Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 10

I'll Always Remember You, Part Two

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 07, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Miley finally decides to "come clean" after all these years having the best of both worlds.

    I first want to start out saying I'm not exactly a normal Hannah Montana fan, but this show is a huge guilty pleasure for me. I watched this episode (along with Part One) on disney.com today and I absolutely loved it. I feel like it was everything the series should be, minus those random songs after every act (Which is why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10). I know this sounds lame, but I found myself crying for the last 10-15 minutes of this episode. It felt like an end of an era. I've been out of high school for two and a half years now, but I can remember feeling the change and it being overwhelming. On top of that, Miley had to finally decide to just be herself, which I kind of found metaphorical and inspirational reflecting back on the episode. It's almost as if her Hannah persona was the mental block that Miley had to becoming the woman she was supposed to be, and finally shedding that means that Miley can move forward with her life and shed her insecurities and everything else linked to leaving your childhood behind. I found it quite beautiful, and very reflective to my life even though I'm several years ahead of the character. I just felt so connected to Miley, and not because I'm from the same state. I only applied to one college too. In this episode, I related so much to her it was really as if this character was me.
    When an episode can captivate that kind of reflection on your own personal life, I find those episodes to be the most special and the best episodes. I was captivated by the story and her struggle to finally be her real self, and those are the kind of episodes I love most in a series.
    I also agree with the above reviews-- these two episodes seems to reflect great ideals for its younger viewers (such as what I've stated above about being yourself and others, like placing such an importance in a higher education), and, as a K-6 education major, I think that's such a wonderful thing for our youth.
  • this will be a review of both parts.

    miley's life is hard. first off, she did not get into the college she wanted (stanford). then, jesse is caught 'cheating' on hannah with miley. lilly, who did get into stanford, decides not to go because she would rather go with miley then go alone, and jesse breaks up with her because everyone hates him for 'cheating' on hannah. at the end, miley needs to make a decision that will change everything; will she tell the world she is hannah montana?

    a fairly good and definitely memorable episode. it wasn't very funny but the plot more than made up for that. the only negative comment i have is jackson/rico/siena singing was annoying. It was basically the same thing as in He Could be The One, except here, they tried too hard to make us laugh (Wash your hands to avoid the flu? What the heck was that?)and they had different song styles. The ones in He Could Be The One, are, In my opinion, memorable and funny, here they were trying too hard. Still a great episode. Jesse's lines about how he knew Miley was Hannah, I've been saying that for a while. She looks the exact same, the only different is she has a wig and more make up. It's kind of dumb how nobody has realized this in the show (Rico came close though). Still good.
  • No wonder Miley Cyrus has said she doesn't want to be Hannah on television anymore... avery attempt her show makes at redeeming itself fails.

    This episode was medium range. That's the best I can say about it. It had some redeeming moments and some advancements that I really wanted to see before this show ended. However, there were plenty bad parts to more than water down the good. In the good corner.... I sort of liked the fact that the Hannah/Miley thing was FINALLY (it seems) reconciled (though, knowing Disney Channel, the slim balance that they achieved will surely be screwed up in the last 5 episodes). I liked the fact that Miley has demonstrated the ability to move on. My money would have been on her spending the last 3 episodes crying over "Jakey" and reconciling it in the 2-part series finale. Jesse also demonstrates what is perhaps the number one lesson in life. People can change. Once again, my money would have been on him breaking Miley AND Hannah's heart and then coming back and trying to redeem himself with a 2-cent apology a few episodes later down the road. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Jesse actually supported Miley through her entire ordeal (although somewhat half-heartedly) and proved that once a sleazy, two-bit, excuse-making heartbreaker does not mean always a sleazy, two-bit, excuse-making heartbreaker. I liked the fact that a focus was placed on the further education of Miley and Lilly. I actually believed that they were going to live out the rest of their televised lives as see-through, stupid, cookie-cutter, disrespectful, ungrateful, insensitive, occasionally absurd drama queens. But in this episode, it turns out that they have actually put some thought into what they intend to do when Robby's money will no longer furnish their selfish, teenage desires. I'm glad that Disney Channel has finally decided to put some sort of future-minded ideals into this show after so many failed attempts. Or rather, I believe they owe the parents and others who want children to watch some good television on what should be a FAMILY channel some future-minded ideals after so many failed attempts. On to the things that I disliked about this episode. For one (and I don't mean to beat a dead horse to death [those of you who read my post on 'It's the End of Jake as we Know it" will know what I'm talking about]), the Jesse/Miley thing just seems a little surreal and rushed to me. I mean, was it only a few weeks ago that Miley went through a gut-wrenching break up with a boy whom she had been (for all intents and purposes) dating for the past three years? Then she asked Jesse out on sight in the next episode and automatically, she's sure that he is the best for her. By her own admission, Jake was "the one" and Jesse was "a heartbreaker." It wasn't even until THIS episode that the viewers see that he's changed from what he once was. While I'm on the topic of Jesse in this episode, what the HECK was up with Jesse having discovered Miley's secret the way he did. When Jake was around, it took two years, countless "I've changed" situations and gift baskets, an on air apology, and the confession of a guilt-ridden Miley for him to figure out. The writers didn't even give that drama the dignity of being screened in Jesse's situation. He just off-handedly mentioned to Miley that he had figured out from "paying attention." Crud. Finally, Miley's admission to the world that she was Hannah Montana is the proverbial straw that broke the back of the camel. Though the admission was sincere and heart-felt, it was TOTALLY unrealistic. If Miley really felt that guilty about what her secret was doing to people that she loved, then why did she have no problem using that secret to her advantage on so many occasions for the past three years? For that matter, why was she willing to put her loved ones through three years of torment? It seems that Disney Channel is doing an admirable job of trying to close out all of the major conflicts in the life of Miley Stewart before the final episode of the show, but the only problem is that they fail at almost every attempt that they make. In their rush to close down the show, the creators are sacrificing the (haha) quality that made the show at least bearable to watch.
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