Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 5

It's My Party, And I'll Lie If I Want To

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 21, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • If you have ever had a friend that was very embaressing at times, and you lied to them to not hurt them you will love this episode because you can easily relate to this episode.

    When Miley is warming up for a concert, Traci and Evan approach her. They tell her that their is an embarrassing girl in her dressing room sticking her tongue in the chocolate fountain. Miley finds that this is actually Lilly. Lilly approaches and ends up spitting food on Traci. Traci and Evan quickly leave and dub Lilly a loser behind her back. Miley let's this one slide, until Lilly runs after Gwen Stefani who is headed towards the restroom. Miley becomes extremely embarrassed. The next day, Lilly comes over to their house when Traci calls Hannah's phone. Hannah is invited to Kelly Clarkson's party and Traci says she can bring a friend. Lilly automatically tells Traci she's going and runs off to dance. Traci tells Miley that Lilly can't come. Miley decides to lie and tell Lilly later on that the party has been cancelled to cover up that she's not invited. Miley ends up wanting to leave the party early because of boredom. That is, until a paparazzo takes her picture. Miley jumps on the paparazzo's back, ordering him not to put out that picture. Other paparazzi catch Hannah jumping on the paparazzo's back and take pictures. Thus, Hannah gets her picture on the front cover of the paper that has a headline sporting "Hannah's Wild Ride." In order to keep Lilly from discovering this, Miley steals all the newspapers on the block. She keeps Lilly busy at the beach by making Oliver fall off a cliff twice, taking an old lady's paper away, and hunting for sea glass. Lilly finds out the truth when she picks up the Hannah phone instead of Miley. Kelly is on the other line and Lilly finds out that the party wasn't cancelled. Miley tells Lilly that she is sorry and she wasn't a good friend. Lilly forgives her and the two are friends again.

    Meanwhile, Jackson, Oliver, and Rico like a girl named Nina. Oliver tries to impress her first. He's turned down, but she gives him candy. Jackson tries next and she asks him if she can experiment on his hair. He agrees to this, but, in reality, it's all a part of Rico's plan. Nina dyes his hair orange, then makes it a blue mohawk, and then she finally shaves him bald. Nina tells Jackson that it was Rico's plan. So Nina helps Jackson with revenge, which results in shaving Rico bald.
  • Miley did Lilly dirty.

    The beginning of this episode was kinda crazy and what was up with the weird talking girl. Miley's getting tired of Lilly embarrassing her in front of her "Hannah friends". So she blow Lilly off and goes to a party without her. I guess it is a good thing that Miley isn't perfect and is making mistakes but not by backstabbing her best friend like that. Rico is at it again trying to prank Jackson. This was the ultimate prank though because he hired a pretty girl to shave Jackson's head. He looked like he joined a cult and this was a hilarious moment. Well at least Hannah feels guilty and leaves the party early but she wasn't getting away that easy. A paparazzi takes her picture and he goes for a "Wild Ride" on his back. It's on the front page of the paper and she tries to hide it from Lilly. This episode good but they could have saved it.
  • i love this episode!

    In this episode Lilly/Lola goes to a hannah concert and meets hannah's friends Tracy and Evan. They think Lola is a weirdo so they avoid her. Later Tracy invites Hannah to Kelly Clarkson's birthday party. Lilly overhears but is not invited. Hannah/Miley goes to the party without Lola but leaves early because she is having a bad time. While she is waiting for her dad to pick her up someone takes a picture of her she asks him not to print it but when he says no she jumps on his back to steal the camera. The next day the pictures are in the newspaper and Miley tries everything to keep it a secret from Lilly that she went to the party.
  • great but poor lilly!!

    this is a pretty good episode. what happens is that lilly embarases herself without realising it and then hannah montana gets invited to a party only that hannah's friend said not to bring her along so she pretends it got cancelled but then hannah did something wild and it made the front page on the newspaper and had to keep her from finding out that the party wasn't cancelled but she found out and then found out again that she left early because she was having a louzy time because she wasn't there so everything worked out alright and she didn't care what people thought about her.
  • poor lilly!

    p o o r l i l l y ! i f e l t s o o b a d f o r h e r i n t h i s e p i s o d e b u t i f i w e r e m i l e y i w o u l d h a v e d o n e t h e s a m e t h i n g , u n f o r t u n a t e l y . . . o k m a y b e n o t l i e l i k e t h a t c u z o b v i o u s l y n o o n e d o e s i t l i k e t h a t i n r e a l l i f e b u t s t i l l . . . l i l l y w as p r e t t y e m b a r a s s i n g
  • Ok episode but not my favorite story line.

