Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 19

Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 10, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Robbie goes on a date with Lilly's Mom, but when things don't go as planned, Miley & Lilly fight over who's at fault. Jackson and Rico pretend to be each other.

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  • mediocre

    robbie and lilly's mom agree to go on a date, and miley and lilly fantasize about the possibility of them being sisters, assuming their parents continue dating each other and get married. but when their date is bad, this greatly affect miley and lilly's friendship. will they ever be friends again?

    good episode but i think it does down a little when miley and lilly start to fight because the date did not go well. before that, it was fine, but when they started fighting i started to get bored, so my grade is a C- or so, mediocre episodemoreless
  • Great episode! One of my favortie HM eppys!

    Well what happenes is that Miley and Lily are planning a fight, but not really. They don't know it. They start with Robbie dating Lily's mother, Heather. Then, one night, they fight, then the girls fight, then comes a big fish fight on there class. In the end, it was just a silly little fight, and Miley and Lily are best friends again.

    Then, the Jackson storyline; Jackson has a hard time with Rico, so, what does he do? He and Rico pretend to be each other (well, no body swapping, thank god) And... Rico wins again. I gotta admit, that's funny.

    Overall, it's a good episode. i hiley recommened it, because.. it's just a funny episode some people will like for laughs and giggles.moreless
  • this episoode was pretty good!

    In this episode mileys dad and lilys mom go on a date and miley and lily are super excited because they could be sisters! but when they come home we find out they didnt really have a great time, it was because robbie (mileys dad) wanted to pay but lilys mom wanted to pay too. then lily and miley start fighting! this episode shows the different background because mileys dad shows southern hospitality and lilys mom womens independence! then miley and lily end up throwing fish at each other from a school project...they finaly realize that fighting over what they were fighting about was really stupid!moreless
  • Miley and Lilly don't get to be sisters.

    Miley's dad and Lilly's mom go on a date. Miley and Lily are really excited because they hope that their parents will fall in love and get married then they would be sisters. Robbie and Lilly's mom don't have a very good time. Robbie wanted to be a gentleman and pay, but Lilly's mom payed first. Miley and Lilly get in a fight about which one of their parents should apologize to the other. At school they get in a fight and start hitting each other with fish. While the rest of the class fights with the fish Lilly and Miley make up for fighting over something so dumb.moreless
  • this was a good episode and i liked heather locklear as lilys mom.

    this was a greta episode, just a little confusing to me. i thought that miley felt that their family was fine and that they didnt need a mother, but she seemed perfectly fine this time. maybe it was just the fact that it was lilys mom, i dont know, but it was a great episode. the plot was really good, and we see another fight between lily and miley, just a sign of how good friends that they are ( best friends fight becuase of how much they know each other) i did think that the writers were trying to play on heather locklears image a little too much though, mentioning that she is "fine" several times, like when jackson asked his dad to have a pta meeting in the hot tub so he could see lilys mom in her swimsuit. overall a good episode, and we have seen the writing to a persons advantage before thign on hannah montana so its nothing new.... great episode :)moreless
Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear

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Albert Meijer


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Kodi Kramer

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Miley: Morning Daddy! I made you breakfast!
      Robbie: Thanks Honey, but I'm still not gonna tell ya. What happened last night is between Lilly's Mom and me.
      Miley: And I respect that!
      Robbie: Really? So why did you write "Please please tell me" in little tiny pieces of bacon?
      Miley: Because the full strips would have taken up all the room. Duh!

    • Robbie:(To Heather as they walk out of the house) That is one beautiful dress.
      Heather:(Smiling at Robbie and looking down at his shirt) And that is one puffy shirt.

    • Jackson: Hey Miles I got a pimple in my back I can't reach, could you....
      Miley: I'll go get my goggles.

    • Robbie: Now Heather, I appreciate you and Lilly staying over but you don't have to stay here to help us clean up.
      Heather: You just want that pizza all for yourself!
      Robbie: Oh I'm not interested in that pizza, but I will wrassle you for that bucket of bacon.
      Heather: Why isn't he laughing?
      Miley: The man don't kid about his bacon!

    • Heather (On the phone) That's a large pepperoni sausage pizza and a big old bucket of bacon on the side! (To the others) Oh, I'm sorry, did you guys want something?

    • Oliver: Oh Lilly! Tell your mom to wear that dress she wore at my folk's Christmas Party. She looked so hot-lidayish. Very festive. (Embarrassed) I gotta go.

    • Robbie: Now Lilly, that's what I love about your mom. She looks like an angel, but eats like a truck driver.
      Heather: Is that supposed to be a compliment?
      Lilly: From him? Oh yeah!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Mr. Corelli's fictional nation, Corellia, is the name of a planet in the Star Wars movies.

    • Lilly (Referring to Miley's fictional county Milantis): At least my country doesn't sound like a cure for diarrhea.

      Mylanta is a stomach medication.

    • Milantis, Miley's fictional country is a reference to the legendary country of Atlantis.

    • Robbie: (Wearing his puffy shirt) Ooo-wee, it feels so good to be puffy again.
      Miley: Yeah, you're a regular Puff Daddy.
      Puff Daddy is the former nickname of musical entertainer Sean Combs.

    • Heather: (Listing Robbie's likes) And those Japanese shows where people fall off logs.

      Ninja Warrior and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge are two game shows from Japan. Contestants try to conquer obstacle courses during the show and both of the shows contain obstacles called the log roll.

    • Miley: Milantis is always ready to stand for what it believes in!

      This is a line from the song Stand sung by Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. They sang part of the song back in season one for the episode "Torn Between Two Hannahs".

    • "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On" is a play on the lyrics of the hit song by Fountains of Wayne called "Stacy's Mom".