackson' feelings which really angered me. Some of the quotes that Miley says to Jackson are just so selfish and cruel such as when Miley said "Go tell her, let her ruin my life" (or something close to that) then Jackson said "But if I don't tell her, it would ruin mine" and then Miley responds "I can live with that"... seriously Miley, I just wanted to punch you in the face for saying that. Also, Miley finally tells Siena that she is Hannah Montana after Siena broke up with Jackson. It's not a big deal if Siena knows about her being Hannah Montana and that just angered me that Miley cared more about herself than Jackson. My score would've been low but the Robbie and Rico plot when they were fishing was absolutely hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing. Overall, I would've loved this episode much more if it weren't for the selfish and bratty Miley Stewart. 4.5/10
  • Miley is running around the house in her hannah costume and when Jackson & Siena kiss she spots her outside so Miley tells Jackson that it is to risky he can't bring siena to the ranch anymore but miley decides to tell siena to save jacksons relationship

    Jackson really likes siena and refuses to let the hannah secret come between them so he tells miley if she continues to be careless he will spill the secret in order for them to be together rico and robby ray go fishing Lillytrys to help hide the secret from siena but blurts it out so in order to insure that Jackson and siena continue their relationship she shows Siena the Hannah Closet so she will understand it a whole lot better rico sticks it to robby since he can't get under jackson's skin jackson takes a swim destroys his phone
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