Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 1

He Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 02, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Jackson and Lilly toy with the idea of going out together, while Miley thinks of ways to nip their romance in the bud.

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  • Note, if you're a Lackson, Jilly, or whatever Jackson/lilly fan, DO NOT READ THIS!

    I've been tolerant of this show for a while but lately I've been disapointed with the results. As someone whose patience is wearing thin I was completely caught off guard when Lily said she LIKED Jackson. I may not be a fanatic, but since when did she EVER show affection for him? If that's not enough Jackson likes her after thinking about for close to a minute. It's like an awful piece of fanfiction! I never thought I'd agree with Miley on anything until I saw this episode! Lilly has a better chance of being with Oliver or another boy character than jackson. It's TV's forbidden BFF dates the brother! If on the jump the shark website I could send them something for Hannah's page it would read: they did it(Lily/Jackson) (I know they haven't "done it" but it's better than nothing) If Disney wants to save Hannah they better get rid of this couple and FASTmoreless
  • The Ending Completely Ruined It

    Miley learns that her best friend Lilly likes her brother, but she does not like this so she tries to make sure they do not get along. But what will happen when they learn of her plots?

    It was OK, I actually don't mind the idea of Jackson/Lilly for a few episodes at least (Not long-term), but the ending being a dream ruined everything good about the episode. If the ending wasn't a dream this could've been one of my favorites, really, but with this ending it is one of my least favorites, and thus it gets an F from memoreless
  • What a waste of an episode!

    I can't believe they made it all a dream! I thought the entire episode was so adorable. Lily and Jackson together would have been so cute! I have always thought they would be so good together. The fact that they made the whole episode a dream just makes it a waste of an episode. Making episodes dreams are just also so unoriginal. Miley was being so selfish, but then again she acts like that a lot. They could have kept Lily and Jackson together, therefore, making Miley have to deal with it. This could have helped her character realise that she needs to learn to put others before herself once in awhile. The bottom line is, why make such a good episode into a waste of time? The show did not progress in any way because they had to go in make it a freaking dream.moreless
  • I died a little inside watching this...

    Well, at first I was soooo excited for this random little plot twist: Lily and Jackson together! How out-of-the-blue and amazing is that?? When they finally got together, I was happy-squealing all over, and it made the conflict with Miley that much more interesting!

    But then the ending came.

    It was all just a dream? What the heck! I felt so cheated! They just gave us an incredible new twist to the plot, making the show about more than just Miley and her silly Hannah secret every single frickin' episode...and then they took it away, just like that. With this lame little..."if you really do like my brother, I'll support you..." "me and Jackson? Bleeegh!"

    Fail. Bad fail. Ugh. It hurts so bad.moreless
  • Wow(Spoilers Included)

    Miley dreams lilly and Jackson on the beach about to kiss. Then, when lilly comes the next morningto pick an out fit for the mack and mickey show, Miley tells Lilly about her dream and is shocked to learn Lilly has had a secret crush on jackson. At the beach Lilly tells miley that if the crush is gona end She'd have to know if Jackson liked her or not. Miley goes to ask jackson and robbie ray is singing I'm super cute super hot i'm the girl you like alot i'm super Super girl i'm super super girl. and when miley asks jackson, he suddenly starts to develop a crush on lilly. Miley sees a problem and lies to both of them with oliver as her witness and on the mack and mickey show, hannah and her "peeps" are there after hannah sings and mack and mickey tell a bunch of stupid jokes, and jackson and lola are mean to eachother and make miley feel guilty and she tells the truth and they pull her away. Then, they aruge with miley about what she can and can't do to her friends. Then miley wakes up and finds out it was all a dream and lilly doesnt like jacksonmoreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

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    • Lilly: (Meditating) Omm, It doesnt matter if he likes me. Omm, I can just get a cat. Omm, a cute little kitty from the pound.

    • (Robbie is working on a Hannah Montana song when the delivery guy arrives)
      Robbie: (singing) I'm super cute, super hot, I'm the girl you like a lot, I'm super SUPER girl, I'm super SUPER girl! (stops singing) What ya think?
      Delivery Guy: I think you're super SUPER weird! (hands Robbie his package and leaves quickly)
      Robbie: The gardener LOVED it!

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    • Miley: Lord Voldemort would look cute with the puppy!

      Lord Voldemort is the most despised villain and wizard in the Harry Potter series. He is feared so much that his name is never spoken by other wizards.

    • He Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother is a play on the hit song by The Hollies called He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.