Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 5

I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 27, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

After a Hannah Montana concert, Miley wakes up the next morning and realizes she's losing her voice. Robbie recommends that she stop talking and stay quiet for a while to let her voice rest so she can be ready for a TV concert on Saturday or else the concert will have to be canceled. If Miley needs to say something, Jackson suggests she write it down instead of trying to speak. It's in his best interest that Miley regains her voice, too, since he plans to attend the concert with his date.

Lilly and Oliver try to help Miley keep quiet, but it turns out to be the most frustrating week for her. However, after one week of not talking, Miley successfully regains her voice. She practices her singing at home, and she sings perfectly once again. But while singing at another Hannah Montana concert, she starts losing her voice again in the middle of a song. She finally sees a doctor about it, but finds out she'll need surgery in order to fully regain her voice and sing again.

Now, Miley is afraid of going through with the surgery and risk being able to sing ever again. She fears she'll never be Hannah Montana again. Before going to bed, Robbie reassures her that everything will be fine, though. She calms down a little and falls asleep.

In her dream, she's a mess and sees Robbie treating her like a slave, as she cleans around the house and does everything he tells her to after losing her voice in the surgery. Because Miley is no longer able to sing, Jackson has become the singer of the family and now goes by the name of "Bucky Kentucky." In this fantasy world, Lilly and Oliver are now huge fans of Bucky Kentucky. Now everybody treats her like she's a nobody. Just when she thinks nobody cares about her anymore, her mother appears.

Miley's mother talks to her and tells her she's just as important as Miley as she is as Hannah Montana, even if Miley may not think so. Still in her dream, her family friends promise to always be there for her - whether she can sing or not. Miley is now 100% confident about going through with the surgery.

As the episode ends, we find out Miley's surgery was a success, as she's singing along with her mother in another dream sequence. This includes Jackson trying to sing, too, with a goofy walrus costume. But, of course, he can't sing well at all and blames on it being Miley's dream. However, it's actually Robbie's dream, so he wakes up and blames it on the hot chocolate.
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