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Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 20

I Will Always Loathe You

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 07, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Aunt Dolly And Mamaw drag an unwilling Miley into their long time feud. Oliver and Rico have auditions for the best "Rico" to star in a commercial for the shack.

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  • fair

    aunt dolly and mamaw come to visit because hannah is getting an award. but they continue a fight they have had for ages, and miley is sick and tired of them fighting. will they ever stop fighting? rico and oliver audition for a "Rico" to star in a film about the shack.

    good episode but not really great, it had its moments but i think the episode as a whole was rather boring. the sub plot was fun in a goofy way but that was such a small part of the episode... overall it gets a "C" from me. Fairmoreless
  • miley's grandma and aunt get in a fight about elvis i dont wanna type anymore because it wood be a waste of time

    the only funny part was when jackson says: yes!!!!! Elvis the pelvis with the hair and the hunka burning love, otherwise all that Is comedy, is nothing its all stupid and cheesy humor and it was a waste of 23 minutes of my life, i gave it a 6 because it was one of the better episodes, its lucky it didnt get a 4 like most hannah montana episodes wood get. and right now, i will do u a favor and save urself of a wasted 30 minutes-dont watch this episode! the only reason i reviewed this episode was to try to get more than 60 percent, and get to level 2!moreless
  • This was the scariest religious dream ever. As most know, im a christian. And there was one part, i dreamt that they were suppose to commit sucide so that they can be with God. . So, they killed themselves. BTW, i love Malaysia!moreless

    getting kidnapped and the end of the world

    Okay, i am really ashamed of myself for dreaming about this. Emily got kidnapped with my 2 cousins. Then she had to strip herself and have you know what with the kidnappers and then it was shown on the net. 40 years later, she was finally released. Her middle hair was totally bold. Whats worse? They considered her as an outsider. This was the scariest religious dream ever. As most know, im a christian. And there was one part, i dreamt that they were suppose to commit sucide so that they can be with God. This shows that you are willing to kill yourself to be with God. And my cousin went for it. Guess what? He was only 9! i dreamt a baby was killed. OMG! That was seriously scary. I blame my teacher for telling em about the people who killed themselves because they thought it was going to be the end of the world. However, when nothing happened, they thought God was too merciful not to kill them. So, they killed themselves.

    Dont ever have this kinda dreams. Just hope i can sleep well tonight.

    BTW, i love Malaysia!moreless
  • Mamaw and Aunt Dolly hate each other.

    Mamaw and Aunt Dolly both come to visit when Hannah gets to accept an award. The problem is that Mamaw and Aunt Dolly hate each other and neither one know that the other is going to be staying there at the same time. Mamaw is mad at Aunt Dolly for stealing away Elvis Presley from her. Miley asks them to try to get along. They don't try very hard and keep ending up fighting. At the awards, Aunt Dolly and Mamaw start fighting back stage and it ruins Miley's night. They ask her to forgive them, but Miley asks them how they expect her to forgive them when they can't even forgive themselves. Before they leave, she forgives them because she tells them she never wants to lose them.moreless
  • This episode of Hannah Motana is when Miley's aunts come for Hannah's big night.She gets an award for best female singer. Her Aunt Dolly and her grandma were fighting because of Elvis. That's right Mr. Presly.moreless

    This video is so funny. Especially when lilly says"Your family is definetly better then cable". So I guess you should watch if you have not already seen it. When they are pulling in from the driveway. Robbies mom says: Robbie Ray, you had that music turned up so loud that you missed my story on how I found that mole on my back" I was cracking up. So , you can tell he did not want to listen to that NASTY story.Well as you can see miley as hannah montana, is getting her award obviously the aunt and the grandma were fighting as hannah was on stage doing her speech . So watch this episode" I will always Loathe you".moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Hannah: (After Robbie introduces her) I couldn't have asked for a better introduction! I have to say that, he's my ride home.

    • Miley: Now Mawmaw, you promised you'd be nice! Aunt Dolly's being nice!
      Dolly: Of course, I'm always nice! At least that's what the King used to tell me!
      Mawmaw: (Angrily) You know I gave Elvis that nickname! (turns to Lilly) We always used to play checkers and he'd be all "King me Babeh, aha!" So I started calling him the King, true story!

    • Lilly: So this whole feud started over a boy?
      Miley: Yep. It was high-school. Mamaw was having a summer romance and then Aunt Dolly bounced in, and, well, that was pretty much all she had to do! Mamaw never forgave Aunt Dolly for stealing the love of her life, Mr. Elvis Presley.
      Lilly: Noooo!
      Miley: Yes!
      Lilly: No!
      Miley: Yes!
      Lilly: No!
      Jackson: Yessss! Yes, yes, Elvis. Elvis with the pelvis and the hair and the hunka-hunk of burning love. Guys, I haven't slept all night and my back is killing me. So, please! For the love all that is good and pure in this forsaken universe, ZIP-IT!

    • Hannah: Okay Daddy, now remember. When you introduce me, it is not about you. You get on, and get right back off.
      Robbie: Just for that, I'm gonna tell 'em how you used to put that diaper on your head and run around the house...Captain Diaper Head. They're gonna love that.
      Hannah: That is exactly why I brought pictures of you in your chubby years.
      Robbie: Fine. Captain Diaper Head triumphs again!

    • Miley: You turned one of the best nights of my life into some sort of a granny smackdown!

    • Robbie: (Sarcastically to Aunt Dolly and Mamaw) Gee, I wonder what's wrong with my shoulder. Oh, that's right, I was body slammed into the stage door!

    • Hannah: I hate it when he gets all fortune cookie on me.

    • Lilly: I leave the room for two minutes and you turn on wrestling? Turn it back to the awards show.
      Jackson: (In awe) This is the awards show!

    • Lilly: Your family is better than cable!

    • Dolly: (After Mamaw Ruthie insults her) I'm gonna do you a favor. I'm gonna pretend like I didn't hear that.
      Ruthie: Oh, kinda like you've been pretending for the last thirty years that that's your real hair?
      Dolly: You wanna dance, Mamaw? Then bring on the music!
      Ruthie: Bring it on, blondie!

  • NOTES (5)


    • If you look carefully, one of the shelves by the kitchen has what looks to be one of the number eight paddles that the judges use on Dancing with the Stars. This is an allusion to how Billy Ray Cyrus always hoped for an 8 when he was on Dancing With the Stars.

    • The title I Will Always Loathe You is a play on the hit song I Will Always Love You that was originally sung by Dolly Parton.