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Everyone agrees the premise is ridiculous. So why...

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    abz08 wrote:
    The actual Hannah Montana aspect does not draw me to the show at all. Actually - I'm not the biggest fan of Miley OR Hannah. But I do love Lilly, Oliver, Jackson, and occasionally Robby. What I KNOW I love to bits about the show itself though, is it's family aspect. The relatives that pop in, behaving COMPLETELY like family, and the family over everything concept with just the three of them. *shrug* But hey - that's just me.

    I totally agree with you ! I have ZERO interest in the Hannah Montana / double life aspect of the show. And don't get me started on the music itself. Ugh, not my taste at all.

    I love the funny Southern sayings, the family relationship, all the crazy relatives, and in the first season, I really liked Miley Stuart. I don't know why they turned her so mean this season but in the first she was sweeter and funnier. Robbie cracks me up pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

    The show's just funny ya kno ?? And of course it's unrealistic - it's Disney!

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    i like the family aspect of it, and that it can be a show for 4 year olds to 14 years olds, trust me i know all of the girls at my school are obsessed with it, and in the primary school too.
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    The whole reason I watch it is because... well, there's nothing else to watch for me. And some the episodes I like, I must admit.
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