Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 5

Killing Me Softly With His Height

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 14, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • In the A-Story, Miley learns to accept others and not to judge them based on appearances. In the B-story, a yuk-a-minute comes as the boys suffer at the fat, ugly hands of the Dontzig family.

    somehow, the writers of this episode missed out on the day they taught irony at writers' school. Too bad, otherwise they might have learned better how to carry the theme of the episode through all the plot n]lines and not make them diametrically opposed. Oh well, it's Hannah Montana, exactly what are we supposed to expect? But, basically the entire concept of the episode can be summed up in the following synopsis:

    Haha. Fat people are ugly and funny. But remember, we should really reach out and accept the adorably cute short boys of the world. They need our love. :rolleyes:
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    Not the best episode of Hannah Montana, well pretty much everything after season one is not the best episode of Hannah Montana, and once in a blue moon, they might deliver a quality episode but this wasn't the case, and Miley just comes off as unlikable.

    This episode had to do with self esteem issues, and to not be shallow. Honestly the Christmas scenes at the very end were the best part about this episode. I don't know if this guy will ever be mentioned again, but Miley rejecting someone because they're short isn't the nicest thing. She does go and apologize him because she felt sorry for him, I guess we'll see if she actually meant it if we see him in the next episodes. Jackson & his father didn't necessarily steal the show but they had one of the better plots of the episode. Jackson needs to get out of Disney Channel and maybe try for a CBS comedy show, he definitely deserves better, very under appreciated. Hannah Montana has become one of the weaker shows on Disney Channel, and Miley Cyrus doesn't even look like she's trying anymore. Not the best episode.
  • One of their Better Episodes

    Miley discovers she likes a cute boy named Connor. But there's a small problem- she is noticeably taller then him. Can she push this difference aside or is she too self-centered?

    Meanwhile, Jackson and Robbie Ray are Dontzig's slaves when Jackson needs a college letter of recommendation and he can write one for him because he went to the college Jackson is trying to get into.

    In the end Miley and Connor seemingly get back together, even though he hasn't been seen since.

    A decent episode, not their best but certainly one of their more interesting plots, that is for sure. 7.0, good
  • Miley meets this guy before Christmas and agrees to go out with him before she finds out he's short, and has a hard time dealing with it.

    All in all, I think this was a very well done episode, better than all the previous ones. It shows a good lesson, even though Miley was definately out of character. She was definately really mean to Connor, but I'm glad she finally came to her senses at the end. They would be a good couple, mostly because Connor's a great guy and changed Miley at the end, unlike most of the other guys she's dated (Josh, anyone?) They probably would have made a good couple, if they kept Connor. This episode taught people not to judge people on appearence, because that would be wrong. This episode definately had a great message for people, even if the episode itself was just ok, comparing it to the first two seasons.

    The B-Plot with Jackson, Mr Stewart and Dontzig was ok, not the best. It was sweet how Jackson ripped the letter up at the end, but other than that, the B-Plot was just ok.

    They probably could have made the episode a little better and stronger, but all in all, one of the best episodes this season by far.
  • This is definitely an improvement over more recent episodes.

    To be blunt, it's about Miley committing a double standard by admonishing Oliver for only going after hot girls and then hating a guy just for him being a midget. First off, I want to thank the producers for finally getting a bigger budget for the sets--for once an episode actually takes place mostly somewhere other than school, home, a concert, or the beach. The change of scenery was definitely a refreshing and welcome change. Extra credit for making it winter. Secondly, I want to thank the writers for not making it as bad as the previous few episodes--it's safe to say that season 3 got off to a bad start, but this episode restored my hope in the show not sucking. I liked how this episode played out, especially the part in which Miley tries to talk to the short guy (whose name escapes my mind at the time of this writing) in a reindeer suit (which looked oddly like the moose suit from a previous episode, only with a nose an smaller antlers).

    One thing that kept my interest in the episode was all the short jokes--they may have been a tad mean, but they were kinda funny...though the "follow the yellow brick road" 'joke' seemed more like a non-sequitur to me.

    I do have one small complaint...the ending was a tad...CLICHE. But, then, what do you expect from a kid's show--something out of Degrassi?

    Overall, I liked this episode, and I hope that the rest of the season follows suit to what this episode did. Hopefully, they'll add more variety to the settings like in this one, at the very least.
  • Miley begins her Christmas shopping in the mall, when she spots a hottie, she bats her eyelashes and gives him that witty charm until he asks her out. The only problem is his height.

    I saw this episode before Christmas, and considering it was a Christmas episode it was way too early and did not have enough Christmas details and storylines in it, you could barely tell it was Christmas. I don't mean Santa should come or they discover the true meaning of Christmas, but actually base the storyline more along the lines of Christmas.

    Miley and Lilly were way out of character and Oliver was only shown for a little bit. The sayings and mannerisms they displayed in this episode did not reflect their personalities at all, which was very dissappointing and confusing.

    All in all, it was an alright episode, it got a laugh out of me and was typical 'Hannah Montana' humour. But I wouldn't desperately recommend it to anyone.
  • This episode is about how miley meets a guy but he's not exactly the tallest person and isn't miley's type because of his height.

    This episode was very funny and a nice christmas episode. I like how they made connor an elf because of his nheight I thought that was very funny but although that had her problems Jackson and Robbie had their own problem because they were forced to take care of Mr. Dontzig so Jackson can get reference letter so he can go to Santa Barbara but the problem is that he doesn't have thee grades to get in but if he got a reference letter they would take him automatically into the college and Robbie won't have to worry about him anymore.