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Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 2

Miley Get Your Gum

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 31, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Oliver has a huge crush on Hannah Montana, but his feelings of love are not shared by Miley. No matter what she does, she can't seem to make Oliver realize that he & Hannah can never be, until Lilly comes up with a plan to burst Oliver's love bubble. Jackson is proud to be the owner of a "Brand New" used car that he bought with his own money, but the joy fades once he learns that this particular kind of car is only driven by girls.moreless

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  • KayKayy

    I really like throw backs
  • Good

    Oliver loves Hannah Montana, not knowing she is Miley. She tries to make Oliver love her less, but her plans actually make him love her more. Will she breakdown and reveal that she is whom Oliver is crushing on? Meanwhile, Jackson buys a new car... a girl car.

    OK, I liked the subplot more, it was funnier, but the main plot was OK too. I think the subplot was better though, it was consistently funny and had a better plot than the main one. My overall grade for this episode as a whole is about a "B" or so. Goodmoreless
  • If you have ever had a phobia in your life you will find this episode hilarious!!!!!

    After Hannah's performance, she, Lilly, and her dad, all 3 in disguise, jump into the back of a limo, but not before Oliver gets his last word, and lick from Lilly's dog. Miley and Lilly watch Oliver parade around with his unwashed hand, believing Hannah Montana had kissed it. A bully places gum on Oliver's hand and we learn Oliver has severe "Gumphobia." After another Oliver limo encounter, during which Hannah is almost caught as Miley, she says that she has a boyfriend, trying to discourage Oliver into being such a crazed fanatic. Oliver responds by saying "I will wait." Desperate to find a way to stop Oliver from crushing on Hannah Montana, Lilly and Miley remember Oliver's "Gumphobia" and use it to their advantage. Lilly lures Oliver onto the beach where Hannah is. Oliver finds Hannah chewing a huge chunk of gum, but ignores it. Miley, dressed as Hannah, pulls out the licorice gum, turning her teeth black. Feeling as if she's gone over the top, she reveals to Oliver that she is Hannah Montana.moreless
  • Oliver's dream happens to be his best friend.

    The episode has come, where Miley's other best friend, Oliver finds out that she is Hannah Montana. Oliver starts having so much relationship with Hannah, until he finally finds out: Hannah Montana will never be your girlfriend, because Miley Robbie-Ray Steweart or Stewert or however you spelled it is..... HANNAH MONTANA!?!?!??!? Real, real, (real) scary. But, Oliver has to find out soon. I should have requested this as a Season 1 finale though. When Oliver's hopes are up for Hannah, until Miley's slip cauzes Oliver to finally find out the truth... MILEY IS HANNAH! Well, that's all. And Oliver's gummy-ness is pretty strange.moreless
  • Oliver finds out that Miley is Hannah Montana!


    Well I loved how Oliver has this BIG obsession with Hannah Montana and that he had NO IDEA it was really Miley...classic!

    The only thing I didn't really like was the whole gum thing...I didn't think it was THAT funny...

    Another part I really laughed at was when Miley was suggesting other girls for Oliver, and even put Lilly into the mix and then comparing him to a pet fhish, now that was cute.

    But over all it was hilarous, watching Oliver's reaction to Miley's secret made up for everything, It was precious :)

    I can't believe he passed out!

    And last but not lease i loved when Oliver and Miley had a little heart to heart, it was sweet.moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Kyle Kaplan

Kyle Kaplan

Chad the Chomper

Guest Star

Nathan Norman

Nathan Norman

Guy #1

Guest Star

Paul Vogt

Paul Vogt


Guest Star

Andre Jamal Kinney

Andre Jamal Kinney


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Goof: When Hannah is about to chew the licorice gum to gross out Oliver, she takes a bite out of the gum and leaves half of the stick in her hand, but in the next shot, she isn't holding any gum.

    • Goof: When Miley/Hannah's bubble bursts, it should've blown back onto her, not onto Oliver.
      This is due to the force of the air she was applying to the inside of the bubble. If the bubble was supposed to hit Oliver, then it would have had to burst near Miley's mouth.

    • While Oliver is playing his role as "locker man", the girl who asks for his help is the same girl who plays Becca Weller in "Oops I Meddled Again".

    • Goof: When Miley and Lilly are in the limo for the second time and they're describing how Oliver looks in Spanish, they both say, "No Comprendo". But the real Spanish phrase is "No Comprende". Thats the joke.

    • The first time Miley is in the limo and she puts on her seat belt, it is on her shoulder, the camera cuts to Lilly and back to Miley and the seat belt is beside her shoulder.

    • Robbie no longer wears a wig as part of his disguise as he did in he pilot & he now has a plain fake mustache instead of the handle bar one he use to wear.

