Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 8

Mascot Love

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 26, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Lilly decides to be a cheerleader with Miley in order to spend more time together, but they end up doing the opposite when Miley ends up being the team mascot. Meanwhile, in order to get some money from his father Robbie, Jackson willingly volunteers to unclog the sink for him. However, it's not as easy as he thinks.moreless

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  • The voice acting while Miley was in the Pirate custom was horrible, well, the overall acting was poor.

    The plot was unoriginal but the Jackson bit was good, so kudos to the writers, but the acting by many of the actors/actresses was horrible. The entire time that miley was inside the costum, her voice acting wasn't... good at all. Every time she spoke, it was suppose to be funny, but it sounded forced and her tone never changed, like a female version of Mircosoft Sam. Even the minor characters were outing her acting while she was in the costum. however outside of the pirate costum her acting was the same medicore acting you see from her every episode. the jackson bit with robbie was funny and they both had good acting. The plot, wasn't that origanal. Two friends try out for a job/sport and the one that wanted to try out for that job/sport didn't make the cut, but the other friend did. However, I have to praise Emily Osment on some acceptional acting throughout the episode.moreless
  • not a good episode, in my opinion...

    This is one of my least favorite episodes of Hannah Montana. Lilly and Miley decide to try out for the cheerleading team. Lilly tries out for the mascot while Miley wants to be a cheerleader. However, Miley became the mascot and Lilly was the cheerleader. It was a really stupid and unrealistic story. Seriously, we've seen that Miley is terrible will sports so why would she even try to be a cheerleader. The story just seemed unoriginal and unrealistic. Jackson and Billy Ray had some funny moments in the show, and that's the only good part of the episode. Overall, not a good episode.moreless
  • Mediocre

    Miley and Lilly want to spend more time together and so they try to become cheerleaders. But this fails when instead of being a cheerleader, Miley is the mascot. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to fix the sink, and Robbie will pay him to do so. But he ends up causing a great mess.

    The main plot wasn't that great, and neither was the subplot. Neither really made me laugh and both plots were relatively weak. Probably one of the weakest episodes of the series, I think, my grade for this is in the "D" range because I probably laughed at a couple thingsmoreless
  • Just never really feel in love with this episode from the first time that I saw it.

    Hannah does a performance of "Pumpin' Up the Party," and off stage she is busily trying to talk to Lilly about spending time together. Lilly asks what she is doing one day after school and Hannah says shes going to cheerleading auditions. Lilly accidentally walks on stage and it opens to the theme song.

    Robbie is late to a meeting, so he lets Jackson give a shot at easy money. Jackson thinks he is going to have it easy, but ends up in a wet catastrophe when Oliver stops by.

    At the auditions, after Miley has taught Lilly all that she can, Miley gives a standard performance and Lilly doesn't, until she decides to use skateboarding tricks without the skateboard. Lilly gets on the team and Miley gets to be a ..... mascot.

    Jackson thinks the sink is fixed until he tries the garbage disposal and Robbie gets a headful of Moo-shu pork on his head in the shower.

    Miley screws up at a game as a mascot and gets fired. Miley thinks Lilly should quit the team just because she got fired.

    A plumber stops by and tells Robbie that Jackson saved the whole house. Jackson does a "I didn't screw up" victory dance, meanwhile, Hannah blows off the Stones and encourages Lilly to keep on cheering.moreless
  • I really love this episode.Lilly and Miley are so cool in this episode.

    This episode Lilly and Miley decide to join the cheerleading squad together because Lilly and Miley find out that they haven`t been spending enough Miley and Lilly time with each other.But that fails when Miley ends up getting the mascot part and Lilly ends up being part of the cheerleading squad.Then the next few days when they have joined the team Miley ends up getting tired of being the mascot and Lilly starts to enjoy cheerleading more when Miley gets jealous that Lilly made the team and she didn`t.That`s when Miley and Lilly get in a fight.Then later on Lilly and Miley make up.They begin to join the team again.moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: When Lilly was saying her cheer (After she did the bad cheer, but before she did the tricks) Miley was there hugging that other girl in the stands, but when Lilly started to do her tricks Miley disappears, but then when Lilly was done Miley was back again.

    • GOOF: When Miley as Pirate Pete if fighting with the Pink Flamingo, when they are rolling on the ground, you can see that the cheerleaders at the end fall over before they are even hit by the other cheerleaders.

    • During the game, when Pirate Pete enters on the tricycle, Miley is not pedaling but rather just pushing off from the ground.

    • On stage Hannah Montana sings:
      Hey, get up, get loud, start pumpin up the party now. When Jackson is fixing the pipes he is singing the "Plumber version" of the song. Hey, come on, get up, get out, we're snaking out the pipes now.

