Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 4

Get Down, Study-udy-udy

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 26, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Miley focuses on Hannah's impending tour of Europe, instead of paying attention to her school work. After Robbie learns that her grades are suffering, he tells Miley that he'll call the tour off, unless she finds a way to bring her grades up. Jackson wishes he could fly the coop, when Snowball, Thor's talkative pet bird, uses his gift of gab to get Jackson into trouble.moreless

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  • i love this show

    U love it
  • I don't like the way Ms. Kunkle keeps calling Miley by her last name, Stewart. Call her Miley for once in your life! Everyone, Hannah Montana is a bad show and if you keep watching it, one of you is going to end up a bad person! Stay away from this show!moreless

    Hannah Montana is not one of my favorite shows. Miley is not always honest with herself, she occasionally gets into fights with her best friends (FRIENDS SHOULDN'T FIGHT!), and some mean teachers keep calling her by her last name, Stewart, which annoys me because I am someone who likes being on a first name basis with people. I advise people who love watching this show to stay away from it in the future, because it sets a bad example for people in real life. I want more people to call Miley, Miley and other people by their first names as well.moreless
  • Perfect

    Miley is too busy thinking about a Hannah tour to study for school, and her dad threatens to cancel the tour unless her grades are better. Will she be able to do better? Jackson watches Thor's parrot, and he thinks he may have accidentally killed it.

    Good episode, the song and dance in the class at the end of the episode is one of my favorite moments from the show. Jackson's plot was also good but the conclusion was a little predictable. Overall this episode is really funny, the dance was great and the plots rocked, it gets an A+moreless
  • I loved the Bone Dance!

    Robbie tells Miley that the European tour is off if she can't bring her grades up. Miley is studying for her biology mid-term, but she just can't remember all the bones and what they attach to. She makes up a song and dance to the song Nobody's Perfect called The Bone Dance. The song helps her remember the bones so she can pass the test. When she started doing the dance during the test, Ms. Kunkle accused her of cheating. Miley got sent to the principal's office, but she came back in and did the dance to show Ms. Kunkle that she wasn't cheating. Ms. Kunkle was impressed and Miley got an A.moreless
  • This episode rocked! Miley comes up with a new study technique!

    It all starts when Miley wants to go to Europe but she's doing bad in school. When her dad finds out she's not allowed to go to Europe if she didn't pass the next test. Then she comes up with a way to study for the test: by dancing. Then during the test Miley needed to dance so she could remember the answers but the teacher thought she was giving signals so she got in trouble. Then when she refused to go to the principal's office and performed her dance in front of the class everyone else was doing it with her! I love that bone dance song! It really is a great study technique!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Rico has a photographic memory.

    • Goof: In "Smells Like Teen Sellout", Colin said that they've talked about Hannah's new CD and European tour, but Hannah says that this is her first ever European tour.

    • Goof: When Rico made Miley pose in the dress holding the globe, it was for an art class. But when Miley fell out of the room, it was a History classroom.

    • Goof: When Miley is singing The Bone Dance for the class, she says the bone, fibula, and she points to the shin bone. The bone she pointed to is actually the tibia bone. She then says the tibia bone and points to the fibula bone. Also, she says she has ten phalanges, when it she should have said twenty, because that is the name of each bone in a person's fingers and toes, and most people have ten fingers and ten toes

    • Goof: In this episode Miley is bad at Biology while Lilly is good at it. However, in More Than a Zombie To Me, Lilly was bad at Biology and Miley was good.

    • Goof: After a 43 minutes of working on the test, Ms. Kunkle said Miley was the only person left working on the test, and when Miley was started dancing out the answers a few minutes later, the teacher thought Miley was signalling answers. But if Miley was the only one left working on the test, how could Ms. Kunkle think she was signalling answers? Everyone else had already finished the test, which Ms. Kunkle obviously knew since she said so a few minutes ago.

    • Hannah Montana sings "Nobody's Perfect", Robbie and Snowball sing a reworked version of "I Want My Mullet Back", and Miley, Lilly, Oliver, and their classmates sing a reworked version of ""Nobody's Perfect".

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Hannah: I'll see you all when I get back from my very first European tour. I know I can't wait! Swiss chocolate, Italian shoes and French boys, ooh la la!
      Robbie: Ooh la la? Uh uh uh! The closest she's coming to Paris is Paris, Texas!

    • Lilly: (About the midterm) Miley! We got the plan!
      Oliver: But if you don't like it, it was all her idea.
      Lilly: (sarcastically) Way to sell it, Oliver!
      Oliver: Sorry! I only have one chest hair, and I need it for gym class!

    • Oliver: Hold up people. If you need a B, all you have to do is ace the mid-term tomorrow. (Oliver whispers to Lilly) How did she miss that, no wonder she's flunking biology.
      (Miley grabs Oliver by the chest)
      Oliver: Ow!
      Miley: If I could ace the midterm I wouldn't have a problem, now would I?
      Oliver: And if I stayed friends with you, I'll never have chest-hair will I?

    • Miley: The ribs attach to sacrum. No, no, no sternum, which attaches to a bone that ends in ila, or, or una, or... Oprah! Yeah, that's it. It's my Oprah! And I'm a doperah who's never going to Europa!

    • Snowball: Robbie rocks!
      Robbie: And don't you forget it!