    • When Hannah and Lilly are in the car the second time with Oliver, first, the two teeth behind her front teeth are in, and in the next shot they are gone.

    • When Oliver starts to drop into the limo, Robbie pulls the wig and puts it under his right thigh. However in the next shot, we see Lilly helping Hannah put on the wig from the completely opposite side..

    • When Miley is with Oliver on the beach, there is a black dot on her cheek and in the next shot the black dot is gone.

    • Why would Miley take off her Hannah wig when there was a guy sitting right across from her on a public beach. And when they leave she just leaves her wig there and doesn't take it?

    • Goof: When Oliver is hanging from the sky roof, Lilly puts "Hannah's" hat on Miley's head, and Miley's father has her wig, then in the next shot of her she only has her wig on, but then in the next shot she has on both.

    • When Miley/ Hannah Montana was eating the black gum, her mouth was black. At the next shot of her, her mouth was not black anymore.

    • Goof: When Oliver wrote something on the palm of the "Hannah Hand",& then he panicked trying to wipe it off, you can see that there isn't any writing on his palm.

    • When Miley reveals to Oliver that she's Hannah Montana, she never mentions to him to not say anything about it to anyone else like she said to Lilly when she found out.

    • Goof: When Lilly tells everyone her name is Lola LaFonda her lips don't match what she's saying. The "LaFonda" part must have been dubbed in because it looks like she says "Luftnagle" like she did in It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To.

  • QUOTES (40)

    • Oliver: I didn't know you liked gum. I surfed all your websites and none of them mentioned you were a chewer.
      Hannah: Oh. I'm a chewer all right. I love to chew. I chew all the time like a train. Chew chew chew! I chew in the morning, the afternoon, the evening. If it can be chewed it's in my mouth.

    • Oliver: Hannah.
      Hannah: Hey! The kid from the moon roof. Look at you all up side right.

    • Oliver: Chad, dude! Close up shop when you chew, you're getting spit on the Hannah-hand!

    • Miley: Oh, no it's Oliver again! He snuck into my dressing room last week, nearly jumped on stage the week before, and just when you think he can't get anymore obsessed, BAM! He kicks it up a notch.
      Robbie: Look at those bony little elbows go. That boy cuts through the crowd like a weedwacker!

    • Lilly: This is totally insane. Back off people, back off. Don't make me release Thor. Grrrrrr.
      Miley: Yeah you go get'em Thor. Two pounds of pure piddle just looking for a target.
      Robbie: Uh, actually I think he just shot it.
      Lilly/Miley: Oh man. Ughhh.

    • Oliver: But why didn't you tell me?
      Miley: I was afraid that...
      Oliver: That I might be in love with you? Do you think I am?
      Miley: You tell me.

    • Miley: I mean, have you ever pictured yourself with Miley, your friend the dork?
      Oliver: You're not a dork.
      Miley: Oh come on, what about the time I tripped in the biology lab and spilled frog juice all over you?
      Oliver: Oh Right, mum made me take off my pants in the school parking lot.
      Miley: Or when we were at Andrew's birthday party and you accidentally knocked me into the pool in your one-man stampede for the cake?
      Oliver: That's not fair, it was an ice-cream long cake and you know I have to get an end cut.
      Miley: Come on Oliver...let's face it, the girl that you thought you love is standin' right here and the truth is...you don't love her.

    • Jackson: You're a failure, a failure as a father!

    • (After Miley tells Oliver her secret)
      Oliver: So, Mandy Moore! You don't happen to have her number, do you?!
      Miley: Boy, you bounce back fast.

    • Jackson: You are so wrong. When I was on the freeway, there were guys honkin' and wavin' and... and giving me kissy faces! Oh no!

    • Robbie: That's it! This dolly wagon's going back where it came from!
      Jackson: But the salesperson already said no.
      Robbie: To you, not to me. Face it son, I'm a little bit more intimidating.
      (Robbie honks the car horn)
      Robbie: Lord, take me now!

    • Robbie: You know what that boy needs? A real girlfriend.
      Miley: Dad that is the... smartest thing you've ever said.
      Robbie: You know what they say, every now and then even a blind pig snorts up a truffle.
      Lilly: Now that is the weirdest.

    • Hannah: Look out, boys! New chew comin' through!
      (she puts a weird-colored gum in her mouth; at first, Oliver is dumbfounded, but then his eyes widen; scene switches back to Miley/Hannah whose mouth has turned black)
      Oliver: Your mouth... it's, um... it's...
      Hannah: Turnin' black? It's licorice mint. I love licorice. Don't make me laugh, it comes out my nose. You want to see?
      Oliver: No!
      Hannah: Too late! She's about to blow!

