Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 7

It's a Mannequin's World

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 12, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

It's Miley's birthday! Robbie is trying to find something special for his little girl. Miley tells Lilly to steer Robbie to the right clothes, but it still doesn't work. Now Miley has to wear this tacky sweater to her birthday party. Meanwhile, Jackson is trying really hard to give Miley a birthday cake and not mess things up (again).moreless

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  • Kitty Sweater

    For Miley's birthday, Robbie gets her a kitty sweater that meows, and embarrasses her. Jackson is in charge of the birthday cake, but it keeps getting ruined. Will he fix it, and will Miley's birthday be ruined?

    Overall a great episode. It wasn't literally "perfect" but it was pretty good and I will say it is one of the strongest episodes from the first season. Jackson's plot was pretty funny and the main plot had a good plot and a good end. Overall this episode gets an A+ in my book. Simply a great episode, definitely memorable and very goodmoreless
  • A very passionate episode...

    This is one of my favorite episodes from season 1.It has so much passion and chemistry between the characters.

    Jackson put alot of effort into Miley's birthday cake,which really shows how much he wants Miley's birthday to be special.

    Robby realizes he's in the "My little girl" stage.Even though Miley hated the dorky cat sweater she pretended to like it,so she wouldn't hurt her father's feelings.Learning how to let go,like Robby did.And don't give up no matter how hard you try,which is what Jackson did are great life lessons for young viewers to learn.Another reason why this show is one of my favorites.

  • All and all a good episode, but the parts where Jackson kept screwing up the cake really made this episode decent.

    It's Miley's birthday and Robbie is just trying to find that one special gift that he thinks Miley will appreciate. Miley tells Lilly to help Robbie to shop for her gift. They did and found the perfect jacket that Miley wants. But then comes Miley's birthday and Robbie switches the gift with a different one. A tacky cat sweater. Now Miley has to wear the sweater during her beach party and Amber and Ashley are trying to humiliate her by taking pictures and putting it in the yearbook. But in the end, Miley is happy that she got the sweater because she knew that she got it from someone special.

    Meanwhile, with Jackson, he tries to buy Miley the perfect birthday cake, but always messes it up. He shoves it in Robbie's face, puts the cake on the table so the pelicans can eat it, and messes up making the cake. But in the end, Cooper makes the cake, but it was still ruined. That cake was a life saver for Miley, though.moreless
  • not that good....

    I didn't really like this episode at all. It was about Miley's birthday and how her father always got her a terrible present. Jackson has to take care of the cake and screws up like three times. The story wasn't very interesting and was unrealistic. Miley made Lilly shop with her dad to try to get him to get Miley the best present. However, in the end, Miley ended up with a cat sweater, which was hideous. Of course, there was a moral at the end. I hate there being an obvious moral in every episode. I also thought that there was no way that any store would ever sell a sweater that Bobbie Ray bought and there was no way a man can be that clueless about clothes. Overall, very unrealistic, stupid episode.moreless
  • Terrific Episode! It's one of the best!

    It's A Mannequin's World is one of my all time favorite episodes of Hannah Montana. It was hilarious, as well as excellent. It's Miley's birthday. This is also the first appearance of Roxy, Hannah's body guard. Robbie searches for a birthday present for Miley. He gats her a tacking meowing kitty sweater. She hates it. Robbie plans a surprise party for her. All of her friends see her sweater. Amber and Ashley try to take a picture of her, but they get stopped. Jackson tries to baje a cake, but needs Cooper's help. Overall, a wonderful, hilarious episode. A must see!moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Betsy Kelso

Betsy Kelso


Guest Star

Jessica D. Stone

Jessica D. Stone

Girl #1

Guest Star

Rachel Fox

Rachel Fox

Girl #2

Guest Star

Andre Jamal Kinney

Andre Jamal Kinney


Recurring Role

Frances Callier

Frances Callier


Recurring Role

Noah Lindsey Cyrus

Noah Lindsey Cyrus

L'il Shopper

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Miley: Behold the ghosts of holiday's past!
      (Miley takes out some tacky dresses)
      Lilly: I think I'm gonna be sick. I need a fashion magazine! (Grabs the closest magazine) Hip, cute, trendy. Okay, all better!

    • Miley: Oliver your a life saver!
      Oliver: It's ok. My aunt gave me the puppy version for christmas; it barks "Jingle Bells".

    • Miley: (About her sweater) I'll wear it for an hour and make my dad happy and then it will mysteriously fall into the barbeque.
      Lilly: But what if it doesn't burn?
      Miley: Then I'll cut it up and eat it!
      Robbie: (Outside on the balcony) Miley, come out here, I've got something for you.
      Miley: (To Lilly) If it's the matching pants, you're eating it with me.

    • (Miley and Oliver are making music out of cat meows and dog barks from their sweater; everybody is watching)
      Lilly: How long do you think it's gonna last?
      Jackson: It has watch batteries.
      Robbie: It could last forever.

    • (About Robbie)
      Miley: Seriously, I love him, but the man should not be allowed into the teen department with a credit card!

