Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 11

Knock Knock Knockin' on Jackson's Head

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 22, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • one of my favorite episodes

    miley and jackson have a fight that leads to jackson hitting his head and getting amnesia. at first, miley likes this because this way jackson can be different because he does not remember how he did act before. but soon miley misses her old brother. lilly pretends to be rico's girlfriend because his cousin angus visits and he has a girlfriend. it turns out lilly and angus' girlfriend were only pretending because angus promised to help her in spanish, and rico promised lilly help with math.

    i loved this episode, definitely one of their bests, it gets an A+ from me
  • Jackson hits his head and develops amnesia and suddenly believes he likes Miley. Miley must have had something to do with that one.

    I liked this episode. It had just the right balance of what an episode should be. They minimized the Hanna and maximized the Miley. She's the real girl. And her costar Lilly was right by her side aiding and abetting with the funny. She was in both the A and the B story and they merged into a surprisingly tight script. It had a really good message with the love of a brother and sister.

    I love what they have done with the Jackson character this season. Unlike past seasons they actually have revealed he isn't as bad a guy as he has been portrayed. And when you make Jason Earles stop overacting with his stupid fake pratfalls he actually can act.

    They got them in school again which is a good thing. It was mostly window dressing though. But at least in their in the ballpark so to speak.

    Oliver wasn't there, but Lilly picked up the slack. Lilly and Miley are the real heart and soul of this show. But I kind of think it's a little bit wrong that he's not in an episode with no explanation whatsoever. Hey I wanted to give this episode a 9.0 instead of a 9.5 but the system wouldn't let me.

    I think overall you have to give the writers some credit. They are writing for this show. They were juggling a movie. It was an expanded 30 episode season and I even believe some of them write for other Michael Poryes shows. So, even if the show is slightly off I am still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Review over.

    Correction: In my previous review I incorrectly stated Jackson doesn't go to Miley's school. He does, at least until he goes to College, but the way they were writing him I forgot about it. They have got to get these kids into school some more!