Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 19

Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • mediocre

    robbie and lilly's mom agree to go on a date, and miley and lilly fantasize about the possibility of them being sisters, assuming their parents continue dating each other and get married. but when their date is bad, this greatly affect miley and lilly's friendship. will they ever be friends again?

    good episode but i think it does down a little when miley and lilly start to fight because the date did not go well. before that, it was fine, but when they started fighting i started to get bored, so my grade is a C- or so, mediocre episode
  • Great episode! One of my favortie HM eppys!

    Well what happenes is that Miley and Lily are planning a fight, but not really. They don't know it. They start with Robbie dating Lily's mother, Heather. Then, one night, they fight, then the girls fight, then comes a big fish fight on there class. In the end, it was just a silly little fight, and Miley and Lily are best friends again.

    Then, the Jackson storyline; Jackson has a hard time with Rico, so, what does he do? He and Rico pretend to be each other (well, no body swapping, thank god) And... Rico wins again. I gotta admit, that's funny.

    Overall, it's a good episode. i hiley recommened it, because.. it's just a funny episode some people will like for laughs and giggles.
  • this episoode was pretty good!

    In this episode mileys dad and lilys mom go on a date and miley and lily are super excited because they could be sisters! but when they come home we find out they didnt really have a great time, it was because robbie (mileys dad) wanted to pay but lilys mom wanted to pay too. then lily and miley start fighting! this episode shows the different background because mileys dad shows southern hospitality and lilys mom womens independence! then miley and lily end up throwing fish at each other from a school project...they finaly realize that fighting over what they were fighting about was really stupid!
  • Miley and Lilly don't get to be sisters.

    Miley's dad and Lilly's mom go on a date. Miley and Lily are really excited because they hope that their parents will fall in love and get married then they would be sisters. Robbie and Lilly's mom don't have a very good time. Robbie wanted to be a gentleman and pay, but Lilly's mom payed first. Miley and Lilly get in a fight about which one of their parents should apologize to the other. At school they get in a fight and start hitting each other with fish. While the rest of the class fights with the fish Lilly and Miley make up for fighting over something so dumb.
  • this was a good episode and i liked heather locklear as lilys mom.

    this was a greta episode, just a little confusing to me. i thought that miley felt that their family was fine and that they didnt need a mother, but she seemed perfectly fine this time. maybe it was just the fact that it was lilys mom, i dont know, but it was a great episode. the plot was really good, and we see another fight between lily and miley, just a sign of how good friends that they are ( best friends fight becuase of how much they know each other) i did think that the writers were trying to play on heather locklears image a little too much though, mentioning that she is "fine" several times, like when jackson asked his dad to have a pta meeting in the hot tub so he could see lilys mom in her swimsuit. overall a good episode, and we have seen the writing to a persons advantage before thign on hannah montana so its nothing new.... great episode :)
  • Oliver back = Show back on track.

    Alright, I think the show has finally started becoming more like the first season which is a good thing. This episode is about Miley and Lily's parents going out but then they get mad at each other and then Miley and Lily start fighting with each other. While Jackson and Rico switch places to try to see how hard it is to work with each other.

    Well, I can say this is one of the best episodes in the series as well. Right next to That's What Friend's Are For. This episode is pretty funny although, not enough Hannah but the tons of Oliver helps the episode. It's just plain funny especially the end of the fish fight. It's just so good. But the sub plot has to bring the score down. They just aren't the same. They should've actually ended the sub plot instead of leaving it unfinished. That has to be one of the most incomplete sub plots Disney Channel ever created.
  • When Robbie Ray meets Lilly's mom they decide to go out on a date, but it goes bad and causes a fight between Miley and Lilly. When they relize they shouldn't fight their parents battles is after fish went flying, literally.

    It was a very funny episode, because when Robbie Ray and Lilly's mom go on a date and fight over who is going to pay the bill and then when Miley and Lilly find out what the fight is about they join in on the battle and start their own little fight. At school they start a fight between the whole class and everyone ends up throwing fish at one another. After the parents resolve their issues they all get along once again. In the end they all come home from a Hannah Montana concert and Lilly's mom is dressed just like Lilly.
  • It was so predictable.