    • Robbie: I saw a bunch of outfits you'd've loved better, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy 'em.
      Miley: Why not? You see what I wear to school; you see what I wear on stage as Hannah Montana.
      Robbie: Well, maybe that's just it. My little girl's just growin' up so fast. There's a part o' me just strugglin' to hold on to the little girl you used to be.
      Miley: Daddy, I'll always be your little girl. I'll just be your little girl that...that dresses better.

    • Miley: Every time he gives me a present, he says "I got this special for you bud" and he gives me that face (Miley makes the face)

    • Robbie: Did you find something?
      Lilly: Yeah. (holds something up and Miley/Hannah says no) And I hate it. Just thought I'd let you know.

    • Oliver: Miley!
      Miley: This stalls taken.
      Oliver: It's ok I got you covered.
      Miley: How?
      Oliver: Just trust me. (He hands her a giant balloon to use as cover)
      Miley: Oliver, your a life saver!

    • Amber & Ashley: Oohhh...ssss
      Amber: I'm getting tired of that.
      Ashley: Me too.
      Amber & Ashley: Let's stop. Oohhh...ssss

    • Lil' Shopper: Stop staring at me you freak! (walks away)
      Hannah: And she thought that I was real. (people stop and stare then run away)

    • Lilly: It just sorta jumped out at me...and hit me in the eye.

    • Roxy: (to Amber & Ashley) Yeah, that's what happens when you mess with crouching tiger, hidden Roxy!

    • Oliver: (doing the limbo) Ya, man. That's right. Nobody can beat this.
      Roxy: Guess again, stringbean. Roxy is undefeated. How low can I go? (drops limbo stick on the floor; steps over it) Yes! Now somebody point me to the prize table.
      Oliver: But you cheated.
      Roxy: I don't think so!
      Oliver: Neither do I.

    • Jackson: (trying to bake a cake) Coop, I think there's something wrong here.
      Cooper: You're supposed to break the eggs, fool!
      Jackson: That makes so much sense! (breaks eggs) Yes!
      (Cooper shakes his head)
      Cooper: Okay, I can not take this anymore! I'm going to tell you something that no one outside my family knows.
      Jackson: What that you still drink Shirley Temples?
      Cooper: They are fruity and refreshing! Anyways, I bake.
      Jackson: What?
      Cooper: I love to bake! Pies, strudels, and my snickerdoodles are off the chain!
      Jackson: But you said your mom made those!
      Cooper: Php! My mom can't make ice! Now, I'm going to need fresh ingredients, a new bowl, and give me that! (grabs the whisk) You aren't fit to hold the whisk!

    • Amber: Did you get her?
      Ashley: No, you?
      Amber: No, I took a picture of myself by mistake. Ooh, and I look fantastic!

    • Lilly: Come on, Miley. So, it's a dorky sweater.
      Miley: Are you kidding? I look like a kitty-ka-bob!

    • Oliver: Hey, Roxy, have you seen...
      (Roxy hits Oliver, causing him to fall)
      Oliver: ... Miley!
      Roxy: Sorry, never sneak up behind Roxy. 'Cause Roxy sees everything. Hey, you all right there, sugar. Shake it off.

    • Robbie: Okay, everybody. It's limbo time. Yeah, how low can you go? How low can you go? How low can you... (his back cracks) Oh, my achy breaky back.

    • (pelican laughs)
      Jackson: You're laughing at me, aren't you? You're laughing your little pelican laugh. I hate you! (runs off)
      (pelican continues laughing)

    • Oliver: You don't know how hard it was to keep the secret from both of you.
      Miley: You knew?!
      Oliver: Yeah. You should have seen the look on your face. (laughs)
      Miley: How do you like this look? (makes an angry face and growls)
      Oliver: Wow, that's the same look my mom had when she turned 40.

    • Miley: (about Jackson's gift) Sheepskin sheet covers? You got me a present for your car?
      Jackson: Hey, when I drive you to the mall I want you to be comfortable. For Christmas, I'm getting you chrome spinners.
      Miley: Fine. And you're getting a black leather skirt with pumps. Mess with me!

    • Roxy: Hold up there. Has this bag been out of your sight or control since the time you wrapped it?
      Robbie: Roxy, you're here for Miley's birthday. You're a guest. You're off the clock.
      Roxy: Mmm-mmm! Danger never takes a vacation!

    • (after the pelicans pushed the birthday cake on the floor)
      Jackson: Why?!
      Cooper: Maybe they thought it was a crab cake. (laughs) You get it? Crab cake?
      (Jackson laughs)
      Jackson: (stops laughing) Go home!

    • Cooper: (to Jackson) Okay, first, you drop a cake. Then, you lock yourself outside of the house with a new cake. I'm starting to think you got some cake issues.

