Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 18

He Could Be The One, Part One

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 05, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Jake and Miley starts dating secretly and Robbie doesn't know. Robbie hates Jake. Hannah's plan starts to unfold when she falls for her lead guitarist Jesse. Who will she choose?

    I was really dissapointed in Miley for using a guy to make her secret boyfriend look good. It wouldn't have been a good choice, however, she lead Jesse on. I thought that she was raised better than that.Come on, he kissed her than left, then said "I love you" then turned into a "prima donna" superstar, and what about that cruel joke with Tracy, and after all that, she still picks him? Shame on you Miley. Also, shame on you Lola(Lilly). If you're going to date Oliver as Mike then why are you dating him at all? Lilly and Miley needs a "boy timeout".
  • Perfect

    This and part 2 are probably my favorites of the show. I like how Miley does not know who to choose, and in this episode, she has been dating Jake Ryan for a couple weeks, but hasn't told anyone. Including her father. This makes him hurt because he thought she could tell him anything. So, she pretends to like her new bad boy guitarist Jesse, because she knows Robbie hates him. However, Jesse reveals he actually likes Hannah Montana, and so this makes her feel bad. The two write a song titled "He Could Be The One", and Hannah falls for him. Uh-oh...
  • Jake Ryan is back and better than ever. We now find out that he and Miley have been secretly dating. Now she is thinking that He could be the one, but oh no the band's bad boy Jesse has Miley under his guitar pic. Who will she choose? Find Out

    This Episode is probably the best one yet. I just bought this episode for my i-pod. Wow! We would never think Miley would chose between a sweet heart and a bad boy. Well, Miley trusted her mom and her heart to chose right. i loved it. Miley you have surprised me witht this episode, for jake was once a jerk, but you have truly fallen for him. This episode was just fabulous. I mean it is the number one episode on i-tunes. Amazing! The new song He could be the one will make the top ten I hope. Awesome! Amazing!
  • In part one Hanna/Miley tries to keep her relationship with Jake hidden from her father, but eventually the truth comes out.

    First it's very tricky grading this as a separate episode from part 2 when really it's just an hour length episode that their breaking apart for TV purposes, but I'll give it a shot.

    There were so many things to like about this episode and even the negatives were kept to a bare minimum especially in this first part of the two parter. I would say this half of the two parter just like part one of Achey Jakey Heart was probably the clear winner because it was so much more solid and funny and true to the show, but I'm not saying the other one was bad, by any means. I'll get to that one for my part two review. But this one was still a little bit better, I'm just saying...

    First of all I love when they actually take a storyline so seriously that they don't even want to interrupt it for a throwaway B-story. They kept the action going throughout and still found a very funny way to include Rico and Jackson in anyway without interrupting the action. It was really cool. And even if some of the references may have gone over my head with those two, I understood most of the parodies and they were very well done, especially in the second half which I'll get into in my part two review, but mainly this episode dealt with Jake and Miley's relationship so let me get started on that.

    First let me get the bad out of the way. Just like Lilly and Oliver they never really showed how Miley and Jake got together. Well not exactly like Lilly and Oliver they showed an edited version of them getting together. Now, I'll admit it was funny. And it kind of made almost sense, but if you ever watch most movies with love stories when two people come together after being apart it's normally supposed to be a more serious scene delivering that feel good moment. There were a lot of call backs in both parts of this two parter. I think what writers forget sometimes while their making these callbacks there is something called the now. Make something good now and stop worrying about what already happened, and in this episode they definitely delivered for the most part. I just really would have liked more conversation between Jake and Miley, I'm just saying.

    Now, for the good part. Lilly and Oliver were great and contributed greatly in this episode. I loved Robbie Ray in this episode, he was very smart and in fact very helpful in both parts of this two parter. For part one he almost always seemed to be a step or two ahead of Miley I guess with all of his experiences with her in the past and just when you might have thought Miley was going to go off the deep end with a certain scheme he totally called her out on it which shocked me. Where were they going to go with this storyline in part two if that's not what they were going to do? Well I loved that surprise. It was very smart and very believable. Cody Linley was very funny and he was utilized way more in this half then the second half. Cody through the Jake Ryan character has always shown an ability to show real earnestness in his scenes with Miley, and they have a great chemistry together. I wish they kept that in mind when they mapped out these episodes, more still he was great in the scenes he participated in. Also, I must say there is a very interesting dynamic when he talks to Lilly too, that I think has been very underutilized on this show. One final point I'd like to make is I wonder if the writers thought about the fact that Hanna is technically dating Jake and it's not really being kept that much a secret. Will world's collide in the future. Well until we get to part two who really knows, right? Unless you checked out Youtube. You, cheaters. I don't like commercials either that's why I fastforward through mine. I'm just saying.

    Well still this was a great and very funny episode and even though I would have liked to have seen a full honest conversation between Miley and Jake about their relationship I will admit that Miley almost always seems to show more will power when it comes to resisting Jake than other boys until now. Or at least that one scene anyway. Well on to part two........