Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 16

Good Golly, Miss Dolly

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 29, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Good golly! Miley tells her visiting godmother, Aunt Dolly, all about her crush on Jake. Unfortunately, Aunt Dolly accidentally videotaped her confession and the tape is now in Jake's hands. Aunt Dolly, Miley, and Lilly hatch a plan to get it back before Jake can watch it. Robbie and Jackson find that it's hard to resist Aunt Dolly's attempts to add her "special touch" to every aspect of their lives.moreless

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  • good

    feelings are almost out when miley tells aunt dolly about her crush on jake, and she is taping it... and then the tape is accidentally placed in the hands of jake himself. are miley's feelings for him going to be revealed? and if so, does he share the same feelings for her?

    it was good, the way of getting the tape back was pretty fun and clever. i like the frist half more though, the second was kind of boring, that is why my score is somewhat low. Overall, it was a good episode, my grade would be a B-moreless
  • Intriguing

    Miley still has a crush on Jake. Her godmother, Aunt Dolly, comes to town. Miley tells Aunt Dolly about her crush on Jake. While telling her Aunt about Jake she is being video taped. Later Oliver stops by and after he buts down his camera he accidently picks up the wrong camera and takes it to the editor who happens to be Jake. In order to get the tape back Aunt Dolly decides to go undercover to recieve the tape. Dolly posese as a janitor and Miley takes the tape back. Just when she is about to tell Jake her true feelings she finds out that he is dating someone eles. Eles where Jackson and Robbie have a hard time adjusting to Aunt Dolly's womanly fragrants.moreless
  • Dolly Parton is it in and so is Jake Rayn

    Miley Aunt get a tape of miley saying she in love with himand olver take the carma by miskes and gave the tape to the edior who is Jake and then Her, Lilly. and Aunt Dolly go in to the edioring room and get the tape back. I love Dolly Parton and Jake Rayn.
  • Dolly Parton is still beautiful after all these years.

    Miley's Aunt Dolly visits and all kind of crazy things happen. She tries to change Jackson and Robbie's way of life by changing their shampoo and other things. Miley confesses her love for Jake on a video tape and he ends up with it. I liked the part when they were dressed in black and sneaking around in the school. It was hilarious when Dolly said "I'm gonna throw this in the left of the trash can" and Miley moved but it still hit her. Overall this episode was good but it wasn't one of my favorites. Hopefully they will lay off the Miley/Jake thing soon.moreless
  • great episode

    Miley gets a visit from her Aunt Dolly. Just in time to give her some advice about falling in love. Miley accidentally tapes herself confessing her feelings to Jake Ryan and Oliver gives it to Oliver thinking it's a farewell tape to the high school principal. With some help from Aunt Dolly, Miley and Lilly goes to the school to recover the video tape before Jake Ryan can watch it. This is a really funny episode, the guest appearance of Dolly Parton is a plus for the show. This episode is so hilarious, this is why I love watching this show.moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Summer Bishil

Summer Bishil


Guest Star

Michael Kang

Michael Kang

Recording Engineer

Guest Star

Jack Taylor (II)

Jack Taylor (II)

Danny Dandruff

Guest Star

Shanica Knowles

Shanica Knowles

Amber Addison

Recurring Role

Cody Linley

Cody Linley

Jake Ryan

Recurring Role

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

Ashley Dewitt

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Aunt Dolly has a dog named Rufus.

    • Goof: When Miley is singing "If We Were A Movie" to herself on the back porch as Dolly watches in the background, Miley is playing a black electric guitar. However when she gets up and walks inside, she takes her guitar and it isn't plugged into an amplifier.

    • Goof: In the scene where Hannah and Dolly are trying to get the video tape back from Jake, the tapes are put into four piles, two big ones and two small ones. But after Dolly dumps food in the trash can, there are only the two big piles left on the desk and the right one has one tape more than the left. Then, when Dolly is talking to Jake, there are only two tapes left on the desk. Finally, when Miley goes to grab the tapes, there are once again two piles, but the left one now has one more tape than the right. Also, the tapes are stacked in a different order every time they are shown.

    • The songs for this episode are "If We Were a Movie" (Sung by Hannah Montana) and "Who Said" (Sung by Aunt Dolly, Robbie, & Miley).

    • This is the first time that "If We Were A Movie" has been on any episode.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Jackson: This is not good!
      Dolly: Oh, whats the matter with you?
      Jackson: Aunt Dolly, I smell like a petunia! What did you wash this stuff with?
      Dolly: Well, just a little fabric softener and a whole lot of love! Got anything to say to the folks back home?
      Jackson: (Talking To The Camera) Hey everybody! When the guys get a whiff of me, I'm gonna get beat up today! Bye!
      Dolly: (Talking To The Camera) Well at least you got a look at him before that happens.

    • (Miley is daydreaming about sharing her feelings with Jake)
      Miley: Move over, girls.
      (She shoves Amber and Ashley aside, then grabs Jake)
      Miley: (Passionately) Listen, Jake, and listen good! There's only one dame in the world that's right for a guy like you, and you're lookin' at her!
      Jake: (Matching Miley's tone of voice) What took you so long, baby?
      Miley: Traffic! Now plant one on me and make me remember why I waste my time with you.

    • Lilly: Wait a minute. I thought he took his camera.
      Miley: Oh, that's Aunt Dolly's.
      Lilly: Funny. Looks a lot like Oliver's.
      Miley: Ya, but Aunt Dolly's has her initials on it. See. (Looks at Oliver's camera) Where's the D? (Flips camera around) Where's the rhinestone D?

    • (Jackson walks in kitchen with his hair sticking up on his head.)
      Jackson: Daddy, I don't know why but I have this funny feeling that Aunt Dolly replaced my shampoo!
      (Robbie turns around with the same kind of hairdo.)
      Robbie: Well join the club son, looks like we've been volumized and Dolly-sized.