    • In the scene where Miley is dressed up as the pirate on a tricycle, The sign behind her is supposed to say "Go Flamingos" but They spelled Flamingos wrong and it says "Go Flaningos".

    • Lilly disguises herself as Lola (with a lavender wig.)

    • The second episode that uses the song "Pumpin up the Party Now".

    • When Miley is on stage, she is wearing a headset with a microphone. When she leaves the stage, the headset is no longer there. Where did it go? It is only a short walk from the stage to backstage.

    • The first time Oliver says his number, he said it was 555-0121. But the second time he says it, it's 555-0127.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Jackson: I have something to show you!
      (Oliver jumps behind a chair)
      Oliver: Okay, ready!
      Jackson: It was some water and unidentifiable sludge, get a tetanus shot and buck up little camper!

    • (While trying to cheer)
      Lilly: Go team throw the ball, go team to the mall!

    • Miley: Any questions?
      Lilly: Just a few, One what the hecky is a herky?

    • Miley: They got our ball, We want it back, they got our ball, we want it back, they got our ball,
      Coach: You want it back, I get it.

    • Jackson: (After the plumber said he did a good job) Because I didn't screw up! I didn't screw up! I didn't screw up! (Hits his elbow on the refridgerator, you hear crashing, he opens the door and all the food falls to the floor)
      Robbie: Jackson! What was that?!
      Jackson: Nothing! Now it's time for my spidey escape. (Hops onto the counter and does the spidey hand sign) Dang it! I gotta get these things fixed!

    • Miley:(After cheer practice) Thanks dad. . . i'm going to take a shower.
      Robbie: Well unless you're in the mood for a Mushui Shampooie, I wouldn't.

    • Lilly: You might be good at football, you might be good at track, but when it comes to basketball you might as well step back. Uh huh, step back. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. (Does incredible gymnastics moves).
      Miley: Wow, where did that come from?!
      Lilly: I just did all my skateboarding stunts without my skateboard.
      Coach: Well put down the skateboard and grab a uniform..........You're on the squad!

    • Jackson: Now how come when I ended up on the couch like that, I got grounded for a week?
      Robbie Ray: It's because you jumped all the way from the piano.
      Jackson: Sixteen feet, a new personal best, baby!

    • Lilly: When you cheer that way, I have to say okay. I know you must be right, but now I have...(softly) stagefright.
      Miley: Say goodnight, Lola!
      Lilly: Goodnight, Lola.

    • Lilly:(Points to a pom-pom) If one of these is a pom-pom, does that make two of them pom-pom pom-poms? These are the questions that haunt me.

    • (To the tune of "Pumpin' up the Party")
      Jackson: Hey! Come on! Get out! I'm snakin' out the pipes now. Hey! Come on! Get out! I'm snakin' out the pipes now.

    • Miley: And slide! And slide!
      And do the butterfly!
      And dip! And dip!
      And shake my little hips!
      I want you! And you!
      To cheer it with me too!
      (Miley jumps)
      Coach: Way to go baby! When I asked you to bring it, you brought it! Now take it over there!

    • Hannah: Why are you limping?
      Lilly: Because thanks to you, I couldn't concentrate and my herky was jerky!
      Hannah: Wow, that looks swollen. Do you want some ice?
      Lilly: Don't you be nice to me when I'm mad at you! And yes, wrapped in a towel.

    • Plumber: Your main line was so rusted, you were one flush away from flooding the place. But the work this boy did held it all together till I got here.
      Robbie: Now wait a minute. You talking about my son Jackson?
      Plumber: Yeah.
      Robbie: This boy right here? My son?
      Plumber: Right. He didn't screw up. He saved this place.
      Robbie: This boy did?
      Plumber: Yes!
      Robbie: Jackson?
      Plumber: Yes. Son, you've got the plumber's gift. My boy had it, but he decided to go to college. Kids. They'll break your heart.

    • Plumber: Well, Mr. Stewart, you are one lucky man.
      Robbie: (watching the plumber bent over, fixing the sink) Uh, I'd feel a lot luckier if I was talking to your face.
      Plumber: Oops, sorry. Was I showing again? You get so used to the breeze, you can't even tell anymore.
      Jackson: I know what you mean.

    • Miley: I'm sorry, coach. I was just trying to be the best mascot I could be.
      Coach Lewis: And I think you were. That's what's so sad.

    • Coach Lewis: Oh, hi, Stewart.
      Miley: Coach, I put this on my head and it smells like a litter box.
      Coach Lewis: Don't worry, I think I've got something that might help.
      Miley: Oh, man, there's gum stuck in here.
      Coach Lewis: Air fresheners! Do you want to smell like a pine forest, a tropical breeze, or a brand new car?
      Miley: I want to smell like a cheerleader.
      Coach Lewis: They don't make that scent.