    • Milda: (sees Miley hiding in a rack of clothes) Hi.
      Miley: Hi. Just looking. (hides)
      Milda: (opens up clothes rack) Me again. Just wanted to let you know about our new promotion. Yeah, it's called buy something or get out!
      Miley: Hey, I had my eye on something.
      Milda: Blah, blah, blah, and don't come back. (throws her out)

    • Miley: There he is. Now, just remember, my future happiness depends on you. No pressure.
      Lilly: You know, usually when someone says "No pressure," it adds pressure!
      Miley: Just go!

    • Jackson: (carrying Miley's birthday cake; to Cooper) Oh, uh, could you grab the box? I can't wait to see the look on my dad's face when he gets a load of this cake. (turns around and accidentally hits Robbie in the face with the cake)
      Robbie: Son, I don't think you want to see the look on my face. (to Cooper) What are you grinning about?!

    • Miley: Mom always knew the right stuff to buy me. She had great taste. But Dad... oh, man. He has the taste of a month old pickle.
      Lilly: Look, no dad knows how to shop for a girl. You know what my dad got me for my last birthday? A savings bond. You can touch it, you can feel it, but you can't spend it. Pointless!

    • Hannah: (about Robbie) As a dad, he knows everything about everything. But as a shopper, well, let's just say the alarm should go off when he comes in to the store.

    • Hannah: This is incredible. All these fans and the store even made a mannequin of me.
      Lola: That's not a mannequin. That's a Hannah-quin, Miss Montana-quin.
      Hannah: Oh, no.
      Lola: What? That was cute-iquin.
      Hannah: No. I think my dad is shopping for my birthday present.
      Lola: Oh, no. Someone's going to buy you something really expensive and cool. What ever will you do?!

    • Milda: Oh, my. That looks fabulous on you.
      Lola: Actually, I'm just looking.
      Milda: Well, then look someplace else, kid. I've got a car payment to make.
      Lola: Fine. But I hope when I'm as old as you I'm not as bitter.
      Milda: Oh, you will be.

    • Roxy: (to little girl) Ah, not so fast, short stuff. You know the drill. Arms out. (waves metal detector; metal detector beeps when put over the little girl's mouth) I knew it. What are you hiding in there?
      Little Girl: Braces?
      Roxy: Yeah, likely story. Open!

    • Girl #1: This is so cool! I've been waiting months for these scarves to come out. I'm never taking it off.
      Hannah: Great. Just be sure to shower in cold water only and lie yourself flat to dry.

    • Miley: This is what I think of your idea. (flushes the toilet)

    • Miley: Behold the ghosts of holiday's past.
      (Miley takes out some tacky dresses)

    • (After Amber and Ashley just ruined the cake)
      Cooper: My cake! I mean, my cake that I carried and didn't make. Because... guys don't do that.

  • NOTES (11)

    • This episode premiered in the Czech Republic on September 24th, 2011.

    • This episode was nominated in the category of "Happiest Birthday Blow-Out" for the Disney Channel's New Year Sing-Along Bowl-Athon.

    • We see Miley receiving the following presents:

      From Lilly, a cute purse.
      From Roxy, a handheld metal detector.
      From Jackson, sheepskin seat covers. (For his car!)
      From Robbie, the tacky meowing kitty sweater.

    • It seems that whenever Robbie and Miley have a heartwarming moment, Robbie notices something out of place from an earlier scene. This marks the second time this has happened: The first time was in "She's a Supersneak", when Robbie notices the rope ladder Miley used to sneak out of the house; in this episode, the pelican has frosting on his beak from knocking Miley's birthday cake over.

    • It is apparent that Roxy (Hannah's bodyguard) knows Miley's secret because she came to Miley's family birthday party and Miley didn't have a wig on.

    • It is never mentioned the actual day of Miley's birthday.

    • On iTunes, after the episode has ended, Disney channel commercials for That's so Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and American Dragon: Jake Long are inserted.

    • Even though her name is never stated in the episode, the woman who works at the store is named Milda.

    • A Disney poll this episode said "61% of voters said their b.f.f. (best friend forever) would compare them to most to Miley!

    • Lilly masquerades as Lola Luftnangle (with the lavender wig) for the third time.

    • This is the first episode that's not a week from a new episode before it.


    • Cooper: I bake.
      This is a reference to High School Musical. Zeke has a secret that he likes to bake. Cooper likes to bake too and only tells Jackson.

    • A Shirley Temple is a drink that was made especially for 1930s child star Shirley Temple. The story goes that at Chasin's restaurant Shirley wanted a cocktail like all of the grown-ups at the table had. She asked the bartender if he had any cocktails without alcohol. The bartender did not have drinks like that, but he decided to try something. He mixed ginger ale, grenadine syrup, added a orange slice, put a cherry on top. Shirley loved the drink, so he said that he would name it after her.

    • "That's what happens when you mess with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Roxy."
      This alludes to the Kung Fu movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

    • Robbie: Oh, my achey breaky back!
      This is a play on words of Billy Ray's hit song, Achey Breaky Heart.

    • Mission Impossible was a popular TV series in the 1960's & was recently turned in to a movie franchise starring Tom Cruise.

    • The title, It's a Mannequin's World, is most likely an allusion to an old phrase and song titled, It's a Man's World.