Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 5

I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 27, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Miley begins writing her answer to Dex's question, when Oliver stops her saying he would take care of it. Miley proceeds to put the cap on the marker, but in the next scene the cap is off of the marker again.

    • Goof: In Miley's dream, her mother comments that the reason Miley is having such a wacky dream is because her father gave her "that hot chocolate of his again." This would make more sense if Miley actually drank the hot chocolate before going to sleep, but in the previous scene with her and her dad, she didn't even take one sip, so that had absolutely no impact on her dream.

    • When Miley is worried about something going wrong with her surgery, her father brings hot chocolate to her room to cheer her up. In real life, Miley says her dad does the exact same thing anytime she is sick or feeling sad.

    • When Jackson and Robbie sing a food version of "I Got Nerve" and Jackson says that they are out of grape jelly, you can see the grape jelly container on the counter top. The jelly is practically full.

    • Jackson and Robbie sing a food version of "I Got Nerve".

    • Goof: When Lilly and Miley were sitting at the table, Miley did not have the marker in her hand, but in the next scence she is holding it, then it disappears again.

    • Mr. Corelli is now a teacher at Seaview High.

    • This episode featured the Hannah Montana songs "Life's What You Make It," "I Got Nerve," and Miley and her mother (Brooke Shields) singing a duet of "You And Me Together."

  • Quotes

    • Miley: Daddy, what if something goes wrong with the surgery, and I can't be Hannah Montana anymore?
      Robbie: Well, I guess you'll have to pack your things and get out! (Pauses) Darlin', that's not gonna happen.
      Miley: How do you know?
      Robbie: 'Cause there's some things a daddy just knows. Like, I know the sun's gonna come up tomorrow. I know Uncle Earl's never gonna be an underwear model, and I know your voice is gonna be just fine.

    • Miley's Mom: (Looking at the table with legs) Look at that thing. I swear, there is nothin' more dangerous than your father with a pocket full of cash at one of Uncle Earl's garage sales.

    • Oliver: Wow, a week without talking. You know, that's gotta be tough for a girl. Now guys, we're different. I don't need to talk. I could not talk for a month and it wouldn't bother me at all. But girls? Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, "Hey, Sally, nice capris." "Oh, I love your purse." (Reads what Miley wrote on the whiteboard) Oh, now that's just rude.

    • (Lilly and Oliver come back into the house after being called by Mrs. Stewart)
      Mom: (Pointing to Miley) If she wasn't Hannah Montana, would you still be her friends?
      Oliver: Are you kidding? Of course we would.
      Lilly: Miley, you were my best friend way before I knew you were Hannah Montana.
      Miley: Then why'd y'all just walk out on me?
      Lilly and Oliver: It's your dream!

    • Robbie: (To Mrs. Stewart) Ya did good, honey.
      Mom: Eh, you're not doing so bad yourself. (Temper rising) Except for that hot chocolate before bed!
      (Mrs. Stewart advances on Robbie)
      Robbie: Yeah, about that---I know you always told me not to do that, but this was a very emotional---Miley, you can wake up now!
      Mom: Now, Robbie Ray, haven't I always told you---
      Robbie: (Frantically) Miley, WAKEY WAKEY!

    • Lilly: I like your mom. She's funny.
      Oliver: She's pretty, too!
      Miley: That's it, you're outta here! (Oliver starts getting pulled out the door)
      Oliver: Hey! Why am I leaving?! I don't wanna go! Stop! This is not fair!!

    • Robbie: Mile, I fixed you up some of my loco hot cocoa, with little marshmallows so you don't choko! Choko! Choko! (Miley rolls her eyes) I'm gonna keep saying it till you laugh. Choko!

    • Mr. Corelli: "Four score and seven years ago..." is the beginning to what famous speech? (Oliver slides down in his seat) Keep sliding Oken, I can still see you! Miley! Make me smiley!
      Lilly: I got this one. (Takes Miley's whiteboard) "Bettyburg's address. Oh, you mean Betty Burg's address. Who's Betty Burg? (Miley glares) Well, the only other thing on here is "I-heart-Dex" but I'm not gonna read that with him sitting right there! Oops!

    • Jackson: It's true! Mile, in real life, I sing like a starving walrus. Mom, this is where you say, "Oh no you don't, honey"
      Mom: Oh no you don't, honey. Just regular walrus. A cute, tone-deaf walrus.

    • Jackson: Hannah Montana has never cancelled a concert before and she's not about to start now. I know that would just break your heart...and when your heart breaks baby sis so does mine!
      (Miley writes on a dry erase board)
      Robbie: (Reading what Miley wrote) You got a hot date for the concert don't ya Jerk-son?
      Jackson: Dad!?!
      Robbie: She wrote it!

    • Miley: Daddy, there was a one in a million chance that you'd be a rock star and that happened. There was a one in a million chance that I'd be a pop star and that happened. Face it, this family's one in a million central!

    • Mom: (From inside the house) Baby girl, you always did have the strangest dreams.

    • Mom: (To Miley) Your daddy's been feedin' ya his loco hot cocoa before bed again, hasn't he?

    • (Singing to the tune of Hannah Montana's "I Got Nerve")
      Jackson: You want some toast, I bet you do.
      Robbie: Please add some jam and butter, too.
      Jackson: We're out of grape, so sad. It's all your fault, you bad dad.
      Robbie: You know what, son?
      Jackson: Yeah, Dad?
      Robbie: You got nerve!

    • Young Miley: (Singing) Jingle Bells,
      Jackson smells,
      From 50 miles away, P.U.!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In Miley's dream, when she tries to convince Robby that she can sing, Robby puts his sock in her mouth. This is an allusion to the popular phrase, "Put a sock in it."

    • Mr. Corelli: Miley, make me smiley.

      "Smiley" is a nickname that Billy Ray called his daughter before being shortened to "Miley"

    • I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak is a play on the Helen Reddy song, I Am Woman (Hear Me Roar).