    Miley is embarrssed of Lilly when she is with her Hannah friends. When Hannah gets invited to Kelly Clarkson's party, she lies to Lilly and tells her that it got cancelled. The paparazzi got a picture of Hannah at the party. She tried to hide all the newspaperson the block so Lilly won't find out the party was never cancelled. She keeps Lilly distracted from all the people talking about "Hannah's Wild Ride" in the newspaper. Lilly answered the Hannah phone and found out that the party was never cancelled. Lilly was mad at Miley, but Miley apologized. when Hannah was with Lilly she told Trisha that if she wanted to be friends with her she had to accept the fact that she was friends with Lilly too.
  • great episode

    lilly becomes lola when she is backstage with hannah. when hannah's friends invite her to a party, they ask her not to bring lilly/lola with her because she's uncool. it's another funny episode, they really did a good job with this one. the comedy was made as funny as a sitcom should be. the characters had good screen time. the pacing is done fast enough so it wouldn't slow down. it was a really entertaining episode. the sets were done really well. miley cyrus plays miley stewart really well. she holds up the whole show together, i'm just looking forward for the next episode.
  • Funny, Helpful, and inspiring.

    I think this was a good episode that teaches kids about friendship. Miley's relationship with Lilly is tested as she lies to Lilly about Kelly Clarkson's birthday party being cancelled because her "Hannah Friends" think Lilly is weird. Miley later realizes her guilt as she leaves the party early but is caught by the media who stole pictures of her outside the party. Lilly gets upset when she finds out Miley lied to her but later forgives her when she finds out that Miley left early because of realizing she was wrong. My favorite part of the episode was in the end when Miley sticks up for Lilly in front of her "Hannah Friends."
  • i love this episode!

    this episode is about when lily is embarrising hannah / miley and when hannah got invited to kelly clarksons birhtday party and miley told her it got canceled because she didn't wan't to tell lily that she was embarising her and ended up going by herself . She wasn't having that much fun so she called her dad to pick her up and she got caught leaving early and got her picture taken by papparazzi . Miley didn't want lily to see the cover of the newspaper the next day which had her picture on the cover from the party the day before . Lily ends up finding out she went to the party without telling her and got into a fight but made up . Meanwhile rico plays a trick on jackson using a pretty girl named nina .
  • The TV show "Hannah Montana" portrays a whole new meaning of friendship in the episode "It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To". (Episode name based off of the song "It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To."

    In this episode, Miley and Lilly's friendship is taken to a whole new level when Miley lies to Lilly saying Kelly Clarkson's birthday party got cancelled. But when Hannah Montana is in newspapers everywhere from a scene at the party, Miley must cover up her lie. In the end, Lilly finds out, is sad, but at the end they are good old friends again.
    The story line to this episode was kind of predictable, although that didn't make a big difference. The acting was amazing for two 13 and 14 year old girls. Hannah sang at the beginning, and it's obvious that Miley Cyrus (Hannah/Miley) has natural talent.
    This episode deserves a 9.1 because even though it was predictable, the cast is made up of some extremely talented teenages who are going to go far with their careers.
  • Lily/Lola embrasses Hannah/Miley in front of her celeb friends. So when a cool party comes up and Lily wants to go Miley lies and says it was canceled but goes anyway until Lily finds out!

    I really liked this ep. I couldn't believe how embrassing Lola was being i think anyone would have been in embrassed. But then when they party comes along and Miley says it was cancelled but decides to go any way that is awful she is supposed to be Lily's best friend. When Lily does find out she went to the party she is really upset and MIley feels awful so she tells her celeb friends that Lily is her best friend and if she can't go then Hannah won't be there either. I think it's very sweet and Miley shows that Lily really is her best friend after all.
  • I think this episode was great but i've seen beter so that is why i took of half a point

    the show started as normal stuff my favorote part was when lilly,hannah montanas friend,had her face COVERED in chocolate from the chocolate fountain in the back stage. My least favorote part was when miley lied to her friend about the party.At the party she tried to stop the person to take the picture of her but he did. The weird part was she tried to hide all the news papers from the party. Lilly eventully found out at first she was sad and angry. She was sad because her friend lied to her angry because she didnt tell her. but in the ending they were friends again and they stayed friends
  • loving it ,loving it!

    this episode is sooooo cool!i think it's really funny how miley is trying to cover everything up especially when she was talking on the phone so lol.i thought it was a really nice episode as far as there friendship goes aswell especially at the end when they talk,i'm not really sure if i liked the whole jacksons hair storyline in this episode but the miley/lilly situation made up for everything!i wish kelly clarkson actually appeared in this episode though,that would have made this episode 10 and a half!i'm happy though.this episode is definetly one of my favourites!next time it's on u should watch it!bye.

