Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 16

Jake... Another Little Piece of My Heart

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 07, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Poor

    Miley is told by Traci that she and Jake are eloping to get wed. She tries to stop the wedding and finds out it was all a prank on Gotcha!

    Um... predictable much? Obviously Jake and Traci would not elope, they're what 17/18 in this episode and they hardly know each other... I mean, why would Miley believe that? I knew they would not elope, it's too unbelievable that two people of that age who barely know each other would elope... and because of this the episode seems wasted... sorry if you disagree, but this gets a D from me
  • Hannah runs into Jake again who seems to be getting married, and Rico is evil again for no apparent reason.

    This is one of those episodes with a lot more wrong than right. First off, if I was Jackson, I'd be violently beating the midget within an inch of his life or at least getting a restraining order. Rico may just be a TV Character, but he is one of the most unnecessary TV characters in the history of television. He just keep getting even more illogical and illogical as the series drags on. The series tries to make him and Jackson some sort of comedy team, but there is no comedy or jokes to be found in pain, humiliation or degradation of its characters. The only way Hannah Montana would have any potential as a series is to go back to the beginning when the show was still good and take the midget off the show. Speaking of illogical, the main plot with Hannah is beyond ridiculous. It starts with the return of another horribly illogical character who just won't stay away. The cheesy syndicated TV actor Jake Ryan is back and just as annoying as usual. Hannah goes a bit out of character to try and stop him from marrying the Tracy, the cute Asian girl with the high voice. ("It's a nasal condition!") Personally, I think the two of them deserve each other, but Hannah actually goes to bust them up. I get the feeling she likes Jake as a friend, but even if she doesn't love him, she's trying to stop him from making a mistake. There's a few good scenes, a few missed jokes, an impossible scenario and a bit of a Britney Spears-Kevin Federline prediction. What I find odd is that Miley wears the Hannah disguise under the cheesy Las Vegas preacher disguise in a stunt that realistically would have busted her idenitity. (Technically, there is an out for her there, but the Disney writers are too simple to think that far.) The end scene is beyond lame and ruins what should have been a fair episode already ruined by Rico getting WAY to much screen time. For a series that started out so good, it's going to be a shame it's going to end without ever reaching it's full potential.
  • Hannah's friend Traci announces that she's eloping with Jake Ryan, Miley's old boyfriend. Rico turns Jackson's house into a camp ground after his beachside kiddy camp is rained out.

    Jake and Traci are pulling a prank on Hannah that they are going to be married and Hannah falls for it and tries to destroy the wedding that is a very good idea for a episode and Rico turns Jackson's date into a house full of children and ruins his date and then he makes him sick and ruins his kiss at the last seen i just like Rico but that was cruel to destroy a date
  • can it be true Traci and Jake Getting Married?

    Hannah and Lola and Robbie Ray are in Vegas for a contest when they run into Traci. she tells Hannah and Lola to nor tell anyone and Hannah and Lola want to know. Traci says she's geting married. and Then Jake walks in....... Hannah and Lola and Robie Ray try to stop the wedding before Traci and Jake might Make the biggets mistake of there life. Meanwhile Jackson is having his own trouble back in Maulibu. Jackson's date is ruined once again by Rico when Rain causes Rico's new camp is rained out and Rico brings them to Jackson's house. Rico is about to say he dosen't want the kids when Jackson's date says she loves kids. Caqn jackson keep his cool and still keep his girl?
  • Hanna finds out Jake intends to marry Tracy while underage and she pulls out all stops to stop the wedding.

    You, know going into this episode which I believe was filmed as the actual fifth episode of the season I felt this was going to be a really good one. I read spoilers for it that proved true. I avoided the early Youtube posting of this episode and watched it at it's 7:30 eastern time showing.

    And it was a really, really good episode that was worth the wait. The jokes were funny and ran together with an actual direction that made sense. The characters for the most part seemed smarter than in some of the other episodes this season. And the Hanna character was actually used reasonably well for a change. And we got her character to interact with Jake more which had been an underutilized approach so far between those two characters.

    There were some really funny bits. The old people bit, the shower bit, the anime bit, the hitting Jake over and over again bit. The A-story was very tight and well put together. I will also add that the reason for Jake's marriage thing. Well, let me just say that if that were real life two of Hanna's friends would have been chosen and in that context the casting of Tracy who I believe is the daughter of Hanna's record producer on the show actually made sense.

    Now, I will say there were a few things that weren't necessarily bad, but I felt I needed to point out anyway. I felt they made this Vegas episode and you kept going back and forth to a B-story that didn't really add much to the episode was a little bit of a step back during the progression of the story. But I will say that it also let you take a breath in between the major moments going on in the main part of the story. And even though I didn't necessarily love the B-story there were two really good bits in it too. The sword bit was descent. But the lightning and thunder bit with the muahahaha was actually pretty good and almost made the B-story worth it, almost.

    But I felt it did take a little bit too much time from the actual important part of this episode. I did feel the Jake/Hanna interaction seemed to almost have a time limit to it. But I guess that is leaving you wanting more. Hopefully what happens in Vegas doesn't stay there. And I heard, Un-Jake my Heart part 1 and 2 is coming soon, so pass it on.