    • (Lilly making squeaky noises)
      Miley: Lilly! Less squeaky, more sneaky.

    • Oliver: So I gave the tape to Jake, just go ask for it back.
      Miley: Can't believe I have to do this.
      Jake: (To Amber & Ashley) Guys, if I let you redo your tape, then everyone's gonna want to the same thing. I'm sorry, but nobody gets their tapes back under any circumstances. So Miley, what's going on?
      Miley: Um, I just wanted to tell you that...I know another guy named Jake Ryan, so if you ever hear me talkin' about Jake Ryan, I'm talkin' about the other Jake Ryan. Not you Jake, OTHER Jake. Buh-bye. (To Oliver) You're dead to me.

    • Dolly: Being a teenage girl is like being in a ballon factory with a porcupine purse.

    • Robbie: Morning, Dolly.
      Dolly: Hey.
      Robbie: (Looks at the living room) Whoa! Looks like my home's been invaded by aliens from the planet Frou-Frou.
      Dolly: Robbie Stewart, you keep making fun of my decorating, I'm gonna have to tell your kids how you used to run around in a diaper and little black boots saying, "Hewwo, I'm Johnny Cash."
      Robbie: Come to think of it, I love what you''ve done with the place.
      Dolly: Hey, good. Would you just say that to the folks back home? And while you're at it, will you please tell Uncle Zeke to get rid of that awful mullet comb-over? Lord knows how that man can take one hair and wrap it completely around his head and down his back.
      Robbie: It's called a skullet, and it ain't that bad.
      Dolly: Well, you ain't seen him floss with it.

    • Jackson: I can't take this anymore, Dad! Between the shampoo, the smelly tissues, and the potpourri, and all these flowers, I mean, I'm losing my manly essence!
      Robbie: There's only one thing we can do, son. Let's go to the gym and fight back with the one thing she can't take from us - our man stink!
      Jackson: Uh, Dad, can we maybe do it tomorrow? Aunt Dolly buffed my nails, and I don't to ruin them.
      Robbie: Do you hear yourself, son?
      Jackson: Oh, no! Get me to the gym fast!

    • (Dolly's cell phone rings)
      Miley: Uh, Aunt Dolly, I think your hair's ringing.
      Dolly: (Pulls her cell phone from her hair) Well, honey, when your pants are as tight as mine, you gotta have somewhere to put your phone.

    • Miley: His name is Jake. Jake Ryan.
      Dolly: Oh, the zombie slayer? (imitates Jake) "Dude, I slayed you once, don't make me slay you again!" That boy is too cute.
      Miley: I know. He goes to my school, and sometimes he can be really obnoxious. But then he gets really sweet, and then he gets all obnoxious again.
      Dolly: That reminds me, I haven't called my husband.

    • Dolly: (To Hannah) Listen, sweet pea. When you decide you want to talk about this boy, that don't exist, you know I'm here for you.
      Robbie: And I'm here, too, bud.
      Dolly: Robbie Ray, you nosy hillbilly!
      Robbie: Hey, I'm not listening. I just want you to know I'm here. And I'm not a nosy hillbilly; I'm a concerned hillbilly father.

    • Dolly: (To Hannah) Look at you, my goodness! You are sproutin' like a rosebush after a month of rain. Only not as wet, and twice as pretty.
      Robbie: Woo, doggies! I like that. I might use that in a song.
      Dolly: Well, fine. First one's free, next one you share profits with me.

    • (In the recording studio)
      Hannah: (Singing poorly) If we were a movie, you'd be the right guy, and I'd be the best friend that you'd fall in love with... And I can't sing this anymore! I mean, it's not like girls just stand around, dreaming about boys all day.
      Robbie: You okay, darling?
      Hannah: Of course, I'm fine. It's just there's other more important things in life like world peace and... whales. Why can't we do a song about whales? And not stupid boy whales. Girl whales! Happy, independent, girl whales!
      Robbie: I'll get right on it, darling. "Girl whales, doing their nails. Don't need no males." Practically writes itself.
      Hannah: Daddy, I'm not saying that's exactly the song. I'm open to other fish, too!

    • Lilly: We're gonna miss you, Principal Fisher. I can't believe you're retiring. You don't look a day over 80.
      Oliver: (Videotaping Lilly) Lilly, he's only 65.
      Lilly: Really? Is he sick?
      Oliver: He will be after he sees this.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Miley: I'm stuck between a rock and a zombie slayer here!

      In Homer's poem "The Odyssey", the hero Odysseus had to defeat a six-headed, cliff dwelling monster called Scylla, while navigating around a whirlpool known as Charybdis. In ancient times, if a person found himself in a tough situation, he would say "I'm trapped between a Scylla and Charybdis", like Odysseus was. Over the centuries, the saying eventually morphed into, "I'm stuck between a rock and hard place".

    • Miley: Let's git 'er done!

      "Let's git 'er done" is a catch phase from a southern comedian named Larry, the Cable Guy.

    • Dolly: These boots are made for sneakin'.

      This is an allusion to the song, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'", originally sung by Nancy Sinatra and later remade by Jessica Simpson for the "Dukes of Hazzard" soundtrack.

    • Robbie: (Looks at the living room) Whoa! Looks like my home's been invaded by aliens from the planet Frou-Frou.

      Frou Frou is a store that sells women's clothes.

    • Dolly: (Imitating a young Robbie) Hellow, I'm Jowwny Kash.

      Singer Johnny Cash would always introduce himself during the start of his concerts by saying, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.".

    • Good Golly, Miss Dolly is a play on the song title Good Golly, Miss Molly. It is one of Little Richard signature songs.