    This episode was awesome. It had comedy, morals and honesty. it had comedy because jackson gothis head shaved and lily was acting weird, weirder then usual...also it was funny because oliver fell twice and miley crumbled up a newspaper and said there was a bee in it. and miley was saying "oh you dont know how it is to have someone you love embarres you" and then Jackson drank milk from the carton and then mileys dad said "belive me i do" So all the stars in the show did something funny in this episode. And the moral was to be honest and stick up for people you care about.
  • I loved this episode.

    This would have to be one of my favorite episodes. Even though Traci was annoying and snooty and hated Lilley who I like I kind of liked her. Is it just me or does Traci sound and act like Mandy from Totally Spies? This episode was full of a lot of great moments. I liked the part when Oliver was trying to reveal what happened at the party but he fell down twice, the Nina character and when Jackson kept on getting his hair in crazy styles. Nina looks kind of like Chelsea from That's So Raven but a lot of characters doo like Mindy from Drake and Josh looks kind of like Christy Carlson Romano and even acts like it. I liked seeing Lilly as Lola again and I liked that she was wearing a purple wig instead of a red wig. I also really liked Rico. Traci, Nina and Rico really made this episode great in my opinion.
  • When Hannahs friends invite her to a party and they won't let lily come hannah lies to say that the party was canceled/

    I think this was a really good episode. I think that lily did act a little weird. I though the Last part about Orlando was wierd. That was cool. I don't know what else to write!!! What shall I write about. This really isn't a review for the show but hey thats ok!! WoW only 44 words left! Not anymore since i wrote that!!! YAY!!! I wonder whats next on my list? I really like Hannah Montana. I have never missed an episode how cool is that!!! Yay!!! Hace you ever missed and episode. I have like one word left!! Yay not anymore!!
    Total words= 106
  • This was a great episode I aboslutelly loved it.

    Even though I would never ditch any of my friends no matter how dorky they are. It was a really nice thing Miley did for Lilly and I would have done the exact same thing for any of my friends. It really showed what can happen between two friends and how fast some people can get over it. It was an extremelly good episode and I really thought it was great. I give it a perfect 10.
  • Miley proves to be a faithful friend!

    Lily was being a total dork, but in the end, Miley stuck with her, which is VERY unusual in today's "dump 'em" society. It's a great lesson in friendship! It's also very funny when poor Jackson gets his hair messed up more than once! I thought Rico needed a few more acting lessons, though...he wasn't too polished. But it's DEFINITELY worth seeing!
  • This ep was awsome

    This episode was so so so awsome . it tells how lilly can sometimes be embarrasing and sometimes the cooliest chick ever.it also tell how miley thinks of her best friend.But after miley has a talk with lilly or lola she find that her friendship with lilly is more important than her friendship with trace and the dude.This episode shows that miley is a great friend and really cares for lilly.Luckily lilly understood that she was an emmbarrasment to hannah or miley . More people should defanitly watch hannah montana if they want a good show from disney channel .

  • This episode consisted of truths between two friends. Will Miley and Lilly still be friends after tonight's ep?

    Tonight's episode was decent. I didn't think recycling "Just Like Me" was great, but hey, you do what you gotta do. I thought that the friend deal was nice, a very important feature to teach them young 'uns about life. That accent Traci had wasn't very appealing. What kind of accent was that anyway? Overall, I liked the episode. Primarily because i've become a Hannah Montana nut, ok, maybe not nut, but it's a good show. The subplot with Jackson and Rico was interesting. It was funny to say the least. Imagine if they actually did shave their hair.
    Miley really does have integrity. She leaves the party early because there is no Lola, but the papparazzi catch her. She tries to hide it from Lilly, but sadly she finds out. I think that encourages you to be honest with your friends.
    All in All, i give it an A.