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A question about Miley's songs

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    I've been thinking about this for a while now. Although Miley Cyrus was a whacked up giant celebrity, I have a question to ask. Is there at least some songs sung by Miley Cyrus that we like? For me, yes, there are a bunch. To quote Mr. Coat in his Slam at Hannah Montanna video: Quote "Now If you're going to do it mainstar, I will admit, Miley Cyrus is a decent singer; I'll give her that." You may call it a guilty pleasure.

    Well, here's my list of songs that she sings that I like:

    True Friends

    You And Me Together

    One In A Million

    Old Blue Jeans

    Nobody's Perfect

    Bigger Than Us


    Don't Walk Away

    We Got Party Now

    You'll Always Find Your Way Home

    If We Were a Movie

    The Climb (My top favorite)

    So what are your thoughts about this? Do some of you like some of her songs, or do you hate them all together?

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