Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 14

Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 29, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Hannah gets an extra ticket to a celebrity tennis tournament, Lilly and Oliver battle for the ticket. Who will win out?

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  • holly garbett

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  • fair

    from what i remember, it was basically the sub plot to an earier episode where jackson wins tickets to a lakers game, only this episode was the main plot, it was tennis oriented, and it was about miley, lilly and oliver. but to me the rest felt like the same as the sub plot from an earlier episode. I could be wrong, but that's what it felt. There also was not a lot of funny jokes, and the plot was not that great ,but it is passable, if only by a little, it gets a low "C" from me. Fairmoreless
  • The first appearance of Oliver's disguise.

    Hannah brags to a celebrity, Guillermo, about how she can play tennis and he invites her to play at the Celebrity Pro-Am with him. She accepts then admits to Lilly that she can't really play. Hannah is given one free ticket and she is going to give it to Lilly like she always did, but then Oliver asked why he couldn't come. So Miley got another ticket from Rico and brought both of them. Lilly went as Lola and Miley told Oliver he needed to have a disguise too. Oliver came up with a name while looking at mic stand. He said his name was Mike Stanley III. Lola and Mike fought over who got the better seat and totally ruined the match. In the end, they worked it out.moreless
  • Hannah plays tennis and the debut of Mike Stanley III.

    Hannah and Lola are about to go to a concert when Oliver shows up and wants to go also. Hannah says yes and Oliver dresses up as Mike Stanley III. At the end of the concert they see Guillermo Montoya a tennis star. Montoya needs a partner for a celebrity tennis tournment. Hannah says she will be his partner but she has no idea how to play tennis and she can only take one friend. In the end she get a ticket from Rico. Oliver has to sit behind a woman with really big hair. Oliver tries to get to switch seats with Lola but she doesnt want to. At the end they agree that they shouldnt have been so mean to eachother. Eles where Rico gets some bad luck when he doesnt give water to a fortune teller. But its actualy Jackson who is trying to get every Saturday off because he wants to go on a few dates. In order to get his luck back he decides to do good diedes. Rico get back at him by breaking up with one of his dates.moreless
  • Now this is what we need for good entertainment!

    This episode is where Hannah Montana gets to be in a tennis match and she has one extra ticket! Then when her friends find out they end up fighting over it! Then Rico has an extra ticket and gives it to Miley and they all get to go to the tennis match!! It was even funnier at the tennis match where Oliver gets jealous that Lilly has a better seat than him because a woman with a huge hat on blocks his view and their constant bickering distracts Hannah!! Funny as hell!!! Yo, Disney Channel, this is the **** we need for good entertainment!! Keep it comin'!moreless
Michael Steger

Michael Steger

Guillermo Montoya

Guest Star

Karina Smirnoff

Karina Smirnoff

Madame Escajeda

Guest Star

Kelli Dawn Hancock

Kelli Dawn Hancock

Woman in hat

Guest Star

Michael Kagan

Michael Kagan

Colin Lassiter

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: The credits say that the song "Life's What You Make It" was played, however, that song was not used during this episode.

    • Goof: Everything that occurred during the tennis match would be seen as a let. A let is a stroke or serve that is considered foul, due to outside interference or a play that is started before the opponent is ready to begin. The umpire has the player redo the serve or stroke and no one forfeits any points for it.

    • Goof: When the first caramal apple lands on Rico's head, the stick is facing backwards. When the second caramal apple land on his head, the first apple's stick is now facing forward.

    • Lilly masquerades as Lola Luftnangle (with the dark purple wig and later on with the red wig).

    • This episode features the Hannah Montana song "Make Some Noise".

    • This episode marks the debut of Oliver's secret identity, Mike Stanley III.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mike: Thank you so much! Watching from backstage was so, so-
      Hannah: If you say freaky-freaky-fun, you're going home!

    • Robbie: What takes you girls so long?
      Hannah: Wig,
      Lola: Make-up,
      Hannah: Wardrobe,
      Both: (Pointing out their bracelets) Bling!
      Hannah: And then you hate it and you gotta start all over again.

    • Hannah: And Gi, this is my good friend...
      Mike: (Sees mic-stand) Micstand...Mike Stand...ley...Mike Stanley...the Third.
      Lola: And hopefully the last!

    • (after Rico found that Jackson set him up to be nice)
      Rico: Oh, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson.
      Jackson: Alright, who told ya?
      Rico: Actually, you did. Just now.
      Jackson: What?!
      Rico: Up until then, I didn't have a clue. Now I got a lot a mean to catch up on. (sits on the counter) And ya know, what they say. Cruelty, like charity begins at home.

    • (Rico overhears Miley's predicament)
      Rico: Are you guys talking about the Celebrity Pro-Am on Saturday?
      Miley: (frustrated) Not now, Rico. (crosses to the counter)
      Rico: Because I have a ticket I'm not using.
      Miley: I said not... (confused) Teeny-weeny meanie say what?

    • Mike: You are such girls. He's the number one tennis player in the world and all you care about is how cute he is?
      Hannah: Ya, what's your point?

    • Guillermo: I thought you put the tennis in Tennessee?
      Hannah: I guess I just kinda left it there!

    • Hannah: So, where's Count Dork-ula?
      Lola: Well, thanks to your brilliant friend Lola, Count Dork-ula is no mork-ula.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Guillermo: Make her cry more then she did in that pig movie.
      The pig movie Guillermo is refering to is Charlotte's Web, where Dakota Fanning played the little girl who owned Wilber.

    • Rico gets Jackson to help a couple of Wilderness Girls. Wilderness Girls is a fictional Girl Scout-type organization featured in the 1989 Shelley Long comedy Troop Beverly Hills.

    • Dakota Fanning is a child actress famous for her roles in the movies Uptown Girls, Dreamer and Charlotte's Web.

    • (Robbie is having his palm read)
      Robbie: What do you see?
      Madame Escajeda: You, dancing in front of many people.
      Robbie: Fortune teller say what? I'm not much of a dancer.
      Madame Escajeda: I can see that too!

      Before this episode was shot Billy Ray Cyrus (Robbie) competed on Dancing With the Stars with Karina Smirnoff who plays Madame Escajeda, the fortune teller. Billy Ray always joked on Dancing With the Stars that he wasn't a very good dancer.

    • Madame Escajeda: But if you would just bend your knees...
      Robbie: Oh that's it! Give it a rest woman, I'm out of here!
      Madame Escajeda: Oh, sure. Now, you move your feet!

      When Billy Ray was on Dancing With The Stars, one of the problems that he had was remembering to keep his knees bent during his dances. He also had trouble moving his feet to the music, which was the main complaint he received from the judges.

    • Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting is a play on the song by Carl Douglas called (Everybody Was) Kung Fu Fighting.