Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 3

Don't Go Breaking My Tooth

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 16, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode is about how miley cracks her tooth and is afraid to go the dentist to get it fixed.

    This episode wasn't really that great in my opinion sure it had it's moments but their was no flare in the episode nothing was really that funny. Sure it had some things funny here aznd there but this was one those episodes that is like at the same time your watching the episode you want turn it off watch a different show and this how I felt when I was watching this episode. The best part of the episode was with the guy from MadTv that was pretty good but that was probably the only part that actually made me laugh.
  • Fair

    Miley needs to see her dentist, but she wants to go without Robbie. But she chickens out when her regular dentist is not in, but she cannot tell her father the truth, that she was scared. and worst yet, she is going to be hannah on a food show... will her tooth hurt?

    it was alright, but kind of weak. nothing made me smile a whole lot and i thought both plots were rather weak. It was watchable though, but one of their weaker episodes... my grade for this episode is a C+/B-. Average, but not great, not too terrible
  • This episode is alright.

    Better than Ready, Set, Don't Drive for sure. This episode is only average because there are some things this episode lacks, but it still is a pretty good episode. Miley breaks her tooth and therefore has to go to the dentist. The saddest part and perhaps my least favorite part though is when Miley chickens out and is on a chef's show eating his treats, she only wants to eat the moose, but when she eats the molar-masher, it has her teeth screaming with pain, and causes an embarassing scene in front of the audience and her family. Fortunately the ending is what saved that part, I'm glad Billy Ray Cyrus still made Miley feel better at the dentist and said that she is not the only one who gets scared. Now this episode has a real good ending because of the morals, meaning Miley learns something and it also teaches it to the viewers. That it means everyone gets scared and its good to be strong and you can be rewarded for making it through the whole thing. I also noticed some jokes that were kind of alright. A good dentist episode, but that is all for this review. ~Reno.~
  • Miley breaks a tooth, but happens to be afraid of the dentist. Can she prove that she's mature enough to get her teeth checked on her own? Or will it be about as mature as her last few schemes to get what she wants?

    Miley, as always, tries to prove to her dad that she's an adult now, no matter how many dumb mistakes she still makes. And as soon as she started sticking that fork in her tooth, I knew there was going to be trouble. So once again, rather than being reasonable and listening to her dad, she sets herself up too high and fails. I can understand being afraid of the dentist though. I mean I carry a lot of emotional childhood backstories that led up to some tramatizing fears I have today, and I'm almost 20. The only difference it that I'm not afraid to admit I'm scared and I prefer to grow up at my own pace. The whole Miley trying to grow up too fast is getting annoying, though I thought it was cute seeing her in that dentist chair and feeling uncomfortable. And it was funny when Lily tried to cover up for Miley when she tried to hide her unfixed tooth from her dad. Although, the thing where Hannah went that cooking show and the chef tried to get her to eat that 'toffee bomb' was far too set up. Why is it so hard for Hannah to keep secrets on television? But the way she screamed when she broke her tooth was pretty funny. In the end Miley learned to accept her fears and allowed her daddy to hold her hand. The subplot was good too. No pretty girl can keep Oliver away from his meat!