    • Miley: But I...
      Ms. Kunkle: Will be glad to, Ms. Kunkle. Took the words out of your mouth, didn't I?
      Miley: Yes, ma'am. Yanked 'em out like a hungry raccoon in a donut shop dumpster.
      Ms. Kunkle: A lot of people must find those country sayings charming. I'm from Detroit. We don't find anything charming.

    • (Oliver puts ketchup on his face and screams)
      Oliver: Oh, man! Oh, it's a nose bleed!
      Lilly: Oh, it's a gusher!
      Oliver: A gusher! That's what it is. Look everyone, it's a gusher!
      Ms. Kunkle: Oken, Oken, honestly. Paper cuts, bitten tongues, and now nose bleeds. We should put you in a helmet!

    • (Singing)
      Robbie: I want my mullet back...
      Snowball: My messy cage and my eight track...
      Robbie: My swingin' perch and my water bowl...
      Robbie and Snowball: Robbie and Snowball gonna' rock and roll!

    • Lilly: She can't do it without dancing. We gotta distract Kunkle.
      Oliver: I'm on it. Should I do paper-cut-bit-my-tongue or nose bleed?
      Lilly: Ooh, nose bleed's my favorite!
      Oliver: Then sit back, cause you're in the splashing zone!

    • Rico: Yeah, what was I thinking? As if this bubble brain could ever pull off something like that!
      Oliver: Yeah, bubble brain! You got that right! We're talking nothing upstairs!
      Lilly: (Lifts Miley's hair) Hey Oliver, I can see you!
      Oliver: Oh, I see you too!

    • Rico: (About the Bone Dance) That song...those moves...your voice...it all reminds me of some famous singer.
      Miley: Kelly Clarkson?
      Lilly: Hilary Duff?
      Oliver: Jay-Z!

    • Jackson: Hey Thor, what's up?

      Thor: Oh Jackson, it's old Snowball! The landlord says we gotta get rid of him, but how can I do that I love him so much! I mean old Snowball not the landlord but he seems very nice. I need a hug!

      Jackson: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA,Dude! In California, when a guy says, "What's up?" The other guy says, "Not much" and then we move on!

      Thor: Ah, Thor, ya dumb buddy. Okay, lets try it again.

      Jackson: Okay, good. Hey Thor, what's up?

      Thor: Oh Jackson, the landlord says (hugs Jackson)

      Jackson: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA Dude! We also, we don't hug! We occasionally slap butts, but only on the football field!

      Thor: oh, Then I owe the janitor an apology.

    • Jackson: (To Snowball) This is exactly why you're going back to Thor's, you stupid bird brain!
      Ms. Kunkle: Morning, Stewart.
      Snowball: Stupid bird brain!
      Ms. Kunkle: Detention, Stewart.

    • Robbie: All right, Snowball, we're gonna take five. But when I get back, I'm teaching you "Wanna Be Your Joe."
      Snowball: Robbie rocks!
      Robbie: And don't you forget it.

    • Rico: I'll give you the secret to my success, but share this with no one.
      Miley: Yeah, sure, whatever. Teach me.
      Rico: Okay, open the book.
      Miley: (Opens Biology book) Check.
      Rico: Look at the page.
      Miley: Check.
      Rico: Close the book.
      Miley: What?
      Rico: That's it. Good luck on the test!
      Miley: You didn't teach me anything!
      Rico: Don't you have a photographic memory like me?
      Miley: No.
      Rico: Then you're on your own, toots!

    • Miley: Oh, Rico?
      Rico: Hey, bubble brain, how's it going?
      Miley: Oh, smart, funny and...
      Lilly: Dead-on about that bubble brain.
      (Miley gives her a look)
      Lilly: But just in Biology. Other than that, you're sharp as a tick.
      Miley: That's tack.
      Lilly: You see?

  • NOTES (3)


    • The "Bone Dance" song that Miley uses to pass her biology test is an allusion to the song used by Potsie in the Happy Days episode "Potsie Quits School". In that episode Fonzie helps Potsie create a song to learn about the heart. That song was called "Pump Your Blood".

    • The song that Miley learns for anatomy, is an allusion to her own song, Nobody's Perfect.

    • Jackson: I've been Punk'd by a parrot!

      Punk'd is a TV show that plays prank on celebrities and famous people.

    • Robbie: But when I get back, I'm teaching you "Wanna Be Your Joe."

      Wanna Be Your Joe is a song from the Billy Ray Cyrus album Wanna Be Your Joe.

    • Jay-Z is a famous rapper who has recorded the hit songs Dirt Off Your Shoulder, I Just Wanna Love U, and 99 Problems.

    • Hilary Duff is a famous actress and singer who starred in the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire. She also sang the hit songs So Yesterday, Wake Up, and With Love.

    • Kelly Clarkson is a singer who came to fame by winning the first American Idol. She sang the hit songs Miss Independent, Since U Been Gone, and Behind These Hazel Eyes.

    • Jackson: The next thing I knew, bye, bye, birdie.

      Bye, Bye, Birdie is the name of a popular Broadway musical from the 1960's that was later turned into a film.

    • The title to this episode is an allusion to the song "Boogie Oogie Oogie" by A Taste of Honey, in which the last verse of the song says "get down, boogie oogie oogie......."