Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 21

I Honestly Love You (No, Not You)

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 26, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode is driving me crazy waay too much.

    Why Miley is just acting very crazy and evil? I was fully surprised that Hannah is snowboarding and then fall and rollin'. And she went to hospital. I'm sorry... I don't know how to explain clearly. I'm just trying to explain clearly because it took me so long to work on review. I feel kinda bored watching that episode. Lilly is disgusting because she blows the nose with lots and lots of tissues and then throw on Miley's hair. Why Oliver say "It's really hard to say someone that Oliver want to love each other and Oliver's girlfriend."? This episode is pretty disgusting because Lilly crys a lots and her eyes looks pretty scary. They might pick the nose, spit someone, smelly hair, and more disgusting part for only Hannah Montana season 3. So... I really don't want to see that forever. Why did Miley trys to be fascinating dumb? I like whole of Hannah Montana season 2 because season 2 is my favorite. Season 1 and 3 is not good but some of the episodes is ok or amazing or something. No more disgusting episodes. Ok?
  • eh

    first thing- when miley is falling down the cliff{?}, my closed captioning had her saying something about "Breaking a nail." WOW. Really? She's falling down a cliff{?} and getting hurt and all she can worry about are her NAILS?? I don't care if that is supposed to be funny, it's ridiculously dumb I thought.

    This episode had some good humor and furthered the Oliver/Lilly relationship, which was nice, so in some aspects this was a mostly good episode. I thought Lilly crying a lot was over-dramatic, I mean obviously she would be upset if it was true he didn't love her, but crying that much? I didn't like it. But the rest was OK, B-
  • It's kinda nice... as if they're repeating the mentioned "Kate Hudson movie" in a different light.

    This episode was too funny for me, with Miley being a "soul" or something because she can see what's happening to the place around her but she nobody hears her at all. but in the point where Oliver tells Miley that he loves her, my heart jumped, thinking Moliver will come back at last. or so I thought.

    Miley's attempts to bring Lilly and Oliver back were kinda cute and funny, seeing that Emily Osment is uber-cute and super-adorable like Jennifer Stone and Debby Ryan, she did a good job in this episode. that's the only thing I liked about it, is Miley's attempts to help Lilly, aside from Oliver saying "I love you" to an almost unconscious Miley.

    all in all the episode was cute and a bit good, but just because it's only one Moliver moment in this episode doesn't mean I can forgive the show just that for making Moliver fans upset. (trust me, I'm a Moliver guy too.) but still, I like it for just what it is... something borrowed but updated for this show.
  • Hanna has a skiing accident and while in a medicated sleep overhears Oliver proclaiming his love for her. Miley tries to help Lilly deal with potentially losing Oliver.

    How, do you review an episode that you both love but still had all kinds of nitpicky problems with?

    I mean I love the concept of this episode. It is very unique. It addresses that potential other relationship which many people had thought was going to happen, but probably won't the way the season has been progressing along.

    It further addresses the Lilly/Oliver relationship which I do find cute, but at the same time the lack of build to the relationship this season has really cut the meaningfulness of what this episode could have been. I love that they put a little bit of money into it, with the cute double Miley projection in the hospital room.

    The death by chocolate and pie bit is officially dead. Disney is not allowed to use this bit ever again. They use this in every single show they have way too many times. I'm sorry, the side connection to an innocent way to address drugs is annoying already. I think kids are a lot smarter than Disney wants to give them credit for.

    When did this episode take place? In He Could be the One, Mike and Lola were pretending not to be in a relationship during their alter-ego stage and here it's the opposite. In the former episode Miley chose Jake and in this one, you get the impression that Miley is back on the market. Or, she really is a player. Yet...

    Yet, at the same time as she seems to be a player, she seems to be out of the game as she eyes potential boyfriends, you can kind of notice the absence of a current boyfriend. And the joke about Miley being pretty because her father says, so I'm not sure it works, because on paper it's funny, but she really is pretty. Yet, they're playing her off as humble.

    But, I did love the Miley interactions with the main characters. They were all well done. And the new dynamic with the Lilly and Oliver relationship has helped the trio immensely to keep things fresh now into the tail end of season 3.

    Don't get me wrong I still think this was a pretty good episode, but it had a lot of clunky parts that should have been smoothed over. Right down to the comical Miley fall down the mountain. I mean she could have really been hurt. I'm not sure it should be joked about that way. Just because the show is a comedy, does not mean you can't have real emotion on a show too. That has been a major issue for me this season, that the writers have not been able to resolve as of yet. Still the rest of the episode was well done, and if you notice some of the jokes clicked and some of the jokes like the death by pie bit deserved to die but the reason why this ended up being a really good episode was because of the real genuine emotion between Lilly/Oliver/Miley in the latter half of the episode. That saved this episode. I just wish the writers would throw their rubber chickens away for a second and notice that too. I'm just saying!
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