Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 5

It's the End of the Jake as We Know It

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 08, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • I now have confirmation that the writers at Disney Channel are writing while under the influence

    This episode was, without a doubt, the dumbest, stupidest, most anticlimactic, let down that the producers have loosed to the masses since just about the time that this poorly conceived rodeo was planned out. Just going to make that fact abundantly clear. I'm going to start by saying that I, as a fan, HATE it when producers let down the audience for no conceivable reason. If that reason is the advancement of the show or the fact that it said let down was simply the next logical step for the show to take, then I can rationalize that out and deal with it (though I might initially be a little heartbroken or angry). However, this episode was nothing but a let down that was thrown in for no reason. I mean, come on. You mean to tell me that we went through three seasons, two special Hannah/Jake events, and one deal-sealer in which Miley and Jake admitted their undying love for each other just for Jake to foolishly throw it all away on one ear-suck with a complete stranger? And after all of this time, Miley was so quick to dump Jake and then an episode later pick up with another guy. (While we're on that subject, what ABOUT Jesse? He said that he had quit Miley's band because she had messed with his head, but at the end of He Could Be the One, Jesse had made peace with the fact that Miley couldn't love him like she did Jake.) And what was that crud with Miley's dad magically hating Jake again when in He Could Be the One, he started to warm up to Jake, took him into his house, and invited him to dinner? It's just plain, darned, freakin unrealistic. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it happened. This is just a pointless let down. After all of this time, the only logical way for it to end was for Miley to stay with Jake. If the writers had really wanted Miley with Jesse, why not just use the alternate ending to He Could Be the One (which was pretty unrealistic in itself [I mean really, it took Miley two years to tell Jake that she was Hannah and, according to the alternate ending, it took her one televised HOUR with Jesse]). Or is this just their way of keeping things fresh and/or building suspense for season 4?
  • So let me get this straight, we stuck around for that whole "he could be the one" special and now in one episode, the whole thing was made pointless.WTF?!

    So let me get this straight, we stuck around for that whole "he could be the one" special and now in one episode, the whole thing was made pointless.WTF?! Miley's been acting like a total idiot and now this? She revealed her secret because of a guy (that she didn't keep seeing so that was piontless), she moved her horse to her home then was surprised he wasn't adjusting, then decided to move away (mostly cause of the horse) and instead moves to a ranch (dumb change), and now after all that boy drama we get this? Why did they make that whole "He Could Be The One" two parter when the whole thing was just gonna be snuffed out in one episode? Whoever is writing these episodes needs to be fired.
  • Worst Episode ever

    Wow. So after 4 seasons, THIS is how they break up? Come on. They were barely a couple. Like, really- they don't like each other at first, they kiss and he leaves, he comes back, they date, they break up, she's jealous of him and Mikayla, he lies and says he's gonna elope with Traci, "He Could be the One", and now this? Are we honestly supposed to feel sorry for Miley? They had the single WORST relationship I had ever seen. They got together, broke up... i-it didn't make me feel sad at all. Miley and Jake had a TERRIBLE relationship throughout this show. Also, Miley (as Hannah of course) almost, ALMOST kissed Jesse in He Could Be The One. She flat out admitted how she wanted to kiss him so badly, and then when Jake walks in... He STILL liked her, but she can't forgive him for this ONE thing? Hypocrisy... yes, Jake kissed a girl... but Hannah ALMOST kissed another guy. And even throughout it all, they agreed to date. What, because Jake actually DID kiss a girl, and Hannah 'almost' kissed a guy, it makes things a whole lot worse? IMO it is stupid. Hannah/Miley ALMOST made a mistake and Jake still liked and wanted to date; Jake makes a mistake and all of a sudden nothing matters anymore? Come on. Worst episode of this show. Period.
  • While Miley is doing her holiday special,she finds out that Jake was kissing another girl's ear. Meanwhile, Jackson pretends to be Rico's dad so that he could get two-thousand dollars to see Sienna.