    I know shows are running out of story lines but i see this one way too much. I mean the whole best friends parents dating. Then they end up not liking each other and the friends start fighting because they agree with their parents. It was okay episode but it wasn't all that. I mean I respect Heather but they made too much of a deal about this episode. Hopefully the next episode is better then this one. I been seeing Miley/Hannah a lot on tv. Like the 2007 Grammy Awards, Oparh, Ellen, i even think Tyra. So i proved my dad wrong that she is a real super star and not just an disney star.
  • well miley's dad dates lilys mom! YAY lol

    ok so in this episode miley's dad and lily's mom goes out on a date! when i heard about this episode i was like uh-oh there proably gonna have to kiss in this episode and i didnt think i was gonna like it but they never kissed which was alright with me and i turned out to like this episode after all and i also learned something from the show don't think you wont like an episode untill you want the episode becuz of the fact that you might not know how it will turn out so watch it first then decide rather u liked it or not
  • Hey Lilly's mom has got it goin' on and maybe Robby Ray agress.

    Well first of all let me say this was a fantastic episode. Now unlike other people I need to say that my criteria for a perfect 10 requires absolute perfection. Even though this is one of the best episodes they've done, this is not the single best episode ever. So let me start with a 10 rating and bring it to my rating. First I love the A story, but once again you get to the predictable, very predictable b-story. I did not like it. The last episode I reviewed had a bad b-story too. Remember how Rico makes a stupid bet with Jackson and Oliver and then turns the tables on them. Well you don't have to remember because Rico made an even stupider bet with Jackson that he once again turns the table on the hapless Jackson. I'm sorry it is too predictable and too soon being back to back so I'll be nice and just deduct a .01 for a worthless b-story, but since I don't consider b-story's important that's all I will deduct for that. But that is still not my rating. Now I love the stunt casting of Heather Locklear as Lilly's mother but spoiler alert.....Lilly's dad was an accountant and there is just no way. I know it's funny and will get ratings but just because there is no way I will deduct kindly another .01 as again I am admitting I am nitpicking, but a 10 rating would be nitpick proof. So far I am at 9.8, but I still had one more nitpick with this episode. The end of the episode last sequence was abominable. Heather Locklear got the last word and it was total drivel. That rock n' roll and that screechy whatever she said afterward was painful and very fake looking to watch so I'll deduct .02 because the end of this episode was really worthless other than the duel Lola wigs and the cheap publicity for Hanna's new dvd Life's What You Make It! So my rating is a 9.6. So I've basically buried an episode that I actually like for the last 3 paragraphs just to illustrate that one of the best episodes they've ever done still shouldn't necessarily rate a 10. So no flames, I really did love this episode. Things I liked. I loved the promeat bit between Heather and Robbie Rae. I love the bit about the prune juice like concoction. And I love Lilly and Miley fight episodes. They are always the best type of episode. Now you can't do those all of the time, because those friends are too rock solid to fight over stupid stuff all of the time, but once and a while you have to have at least maybe 2 per season. I love the Mylantia vs Saratopia vs Lillytania, etc. It was really funny stuff. Actually the best bit in the entire episode. Gold! See I am fair. I mean I'm honest the Jake Ryan/Miley episodes mean more to me but I only gave an 8.0 to that last episode, because it was not as balanced as this one was. The biggest key to making this episode happen is you need more Lilly, Oliver and Robby Rae participation to make the show click. The previous episode had brought in both Mikayla and Jake and had to push Oliver to the side and put Lilly to the sidelines. That is never good for the Hanna Montana series. That's why Jake Ryan only comes around 3-4 times a year because he takes too much time away from the other characters. Now just some other notes about the episode. The puffy shirt is the second consecutive reference to something Larry David has written. The puffy shirt is a famous Seinfeld bit and when Mikayla's mom was complaining about the cashews in the nut mix it was a Curb Your Enthusiasm reference. As a side note those of you who are cheering for Lilly and Oliver to be a couple had to be creeped out that Oliver seemed to like her mom so much. Of course anybody who thought Heather and Robby were going to get together obviously should have known better. She was a guest star. That means she wasn't going to be there in the next episode. Just like Jake she comes in and then they need to quickly write her away from the show. Of course if their is a 3rd season I could definitely see her back for another episode, but I do think they need to drop the bringing Robby Ray together with Heather storyline, because afterall regardless if they do or they don't Miley and Lilly are so close that they really are sisters. Of course I don't mind them forgetting it 2 episodes a year just to have a fun fighting episode just for our own entertainment. But that's just me!
  • Lily's mom dating mileys date :)

