Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 9

I'll Always Remember You, Part One

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 07, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • The best 1 hour episode of Hannah Montana ever!

    Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best 1 hour episode of Hannah Montana. The songs were hillarious that Jackson, Rico, and Sirrea sang. I cracked up when Miley started her eye twitching. IT was shocking when Miley told the whole world that she was Hannah Montana. Also looking back at all the Hannah Montana memories made me wanna cry so bad. This was a perfect 1 hour Hannah Montana.
  • This episode would've been better if Jackson, Rico, and Siena weren't just singing and actually had a role in this episode


    This episode was just okay but it got really boring. Also, it's the same thing as "He Could Be The One", Jackson and Rico sang in that episode. In this episode, Jackson, Rico, and Siena sing in this episode without any roles so there was actually no Jackson, no Rico, and no Siena in this episode. All they did was just sing to interpret Miley's situation. I mean, some of their songs are pretty funny but come on. Jackson, Robbie, and Oliver are pretty much why I even watch this show except Oliver isn't in this final season which sucks. Anyways, if Jackson, Robbie, and Oliver weren't in this show, I never watch this show and would actually hate it. I do watch this show also because of Lily. I have to admit that Lily is a very pretty girl. Robbie's part in this episode was very good. I also watched this episode because Jay Leno guest stars in this episode and Dr. Phil McGraw makes a cameo appearance in this episode. Both of their parts were really good even though Dr. Phil's role was very short. Miley twitching her eye was also kinda funny but it got really annoying after a while. It's kinda good that Miley finally revealed that she is Hannah Montana but they could have portrayed it better. Instead of Miley revealing herself and then singing a freakin' song, she should reveal herself and then everyone that knows her says "You were Hannah Montana all this time". Overall, I've only seen this episode once and I remember being bored through most of it but it was just an okay episode of "Hannah Montana"... nothing special or exciting to talk about though. 6/10

  • The best Hannah Montana episode of the series!

    Without a doubt, this was absolutely THE best episode of Hannah Montana! It was so intense, but so funny at the same time. The most hilarious parts were Jackson, Siena, and Rico singing, and of course, Miley's eye twitch...LMAO! At the same time though, it was really intense. I mean, Miley has kept this secret for SO long and it was such a huge decision ot reveal it to the world. Looking back at all the Hannah memories made me wanna cry. So many good episodes, so many memories. All the way up to Season 4. And honestly, if you guys noticed, there are so many references to past episodes from Season 1 to this season that it's no surprise they would include running gags and mentioning of other episodes events in this episode, as in other episodes this season. But I love it. It makes me remember this show that I've grown up with for 4 years, a show that got me through horrible junior high, and many other times in my life. I was 12 when this show premiered, and I'm 16 now, almost 17. So yeah, it's been an amazing 4 years for this show.

    Only a few episodes remain, and honestly, I know it's gonna hurt saying goodbye. But for now, I'm gonna enjoy this epic episode. I am very proud that Miley finally told the world
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