Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 28

Joannie B. Goode

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 14, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • good

    oliver starts dating joannie, a girl miley and lilly dislike. but they try to get a long with her so they can remain friends with oliver. it works for lilly, as they start becoming friends, but miley and joannie still do not like each other. is miley going to lose both her friends to joannie?

    decent episode, kind of boring ,especially in the second half, but it is still passable, i think so at least, it was not the best episode of the series but it wasn't awful either, and so because of this it gets a B- from me
  • This episode was hilarious!

    Omigosh! This episode was so funny! I loved how Lily and Joannie actually became friends and Miley decided to play hockey so that she could fit in. And Oliver and Joannie's pet names for each other?! HAHA! Priceless. Then there was the Jackson portion...that was too funny! Every time that chick laughed...I was cracking up! Then the way Jackson wanted to kiss her but almost kissed Rico...that was freaking hilarious! Rico looked like he was about to die out of fear! But this was really a good episode. It looks like their getting back to the good stuff, let's just hope the rest of them are just as good. :)
  • This episode is about how Oliver ends up dating Lily's rival Joanie but Joanie and Lily end being friends and that leaves a jealous Miley.

    this is the funniest episode I love how Joanie and Lily both hate each other and when Oliver starts dating her it makes the flames between the two bigger and now Miley and Lily are upset that Oliver is dating Joanie. I like how Jackson goes on a date with Rico's cousin but she has an annoying laugh and Jackson wants to get away from her as soon as possible so he takes off on her during the date. When Jackson goes in for the kiss he was seeing Rico instead of Rico's cousin so this forced him to leave. This the funniest episode in the whole season in my opinion.