    I like this episode lots :) Miley and Lily notice sparks between their parents and fix them up on a date. It dosn't go well and they blame each others parents. Meanwhile Rico and Jackson swap roles. I didnt really watch much of this episode but it was good any way. I find this really funny x I love it when they first notice the spark. Lily's mom and dad are divorced. Jackson tries to be rico and rico tries to be jackson. I find it funnt when jackson hangs rico on the wall of the toilets by the shack x
  • great episode

    heather locklear guest stars as lilly's mom. it's an awesome episode, unfortunately heather locklear appeared in just a few scenes. there should be a lot more scenes with her. I really enjoyed this episode. when lilly and miley argue about their parents, it looks so funny, i can't stop laughing. the argument in the classroom during an international day and the chaos the ensues right after it was so hilarious. the writers came up with another funny episode, it's an excellent episode. jackson's scenes are also good, i can't wait for the next episode. this episode was so much fun to watch, it's excellent.
  • Lily's mom dates Miley's dad

    Awesome episode, Heather Lockear from Friends guest starred and that's my favorite. Yay for Lily's mom. Lily's mom dates Miley's dad, and then theres more than meets the eye! Awesome episode, Heather Lockear from Friends guest starred and that's my favorite. Yay for Lily's mom. Lily's mom dates Miley's dad, and then theres more than meets the eye! I liked the ending, I went like OMG, this episode doesn't even conflict with Hannah Montana and then at the end I went like "oh, here we go!" Awesome episode, Heather Lockear from Friends guest starred and that's my favorite. Yay for Lily's mom. Lily's mom dates Miley's dad, and then theres more than meets the eye!
  • the best one yet

    this was one of the best one yet. It was funny when Jackson comes downstairs.

    Miley: I was not going to give up shoes anyway.

    Lily: fine.

    Miley: Great I like being an only child!

    (Jackson comes downstairs)

    Jackson: Hey Miley I have this pimple on my back do you mind...

    Miley: I'll get my goggles.

    It was funny because Robbie and Lily's Mom go on a date that doesn't turn out and Miley and Lily fight on who's fault it is.

    Jackson and Rico change places and Rico sets up Jackson by making fun of a kid and his older brother came to beat up Rico. His brother thinks Jackson is Rico!
  • I loved this Hannah Montana because I knew the guest!

    I normally love Hannah Montana anyway, but this was a special episode for me and my family.Albert, the man at the beach who wants to beat up Rico (Jackson), is a friend of my brother and sister. He went to high school with my brother and sister. He may not have been on for a long time, he didnt have to nicest character, and I dont think he really has a unibrow... but still, the fact that I know him and he was on the show makes me love Hannah Montana even more that I did before!!!!!

    But aside from that, it was a great episode.
  • I thought it was one of the best episodes in Season 2

    Lily's mom has got it goin' on was a great episode. The funniest part was when Jackson said "Hey Miles I got a pimple on back I can't reach would you..." Then Miley says " Let me go get my goggles" The whole episode is about Miley and Lily wanting to be sister afters they're parents go out on a date. But Miley and Lily get in a fight when the date doesn't go well and Lily accused Miley's dad of screwing it up, and Miley tells Lily her mom is uptight. Meanwhile, Jackson and Rico trade places and pretend to be each other. This episode is so funny, and features special guest star Heather Locklear as Lily's mom.
  • This episode is about Robbie and lily's mom going on date but the date doesn't turn out as they planned it to.

    This was a funny episode because I like how oliver and jackson were hitting on lily's they are officially my heroes lol. It was really funny how they made miley and lily hate each other all because of there parents I have no idea why miley and lily got involved but it was funny how the two families hated each other. Jackson and rico were hilarious when they took each other's place but rico planned a sneak attack that almost got jackson beat up for something he didn't even do. This was a good episode to watch I enjoyed it.