Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 1

Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 24, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Lilly is ecstatic when she gets two tickets to attend a Hannah Montana concert and invites Miley to go with her. Miley refuses, saying that she doesn't like Hannah Montana. Miley's dad, Robbie, tries to convince her to tell Lilly her secret; That she is Hannah Montana. When Lilly does find out what Miley's been hiding, will she be able to treat her the same? Jackson won't take no for an answer when he wants to borrow money for his big date. But his dad keeps refusing to be his personal ATM.moreless

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  • Pilot

    In this pilot episode we see Miley's first dilemma. Her best friend, Lilly, is like Hannah Montana's biggest fan she even got them concert tickets to go together, but of course Miley can't go because she IS Hannah Montana! She doesn't want Lilly to know her secret because it could change the way Lilly sees her forever. Later after her concert Lilly sneaks into Hannah's dressing room! Miley has to pie herself so Lilly won't recognize her, but eventually she figures it out when Miley is wearing the bracelet she gave her. This makes Lilly angry that Miley didn't tell her, but she gets over it when she sees her amazing closet! After a slip of the tongue Miley then gets upset with Lilly for calling her Hannah. Lilly has to go to Miley's house to apologize and they make up promising to keep the secret and to keep it real.

    This episode was awesome and a great pilot. I enjoyed the friendship Miley and Lilly have and Miley's weird brother Jackson.moreless
  • The Beginning

    Lilly gets tickets to a Hannah Montana and wants to take Miley, who secretly IS Hannah, so she lies about it. But when Lilly eventually finds out the truth that her best friend is her favorite singer, and that she has been lying about it, will this wreck their friendship forever?

    It was kind of weak for an opener for a show but it was OK. It was not terrible it was not perfect, I would say it is a little abover average, and my grade for it is a B+ or so. Pretty good but could be a little bettermoreless
  • bad bad bad....

    wanna see pilot episode that sucks? than watch this! lily has tickets to see hannah montana and asks miley to go with her. since miley is hannah montana and liley doesnt know she cant go( aww so sad) so miley performs as hannah but liley and oliver sneak into the dressing room. miley tries her best to not reveal thats shes hannah, but lily finds out anyway. shes angry cuz miley hasnt told her. but in the end everything works out okay(happy happy!) the thing that bugs me about the show is the bad acting and how overated it is. sorry about the insults, but everyones entitled to their own opinion. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!moreless
  • Nice Beginning

    This was a good beginning. It was very um eh touching. (kinda) It was funny but her secret and Lilly finding out was umm sweet. I really liked this pilot but it also would have been cool to start at her beginning Hannah Montana having her first show. Though this is still a good pilot. I thought at first Oliver knew as soon as Lilly figured it out but then when I saw "Miley get your gum" I figured out he didnt know yet. I think Miley should have told Lilly and Oliver as soon as she became Hannah Montana. Why wouldnt she just trust them. If I was Hannah Montana I would trust my best friends and only my best friends know. I wouldnt go crazy telling people.moreless
  • The very first episode..

    I really liked this episode. Miley's BFF Lilly discovers that Miley is Hannah Montana...and so it all begins! The great friendship between Lilly and Miley...Of course, Oliver doesn't know....yet. I must mention Miley's voice here....haha, all country-fied. :P Much more down-to-earth feeling then in later episodes....I must say that I really liked the first episodes....but the later ones....I don't know, but anyways, Hannah Montana is Hannah Montana, you either like the show, or you don't and if you don't like the show, don't watch it...I'm glad kids like it though....it is entertaining to them. Not much else to say...I know my reviews suck :Pmoreless
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Corbin Bleu

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Derek Basco

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • The name of Miley's character for the show was originally scripted to be Chloe, but it was later changed to Miley Stewart.

    • Goof: When Lilly climbs in the window of Hannah Montana's dressing room you see her start to bring her knee up to the ledge. Then when she grabs the light her leg is down again. Then she brings it up and climbs in.

    • Goof: In the scene where Miley and Robbie are talking, Miley says she wants to go for a walk on the beach. She puts on one shoe and talks to her dad again. In the next scene, however, both of her shoes are on.

    • In the opening scene, the TV reporter calls Hannah Montana "14 year old sensation". However, Hannah Montana is only 13.