    I knew it all along! I knew that Jerk Ryan was not right for Miley at all. I have to say, I am proud of Miley for seeing the Jerk in Jerk Ryan(aka Jake Ryan).What the heck is wrong with him? I CAN'T BELIEVE HIM; THAT MISERABLE, HEART-BREAKING, TWO-TIMING, FREAKY, WAX-NIBBLING BUTT-HOLE! I thought that Jake was going to change his behavior for Miley, boy was I wrong and so was the whole world! This was not the first time that Jake screwed Miley up. This was the first time that he cheated! I am still not over that prank that he pulled on her in Las Vegas. Marriage is not something you joke about! What about when they first started dating, why didn't he cancel Romania? If you really cared about your girlfriend, you wouldn't be flying off on a six-month movie trip and not even calling her to see how she's doing.No, a good boyfriend would have said no to Romania to be with his girlfriend. However, she forgave him anyway! I noticed that pattern a long time ago: Miley and Jake start dating, Jake does something jerky, they breakup, then get back together.
    I agree 100% with Robby about the best part about the breakup. The best part about this episode was when Mama Claus gave Jerk Ryan a butt whipping in front of all of those kids! He definitely deserved that! He should have been knocked into an ambulance. I guess she didn't want to hurt the superstar! Does Jake even know where that ear has been? That was nasty, it was just like giving a girl a hickey! After all of the chances that she gave him. Her dad asked her mentally to break up with him a long time ago, but no, she wanted to give him another chance and look at what we got here! I know this review was long but this episode was the best one so far and for her own good, I pray that Miley does not ever get back with Jake,ever again! She doesn't need to be on that rollercoaster with Jake! She also be more careful about the guys that she dates in the future, not be so easy-to-get.
  • Whoa. I cannot believe I stuck around for this.

    Okay, in the first place, this show let me down long before Season 4. And evidently, the aggravation continues. Season three let on to some pretty misguided paths. The main character lost all touch with reality when it comes to being what a teenage girl really is, but I guess that's what pop stardom can do to somebody. But it's still not a good enough lesson for viewers. And many changes occur just for hype. Compared with the development over the first two seasons, this show makes no sense to me anymore. I mean it's one thing if Miley Cyrus isn't into the show as she used to be, but why do the writers have to go make it worse, huh? Is this really what the show intended lead up to? A bunch of cheap, overused plot lines glued together, just to be finished up with a lot stupid gags to fill the space? Well, let me tell you something, whatever happened to Miley and Jake was cut-and-run production. I mean seriously, these two have been through so much together. And despite what might have thrived from previous episodes over the course of the show, it all has to come down at once doesn't it? I mean it's not like we've actually seen any realistic ways of a relationship ending in this show lately, haven't we? I mean the side-stepping way of how Oliver ended his relationship with Joannie, which was never clear. And Miley's constant streaming through new guys without a single idea on whatever happened to that relationship in the next episode. And ultimately, another inexplicable bomb occurs in the biggest relationship this show has ever had! And without anything that has to do with Miley and Jake's story obviously means nothing with the way they had to end it with the fastest and cheapest form of breaking up. And does it even really follow up to make Jake a bad guy? It's just not believable!! I mean, not only did Jake suddenly start cheating (which on any grounds, was not a very original plot) on Miley, but there was no clear-cut explanation on why he would do that in the first place. I mean people don't just do that! I mean we all know Jake isn't really the pig people thought he was, so there had to be some hidden ground on what would have lead to Jake betraying Miley like that. But to an unfortunate pattern in this show, it all had to end with with some hollow drama and more corny slapstick gags. But I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles in this show. Cut, print, glue it together, and that's the way it all follows up. Jake cheats, Oliver and Lily find out, they stall, Miley finds out, she beats up Jake, they steal his clothes, and then a hallow goodbye...UGh! To me, that is just typical Hannah Montana.
  • 8.8

    This was the first episode of Hannah Montana I watched in its entirety and it will certainly be the last. I appreciate good comedies, but I am not opposed to kids shows either as guilty pleasures, but this was just horrendous; it is no wonder iCarly destroys it in the ratings.

    Miley Cyrus is about as unlikable as they come, and the rest of the cast is equally unappealing.

    Not only is the show horribly unfunny, but it insists upon itself. Disney overdoes it with the ridiculous laugh track and bombards us with Miley's awful songs for the entire broadcast.

    Hannah Montana Forever? Let's hope not.