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    Hannah Montana Fans!

    While I'm sure everyone has read them by now, here is a brief recap of TV.com's forum rules.

    Forum Rules

    Do not post anything offensive, such as explicit material or racist comments.

    Do not troll.

    Do not flame any user or start flame wars. You can disagree with someone without being cruel.

    Do not post links to illegal downloads. The only way to legally watch an episode on-line is through the Disney Channel website or iTunes.

    Do not go off topic in threads. Examples; if the topic is about the latest Hannah Montana episode and someone starts talking about the new Hannah Montana doll, that message would be considered off topic as it has nothing to do with that episode. If you are talking about the Hannah Montana tour and someone post about Miley'sranch in Tennessee,that postwould be off topic.When a thread goes off topic, I will post a warning in the thread to remind everyone toget backon topic. If the warning is ignored, the thread will be locked.

    Do not spam the board.

    Threads for episodes that have not aired yet will be locked. Even if they have aired overseas before they air in America, they contain spoilers that ruin the episode for those who are in the states.

    New episode threads will be started on the day the episode airs. Prior to the episode thread being started you can post in the "Confirmed Season 2" thread.

    "Couple" threads will be limited to one thread per couple. "Couple"topics should only be about the couple.Discussing other couples in the threadbesides the one listed in the topic is considered off topic.

    Games, Surveys and Poll threads will be deleted, please see the Fun and Games Forum to start or play games.

    Disruptive posting, such as multiple quoting will be moderated.

    Fan Fiction and Character fiction should be kept in your blog, not posted on the forum.

    Actor threads (depending on the content) will be moved to the appropriate Actor forum.

    When a thread reaches 500 posts it will be locked and will be deleted shortly thereafter.

    Submission Rules:

    Actor's appearances:

    TV.com prefers that we do not count appearances in the notes, because it's already listed on the actor's page.

    Actor's Trivia:

    TV.com does not allow an actor's trivia for the other shows or movies that they appear on, unless it has something directly to do with that episode.


    Hyperlinks will be approved on a limited basis and will only be approved to link within the Hannah Montana guide.


    Nitpicks will not be accepted in the guide.

    Episode recaps:

    Recaps must be grammatically correct and spell checked.The details of the storyline must be correctand the recap should not be difficult for a reader to follow. I will correct minor mistakes.

    Episode submission criteria:

    When entering a new episode, you need to have at least two out of the three following criteria plus a URL for the source of the information you are adding (Besides also entering Episode Season, Lifetime Numbers, and Episode Type):

    Episode Name
    Episode Summary
    Episode Airdate

    If the only source given is wikipedia, youtube, IMDB or a fan site, it will be rejected. All of those sites can be edited by anyone, and are often vandalized.

    Submitting to episodes that haven't aired yet:

    I cannot approve trivia, recaps, notes (other than overseas air dates), quotes, or allusions (other than episode title allusions) that haven't aired in America yet. You can submit them once the episode airs. This also goes for unaired episodes on DVD. This is the only way to be fair to all Hannah Montana fans.

    Do not cut and paste information from other websites. This is plagiarism. TV.com could be sued for copyright infringement. If you submit something for TV.com and then submit the same thing to another website you are breaking your own copyright to TV.com which causes problems for both sites, because the information will need to be removed since there is no way to determine who received the original submission.

    Queue flooding/mass submissions are not allowed.

    In reviewing the rules concerning notes and trivia, I learned that the Notes section is only for behind the scenes or on the set details. Trivia is for goofs, details about the show, songs, etc. Up to now both the former editor and I have allowed trivia to be submitted to the notes section, now that I have reviewed the rule, I realized that we should only put trivia in the Trivia section going forward.

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