    • Hannah Montana performs "This is the Life" in this episode.

    • After Miley wipes the ketchup off of her hand, there is some left on her hand. In the next shot, her hand is completely clean, in the next shot it has ketchup on it again, and when Lilly gives Miley her lucky bracelet and puts it on her wrist, her hand is completely clean again.

    • Hannah's "This is the Life" music video was "directed" by the fictitious director Baz Roberts and the song came from the fictitious album "Hannah Live."

    • When Lilly first comes to the house, it supposedly takes her 20 seconds. However in the shot, it really much shorter, only about 15 seconds from when she called.

    • When Lilly is chasing Hannah around the clothes rack, you see a blue shirt on the ground. But if you look really quickly when she runs to the door, the shirt is gone.

    • When Lilly is on the revolving clothes table (before it starts revolving) you see a strap from her shirt hanging down on her shoulder. But then in the next scene, it disappears.

    • The fans waiting for Hannah's autograph have photos of Hannah in the same exact outfit (Down to the same scarf & sunglasses) she's wearing in her dresing room.

    • When Miley has ketchup on her hand and wipes it off there is still a ring around her wrist, then it disappears and then comes back, then disappears again and then it comes back.

    • Goof: In the beginning of the scene where "Hannah" is autographing the girl's face you can see that she has already finished, but when the scene starts she pretends to sign the fan's face again.

    • When Miley comes in the house, she takes Robbie's ice cream bowl. You can see a bottle of whipped cream and chocolate sauce sitting on the table. When Robbie and Jackson start singing, the whipped cream and chocolate sauce change places.

    • The blue towel that Hannah drops trying to avoid Lilly disappears after the change in camera angle.

    • In one scene you can see Miley's dad holding the french fry he picked out of her hair, in the next scene he dosen't have it, and as Jacksn's walking up to take the fry he is holding it again.

    • Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, being from the country, both have the country accent, but you can tell Jason Earles is faking his. If you saw him on Phil of the Future as Grady Spaggett and on the Disney 411 segment where he appeared, you can hear he doesn't have the accent.

    • Miley wears a size 5 shoe and Lilly wears a size 6 shoe.

    • In the music video for This is the Life Hannah Montana was seen wearing an entirely different wig than the one she wears in the episode. (This episode was edited. In the original version, Hannah wore the wig she wore throughout the episode. At the begining in her video, the original version had her wearing a bright yellow tank top with pink highlights in her hair. Also, at her concert, she wore the same clothes as the edited version, except without the white jacket. She was singing on the stage alone, with no band, and she sang longer. They even showed her saying "Thank you, Los Angeles!" instead of switching to the stadium scene like in the edited version.)

  • QUOTES (36)

    • (Seeing Jackson wearing a dress and her wig)
      Miley: Daddy, he's finally cracked.

    • Lilly: I just don't get it, why won't you go to the concert with me?
      Miley: It's just that I really want to spend some quality time with my brother.
      Lilly: Quality time with your brother? Ok if you don't want to tell me I guess there's nothing I can do, except go through life wondering what I did to deserve being hurt so badly by my...
      Miley: Oh just stop I just can't go ok!

    • Lilly: Well I guess I'm leaving too.
      Hannah: OK!
      Lilly: Without even a towel as a souvenir.
      Hannah: Bye-bye!
      Lilly: Nothing but my memories which will fade too too quickly.
      Hannah: Alright, alright, here!

    • Lilly: Miley, you've been totally crushing on Johnny Collins for months. He thought you were funny! This is you chance! He's sitting right there, let's move!

    • Miley: I wanted to tell you. It's just that I was afraid.
      Lilly: Afraid of what?
      Miley: I don't know. I thought maybe once you knew you won't want to be my friend anymore. And you'd like Hannah Montana more than you like me.
      Lilly: That's what you thought? That could never happen Miley. Don't you know that?

    • Lilly: Higher Oliver, I'm almost in.
      Oliver: There is no higher. You're already standing on my head!
      Lilly: Jump you idiot, jump!

    • Jackson: (wearing the dress) Ugh, I am so not getting paid enough for this.
      Miley: (she sees him wearing it) Neither am I!

