Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 19

He Could be The One, Part Two

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 05, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • After Hanna had considered using Jesse as a fake boyfriend to force her dad to accept Jake as her real boyfriend, Miley has second thoughts and gets caught between a decision whether Jake or Jesse could be the one.

    Well this is part two of my review on this two parter and just like Miley's big decision in this episode I was having a very hard time deciding whether to give this an 8.5 or a 9.0 but I went with my heart so away I go.

    Jackson and Rico were funny and took nothing at all away from this episode in fact their narration actually helped the flow of the story and the Hanna song and the parody of the little Hanna jingles in between scenes were saved for part two and were really good. I also want to add, I don't remember if it was part one or two, but the Blue's Brother thing wasn't too shabby either.

    Now, part two was the real nail biting swerve of this two parter. I will say they did a good job of building the tension in this one. I will also say that just like Lola and Mike I didn't necessarily like the new Hanna song either in the beginning, but it grows on you and I did by the end. ( And I'm talking about the real song and the not the song is in construction thing they did in the beginning either)

    Now, I would like to say I had a lot of concern when I saw the previews for both parts of this two parter. There seemed to be more scenes with this Jesse character than Jake. And in this episode they really seemed to stack the deck in his favor. And I think that is part of the reason that hurt, but I will also say helped this episode too.

    I guess there is the bad boy attraction thing. And he did help her with her song, so I guess that's supposed to be enough of a reason for her to like him and just drop Jake in two seconds flat as a plot device, or is it?

    Well I don't really want to knock them for this very ambitious event. They even gave this show respect for the first time in a while and actually let them start at 8 pm Eastern for a change. I thought the tension was good and even things I didn't like or had misgivings about had valid reasons but I'll get into it right now.....

    So let me start from the beginning, which I guess is the middle so to speak. There were some very funny bits in this one too. They really made this have a big movie feel to it. I wish they had made this movie length and this probably would have been a 10 episode as I really do believe it was rushed at the expense of the Jake Ryan character mostly.

    Great things they added included Miley's dad being helpful with the Mother's lost tape segment which was kind of neat. Also the morph technology interposing faces to things and the talking pictures shows they actually put some money into this one. But money isn't everything because they spent a lot of money on the last episode Miley's mom appeared in and ruined it just because of how they treated the relationship. So, how did they treat the relationships in this one? As that was the main point of this two parter, well......

    By the numbers: Jesse: He was the resident bad boy who Miley hates and he's nice to her once or twice and magically she notices he's good looking and forgets any feelings she may have had towards Jake. And the way they constructed the episodes made you almost feel for him as they pushed the Jake/Miley relationships to the side to such an extent not really even showing how they really came back together, that you almost end up sympathizing with Jesse even though he really was a jerk and treated one girl really mean.

    Basically how you construct an episode can hurt or help an episode. Yes, they are being creative and keeping you on your toes and I do appreciate that. And Miley is a teenage girl and she's going to make mistakes so expecting her to be perfect in her decisions isn't necessarily believable so some of this storyline could in fact be very believable, but....

    I repeat something I said earlier. They did push the Jake Ryan character to the side. And I'm not talking about the double hit that Hanna and Shia Labouf are bigger stars than him either. What I'm saying is they acknowledge this history he has with her and than the storyline is like so what, and she doesn't even want to kiss him again. And in fact if your looking for a kiss, well, I'm not spoiling it if you didn't watch the episode, I'm just saying...

    But going back to Jake there is a point in time where he discovers Miley's straying eye so to speak and I feel this was rushed and Jake really is a good guy if he's going to be that understanding. It is kind of weird that he is that good of a guy. Remember when he wasn't a real person in Achey Jakey heart. Well, how did Miley become the bad girl all of the sudden? Well.......

    Look I do understand this is about the tension. And the writers are probably using a creative device and lying partially about how she feels to surprise you with who she picks as the guy who could be the one. But still I did find it a little bit offensive. Not, that she would cheat or contemplate leaving Jake. I understood that. What I didn't understand is how she just sweeps Jake to the side like that and than just as mysteriously sweeps the other way. And that's why I ultimately had no choice but to deduct a point in my review. Because even though she may have made her choice. I genuinely feel like I was ripped off and didn't really get to see what was really in her heart.

    We saw the decision, but not the reason why. Well, they did a brief rushed video montague, but I felt it actually took away from the real time scene. They should have cut back to it, but that ultimately is the thing that I felt was partially lacking. They never really wanted you to see two people in love. They just wanted the dance, but they didn't really give you the song that goes with it. You, can be funny, and you can create tension. I'm not even asking for a kiss scene, here. But, I wanted two people who are going to be dating and might be the one's to have a real TV conversation (heh, heh real) to talk and acknowledge how they feel. And we didn't get it in this one. Hopefully the next episode involving this storyline could be the one for that. But this was a really good episode don't get me wrong, but I just think it could have been so much better.
  • Another Perfect Installment

    Miley now needs to make a decision, if she wants to continue dating Jake or Jesse. She is torn, as this is one of the hardest decisions she has ever had to make. However, with some help from her mother {via a video she made for her a while ago}, she listens to her heart and she picks Jake, because there was something about him that she liked more.

    I liked this episode, I really liked the conflict and I liked Jesse's character. I like the end a lot too. Overall, my grade is an A+, my favorite episode of this show