    • Miley: (wearing the mascot uniform) Argh! I'm a pirate! Why am I riding a tricycle?
      Coach Lewis: This is not a tricycle. This is your pirate ship. Own it, sail it, make the crowd believe it!
      Miley: I don't even believe it.

    • Oliver: (over the microphone) Testing, testing. 555-0121. 555-0121. That's my number, ladies. The tenth caller gets a date with moi. (his cell phone rings) Hello, lucky tenth caller.
      Coach Lewis: (on her cell phone; to Oliver) Knock it off, Oken!
      Oliver: Sorry, coach.

    • Coach Lewis: Lilly Truscott, come on down! You're the next contestant on the "Coach is Right!" (laughs)

    • Coach Lewis: (to Miley) Congratulations to our new mascot!
      Miley: Yeah! Mas... What?!

    • Lilly: You're going to give up the Rolling Stones concert for me?
      Miley: Please, those guys will still be touring when they're 90.
      Lilly: I thought they were already 90.

    • Oliver: (on the microphone) Your score at half-time. The Filmore Flamingos - 58. And your Seaview Pirates, less than that. (plays sound effect of a toilet flushing) Way less than that. But let's not think about that. Let's think about your lovely Seaview Pirates. (quickly) That's 555-0127.

    • Oliver: Hey, Jackson, Miley left her head at practice. Get it? Her head.
      Jackson: Don't know.
      Oliver: But I didn't ask that.
      Jackson: Don't care.
      Oliver: Will you stop?
      Jackson: Don't count on it.

    • Ashley: She doesn't like you 'cause you're too pretty and you threaten her.
      Amber: Story of my life!

    • Oliver: It's not that bad. Is it?
      (Oliver lets Lilly smell the pirate head and she faints)

    • Oliver: Hey, uh, Jackson, where's Miley?
      Jackson: Don't know.
      Oliver: When's she gonna be back?
      Jackson: Don't care.
      Oliver: Could you tell her I stopped by?
      Jackson: Don't count on it.

    • (Jackson turns on the garbage disposal; it explodes in his face)
      Jackson: Oh, man. I hated that broccoli casserole the first time!

    • Jackson: Plumbers make $80 an hour? I'll do it for $50!
      Robbie: You know what? I'm so late, I'm gonna take you up on that little deal.
      Jackson: Wait a minute. If I'd known you would've caved that fast, I would've asked for, like, $60.
      Robbie: And I was willing to give you $75. Oh!

    • Jackson: (sees Robbie trying to unclog the sink with a plunger) Oh, hey, Dad. Is the sink still clogged?
      Robbie: (sarcastically) No, son. I unclogged the sink hours ago. Now I'm just working on my triceps.
      Jackson: Well, here, let me help.
      Robbie: Really?
      Jackson: Sure. If you lean into it like this, you get your deltoids, too.
      Robbie: Maybe I'll just bench press you out the window.
      Jackson: Are you working on your pecs or your delts? Make up your mind!

    • Hannah: Oh, hey, why don't you try out with me?
      Lola: Cheerleading? Give me an "N," give me an "O." What does that spell? No!

    • Hannah: Oh, I love the smell of oatmeal.
      Lola: Not when it's mixed with mouthwash and my grandmother's B.O.

    • Hannah: So, what'd you think?
      Lola: Those pajamas are so cute!
      Hannah: I was talking about the song.
      Lola: Love that, too, but I can't wear it.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Miley: Did you do that on purpose?
      Robbie Ray: Did what?
      Miley: You know, get all Jedi mind tricky on me again.

      This is in reference to the Star Wars series.

    • The Rolling Stones are a rock group that starred in preforming in the 1960's & recored the hit songs "(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction", "Ruby Tuesday", & "Jumpin' Jack Flash".

    • Coach Lewis: Lilly Truscott, come on down! You're the next contestant on the "Coach is Right!"

      This is a reference to the long-running game show, The Price is Right, where each contestant is introduced the same way.

    • Miley: Say goodnight Lola!
      Lilly/Lola: Goodnight Lola.

      George Burns & his wife, Gracie Allen used to end their comedy routines with George saying "Say goodnight, Gracie" & Gracie would reply "Goodnight Gracie".

    • Jackson's Spidey sense:
      An allusion to the Spider-man comics and movie when Peter Parker gets bit by a genitically mutated spider and becomes spider-man.

    • Mascot Love is a play on the song title "Muskrat Love". "Muskrat Love" was written by Willis Alan Ramsey & sung by The Captain & Tennille.