    • Oliver: This is Hannah Montana's towel. She gave it to me, in her dressing room.
      Amber: Ooooh, and she gave me this sandwich. You're pathetic. (Amber & Ashley do their gesture)

    • Lilly: Booger check!
      Miley: You are so gross!

    • Lilly: Here I go... headed for the door... after making the best apology I could possibly think of (she looks at Miley) still hoping she forgives me...... halfway there...
      Miley: Lilly you are such a drama queen.

    • Lilly: I have a lucky bracelet just like that! Except mine has Lilly on the back... just like that.
      Miley/Hannah: Ta-Da!

    • Lilly: Hannah Montana's hot dogs! (picks up a hot dog) Hannah Montana's scarf! (rubs scarf on her cheek. Miley/Hannah walks out of bathroom)
      Lilly: (shouting) Hannah Montana!

    • (while entering the cafeteria, Oliver tries to be smooth with the ladies)
      Oliver: How you doin', baby? (to Amber and Ashley) I'm Oliver Oken and you two are smokin'!
      Amber: In your dreams.
      Oliver: I'm counting on that. (to another girl) Hey, slick. (he looks at another girl) Oh, yeah. She wants me.

    • Oliver: Hannah Montana's towel!
      (Oliver falls) It's okay! None of my blood got on the towel!

    • Hannah: It's not a real pie. It's a foaming facial wash... pie.

    • Lilly: (skateboards up to the door) Hey! Can I talk to you?
      Miley: (depressed) Who, Miley or Hannah?
      Lilly: Miley.
      Miley: (snaps) Well, she's not talking to you right now!

    • Robbie: (singing) I like to sing, I like to dance
      Robbie & Jackson: But I can't do it with poopy in my pants!

    • Lilly: Why am I standing in your closet?
      Miley/Hannah: Because, behind my closet is...(reveals Hannah Montana's closet) my closet.
      (Miley reveals Hannah Montana's numerous wardrobe, and Lilly is standing there with her mouth open in shock)

    • Lilly: What size shoe do you wear?
      Miley: I'm a five.
      Lilly: I'm a six, but I'll squeeze!

    • Lilly: I thought we were friends. I thought we told each other everything, but I guess I was wrong cause you kept just about the biggest secret in the world, Miley Stewart Slash Hannah Montana!

    • Lilly: (referring to Miley) Oh great idea, I'll call her.
      Hannah: NO, ya know, cell phones don't really work in here. It has to do with the walls and the cement. (Miley's phone rings) Well look at that I guess they fixed it.
      Lilly: Aren't you gonna get that?
      Hannah: No, I'm talking to you and that would be rude. (They let the cellphone ring a few times) Okay, she's not home! (Hannah closes Lilly's cellphone and Miley's phone stops ringing)
      Lilly: Woah, that was weird.

    • Oliver: You have an extra ticket to Hannah Montana!? (everyone in lunchroom gasps) That was really loud, wasn't it?

    • Jackson: (wearing a dress and wig) I don't know. I think it makes me look a little big around the hips.
      Fermine: Please, let's not blame the dress.

    • Jackson: (about Lilly) Did you see the way she ignored you? Well, I'm sorry, but that is no way to treat a man of your compassion, sensitivity--
      (Robbie fills Jackson's mouth with whipped cream)
      Jackson: Still no money?

    • Miley: (about Johnny) He is so cute!
      Robbie: Honey, at your age, there's only two things that are cute. Squirrels and little puppy dogs. Whew. I tell you I hate wearing this thing. (takes off fake moustache) It's like kissing your great Aunt Clara.
      Miley & Robbie: (shudder) Eww!

    • Johnny: Um, can you sign this to "Johnny"? It's not me, it's my little brother. He really likes you. N-Not that I don't, I do. But, you know, it's-he wanted me to get it, so I'm getting it. So if you could just sign that to Johnny, my little brother.
      Hannah: There you go.
      Johnny: Thanks.
      Hannah: Hey, really soft hands.
      Johnny: Thanks, it's ketchup.

