Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 25

Judge Me Tender

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 18, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Oliver gets a chance to sing on television and becomes a instant singing sensation. But will the fame go to his head?

    There's a lot of feeling of betrayal in this episode, and it was poorly mixed together with overated drama and cliches. Hannah is a judge on an American Idol-like show, and Lily and Oliver use this as an opertunity to get Oliver discovered. Hannah, at first, feels she's being taken-for-granted or... something like that (they weren't very clear on that), but her feelings change when Oliver does a great performance and she supports him (with a little overly done attempt to pretend she doesn't know him on a live broadcast). Miley and Lily are happy for Oliver, but next you know, girls start falling for Oliver and he gets a big head. Lily feels neglected and no longer in support for Oliver, tries to convince Miley to scrub Oliver's next performence so he can come crawling back to her. But Miley, feeling she still has to be loyal to Oliver, is then caught up in a slump when Lily feels betrayed by Miley for not supporting her plan to save her 'happiness'. Okay... corny much? Oh, and the subplot was okay but kind of pointless. Jackson gets punished for a traffic ticket by cleaning out the attic, and in the end, the tables turn on Robbie Ray. I have very mixed feelings for this episode, mainly because I missed the first half when it first premiered. I thought it was good at first, I mean sometimes the relationship between Lily and Oliver can be very touching. Also, I like how Miley decided to the right thing and simply explain Oliver the error of his ways, rather than sabotaging his career. But all the stuff that came before that didn't seem to set up the story properly, and it left me in a dislike for the whole thing. The writers are really starting to lose their touch for original and moving storylines, especially with all the drama. Plus, the cemestry betreen the characters is much to be desired. At least, the ending kept me satisfied with Jackson reprizing his old Bucky Kentucky bit. Oh, that cracked me up! I would've given him a "9" for the laughs. If it wasn't for the funny conclusion, my score would've been a 5.0
  • Oliver is on an American Idol type show and has the stuff while Hanna frets about hurting Lilly by pushing him over to the next round.

    I suppose it was inevitable that they were going to have to do an American Idol type episode even though they already did this already in a much better episode with Amber and Ashley when this show's quality was a lot better than it is right now.

    Just like the Hanna themed American Idol like show this show had a much sadder theme to it too. Every old joke they or someone else has ever done was recycled in this total 30 minute waste of my time. Even Oliver lip sinked the first song just mailing it in just like the writers did.

    Same old sets. Same old girls jumping on famous people theme at school. Same old fame getting to your head theme and forgetting about your friends. It is so phoney and fake. This is not the Oliver character I know in any way shape or form. They are just projecting Hanna or Jake Ryan through Oliver and this is so fake and totally unbelievable.

    And the B-story which I don't even care about was worse. In past episodes I criticized that they are no longer allowed to do drunk on chocalate bits well guess what there is a new contender for overused recycled bits. The old messy room bit. It's over it's done. They just killed that bit too. And oh look the tables were turned on Robbie Ray, like father like son, how cute. Not! Been there and they have definitely done that over and over and over again. Gee I wonder why there are only 12 episodes left next season. Makes you kind of wonder if their aiming too high. Maybe like 4 or 5 episodes might be pushing it at this point. Now, I always like to give at least one positive to an episode no matter how bad it is dawg! And this was a daug of an episode. But I still think the Lilly/Oliver relationship thing is kind of cute but I am really stretching it with this one. I don't even think they did that aspect too well on this occassion. I mean I know they are trying to write Oliver off the show a little bit so he can go on tour, but still I wish they had given him a better send off than this one. I just hope this show ends off with a better send off than this one. I mean I still think this show can be good if they just focus themselves and try to be original, and the 30 episode order was probably too much for even a better show than this one to handle, but still this episode was really, really bad. I mean I only gave it a 2 instead of a zero just to be nice. Hopefully they do better next time.
  • Oliver becomes an overnight sensation after performing on a TV talent show and the success quickly goes to his head.

    Oliver becomes an overnight sensation after performing on a TV talent show and the success quickly goes to his head. Miley and Lilly decide that the only way get their old pal back is if Hannah, who will be a judge for the show's finale, persuades the other judges to vote against Oliver. Robbie and Jackson must fight the law, when Jackson keeps receiving tickets for traffic violations that he didn't commit.this episode was so great it was so funny i almost cracked and it is one of the best episode of this season in my openion oliver's singing was great
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