Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 22

For (Give) a Little Bit

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 09, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Hanna reveals something embarrassing about Jackson in an interview and while she tries to make it up to Jackson he appears to do the same thing to her, or did he?

    This is a very unlikeable episode. There were things to like but I really had to look hard to find them, so I'll start off with the good first.

    The way Robbie Ray got Rico to learn how to walk like a cowboy was very funny.

    Tracy and her interactions with Lola are good fun and you can never have enough Tracy in a season. The episode even though it made no sense what so ever still had a nice flow.

    Now, the bad. Let me get this straight. Hanna revealed bad hygiene habits about a brother nobody knows about and this is embarrassing because? And did I just hear correctly that Jackson had admitted he was her brother at College? They really are stretching the imagination of keeping the secret for this to make sense. For, it to make sense to me I pretended some of that didn't even happen.

    OK, fine you have a slob who couldn't possibly be that embarrassed about a reveal if no one knows it's him check, but that isn't even the worst part of this episode.

    So, later on and here is a spoiler if you didn't watch this dud of an episode....

    Later on supposedly someone reveals that Hanna sucks her thumb. Now, in terms of celebrity revelations this would rate as barely anything. And to top it off would anyone care to even post that on the internet? It's not like there was even a picture to go with the story. I'm sorry the cartoon doesn't count. This was just embarrassingly lame. But that still to me wasn't the worst part of this episode. More spoilers.....

    The fact that Lola would betray a secret in confidance to Tracy about her best friend. The lukewarm reaction to it. And still that wasn't the worst part to me.

    The worst part is that Miley's apology didn't make up for anything. She came off as a very bad person to me. Jackson was left embarrassed, he lost the girl, and got nothing in return and her attempts at humiliating herself in front of a guy she probably has no shot at being with because even if the guy asked her out she has not gone on a consecutive episode with anybody unless their Jake Ryan episodes. She really came off as a spoiled brat in this one and when did Jackson become the nice one all of the sudden? You, know I watch Wizard's of Waverly Place and the Alex character will do bad things to her brother Justin and her apologies would stink too, but there is one difference. She will make it up to her brother. This didn't happen in this episode and that left me cold. I had no problem deleting this one off my DVR. Even though I have only two hands, four thumbs down.
  • Yet another Miley -vs- Jackson episode. It's fun to watch them go at each other, but it's getting a bit old as well. The B-story is more interesting than usual thanks to a huge continuity goof.

    This is yet another Miley -vs- Jackson episode. It's fun to watch them go at each other, but it's getting a bit old as well. The story in this episode includes a HUGE continutity goof. Rico walks into the Stewart home with a Robbie Ray album he wants Mr. Stewart to autograph. Robbie's main reaction is to remark that Rico doesn't like country music.

    The problem is, Rico shouldn't even know that Robbie Stewart, Jackson & Miley's dad, is Robbie Ray the singer/songwriter. The idea that he is Robbie Ray is part of the same secret that Miley is Hannah Montana. It's well known that Robbie Ray is Hannah's dad, so Rico can't know about Robbie Ray unless he also knows about Miley/Hannah. And last I heard, he doesn't.

    Kinda-sorta along the same lines, it's interesting to note that Jackson is once again referred to as Hannah's brother, as he has been at various times in the past.

    How come Jackson is the only member of the entourage that doesn't put on a disguise when interacting with the Hannah world? Lilly becomes Lola, Oliver becomes Mike, Robbie becomes Robbie Ray, but Jackson stays Jackson. He's even appeared on TV with Hannah, but nobody seems to notice "hey, that's Miley's brother... and gosh, doesn't Hannah look an awful lot like a blonde version of Miley?".

    I get the idea that, ultimately, the whole disguise thing is a big wink-wink-nudge-nudge between the viewers and the show. That's fine, but the show needs to keep up its end of the bargain and at least pretend to keep things straight.

    I mean, it's bad enough that Miley's "secret identity" is based on the worst disguise since Clark Kent put on glasses. I mean, come on, girls change their hair almost as often as they change clothes... the idea that nobody has ever said "Miley, what's with the blonde wig" is hard to swallow. At least the early episodes had Hannah wearing sunglasses part of the time to protect her identity.