    • Jackson: Dad, I can only hope that when I'm a father I can give my chil-
      Robbie: No money!
      Jackson: Didn't think so.
      (Jackson takes the french fry and eats it)

    • Robbie: I know you're concerned that if Lilly finds out the truth that she won't treat you the same. She's still you're best bud. You need to trust that. At least think about telling her?
      Miley: Okay.
      (short pause)
      Miley: Not gonna happen.

    • Jackson: Hey, Dad, I'm really nervous about my date. And, well, I'm just gonna say this. There is nobody in the world who's advice I trust and respect more than you.
      Robbie: Son, I'm not loaning you money.
      Jackson: Is that what you think this is about? Dad, I am hurt. This has nothing to do with borrowing money from you. I was actually kind of hoping more for an outright gift.
      Robbie: I gave you the gift of life, son. Don't push it.

    • Oliver: Hannah Montana is a goddess. I worship at her feet. In fact, FYI, some day I'm gonna be Mr. Hannah Montana. Gonna watch her every minute of every day, protect her from any obsessed fans. Every night I'll shampoo and condition that beautiful blonde hair.
      Miley: Oliver, I say this because I care about you. Get some help!

    • (after Amber & Ashley steal Lilly & Miley's seats)
      Lilly: Hey, Amber, Ashley. We were going to sit there.
      Ashley: Well, isn't that just too bad.
      Amber: Oh, but don't worry. There are seats over there by the trash cans...
      Amber & Ashley: (at the same time) ... at the loser's table. Ooh! Ssss!
      Miley: Um, hey, Amber? I think it might be time to pluck the 'stache.
      Lilly: And Ashley. (gasps) Is that a zit, or are you growing a new head?!
      (Lilly & Miley stare at her face)
      Lilly & Miley: (at the same time) Gross! Ooh! Ssss!

    • Johnny: Hey, Miley, how's it going?
      (Miley stares at him; Lilly punches her in the arm)
      Miley: Um, pretty good. (starts putting ketchup on her hand unknowingly) Just getting some ketchup for my veggie burger. I see you like mayonnaise. Never tried that on a veggie burger, and maybe I should, but not today because I got the whole ketchup thing going...
      Lilly: Miley. Miley. Miley! Miley!
      Miley: (realizes she has ketchup all over her hand) You know, what a lot of people don't know is-is... it's also a wonderful moisturizer. Here. (wipes some ketchup on Johnny's hand)
      Johnny: Moisturizer? You're pretty funny. Oh, my hand does feel softer.

    • Lilly: Guess who just landed two tickets to the hottest concert in town? Miley, you and I - I being you're best friend - are going to see the one, the only... Hannah Montana! Whoo!
      (Miley stares)
      Lilly: You're not screaming. Why aren't you screaming?
      Jackson: Oh, believe me, she's screaming on the inside.

    • Miley: Lilly alert in 18 seconds!
      Jackson: She's your best friend, Miley. Sooner or later you're gonna have to tell her you're Hannah Montana.
      Miley: I'll pick later.

    • Jackson: (to Miley) Do you mind? I am on the phone here, all right? I got a life, too, you know. And I would appreciate it if I could have one conversation without hearing the words "Hannah Montana." (on the phone) Yeah, that's right, girl. I know Hannah Montana. I got two incredible tickets for tomorrow night. Great, I'll see you then. (hangs up; to Miley) I need two incredible seats for tomorrow night.
      Miley: Sorry, I'm sold out.
      Jackson: Dad?
      Robbie: Hey, think about it this way, Miley. He goes out with the girl, they fall in love, they get married, he moves out.
      Miley: You've got the tickets!

    • Fermine: Don't look at my booty!
      Robbie: Oh, no danger there, partner.

  • NOTES (14)


    • Jackson's "When you got it, flaunt it" is a song from the musical, "The Producers."

    • The character of Fermine was based on Martin Short's character, Franck Eggelhoffer from the movies Father of the Bride & Father of the Bride Part II.

    • "Oooh, Sss". On the show "Recess" The clique of girls called "The Ashley's" had a saying that went "Oooh, scandalous".

    • Miley sticking her face into a cream pie to disguise herself from Lilly.

      In the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams sticks his face into a cake so that the social worker won't see him without his Mrs. Doubtfire mask.

    • Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?is a play on the title of The Beatles song (Do You Want to Know a Secret?)