    • Cooper: Where is it?
      Jackson: Right here.
      Cooper: This?
      Jackson: I know. I can't believe it's mine either!
      Cooper: And I can't believe you just bought a girl car.
      Jackson: What?
      Cooper: Jackson, only girls drive this thing. This is a chick mobile! A babe bucket, a skirt scooter! Might as well have bought a bra with tires, man!

    • Robbie: Don't worry Miley, I know guys and pretty soon, he's gonna be tired chasin' somebody who's not chasin' him back.
      (They cross the intersection. Lilly opens the window and finds Oliver riding his bike trying to catch up to the limo)
      Oliver: Do... a dude... a favor. And don't get on the freeway! For you my love!
      (Oliver throws flowers in the limo)

    • (Oliver goes near a dude with blonde hair but he thinks it's Hannah)
      Oliver: Hi, it's me, Oliver. Listen, I heard about your breakup I'm here for you. If you need a hug, my arms are open.
      (The beach dude turns around)
      Beach Dude: Get away from me!
      Oliver: Ha, ha! I can do that!

    • Lilly: I know. Knock, knock. Who's there? Fate.
      Oliver: Fate who?
      Lilly: Just go.
      Oliver: All right. Here goes.
      Lilly: Oh, and if things don't work out, you're still Smokin' Oken!
      Oliver: Thanks but it'll work out.
      Lilly: Absolutely! But if it doesn't, Smokin' Oken. ... 'Nuff said.

    • Lilly: And deep down, maybe, just maybe, you feel the same way.
      (Lilly and Miley sees Oliver rubbing his "Hannah Hand" on his face)
      Miley: And maybe, just maybe, that's insane!

    • Miley: I know that look! Either you have a brilliant idea, or you really gotta go.
      Lilly: Oliver's about to be really turned off by Hannah Montana..... and I really gotta go! (runs to bathroom)

    • Oliver: You are my love, my life, and someday you'll be my.....-(writes on hand) Note to self: think of a word that rhymes with life

    • Robbie: All this morning i tried to write a song, It never took me this dang long, Im thinking maybe i should just fly the coop, 'Cause everything i write just sound like---
      Jackson: (coming into the house excited) Dad!

    • Mr. Dontzig: Something needs to be done about this.
      Robbie: (About Mr. Dontzig's small robe) Yeah. And I think something needs to be done about this! (Hits Mr. Dontzig's big belly) I suggest some sit-ups or maybe a bigger robe!

    • Mr. Dontzig: What was this leaf from your tree doing in my hot tub?
      Robbie: I don't know. Maybe it wanted to party. (Robbie & Jackson start dancing)
      Mr. Dontzig: I hate neighbors. That's why I got the big hedge. See you got a new car. My wife had a car just like this. Traded it in. She thought it was too girly. ..... Get your leaves out of my hot tub! (Walks away)

    • Miley: And that's smart because what if one friend loves another friend but they didn't get loved back? Then things would be all weird and uncomfortable and the friends couldn't be friends anymore. And there's nothing more important than our friendship, Oliver.
      Oliver:Oh man, you love me!
      Miley & Lilly: Ewww! No!
      Miley: I mean I do love you. But like a brother or a pet fish. You know, I'd cry if I had to flush you down the toilet but I wouldn't wanna kiss you!

    • Jackson: Prepare to be blown away.
      Robbie: This better be good son, I was right in the middle of a masterpiece!
      Jackson: Jackson Stewart, come on down! You are the proud owner of a brand new... USED CAR! Yes, over the last fifteen years this pre-owned beauty has been driven around by heavy smokers and sloppy eaters, and one Wilma McDermott whose cat popped out six kittens in the front seat! Yes, some stains just don't come out!
      Robbie: And you're happy about that?
      Jackson: Yes I am!

    • Hannah: Thor, time to make yourself useful.
      (Hannah lets Thor lick Oliver's hand)
      Oliver: Oh baby, you're an animal.
      (Hannah slaps Oliver's hand and Oliver takes it out of the limo)
      Oliver: Yeah, I like 'em feisty.

    • Jackson: You are so wrong. This is totally a guy car. Why, when I was driving home, there were guys honkin', and wavin', and givin' me kissy faces. Oh, no, Dad, tell me I didn't just buy a chick car?!
      Robbie: You didn't buy a chick car.
      Jackson: Now say it like you mean it.
      Robbie: I'd like to son, but... you know how ladies like to have the final word. (honks car horn)

    • Hannah: Maybe if I didn't have a boyfriend then...
      Oliver: I'd have a chance with you?!
      Hannah: I never said that!
      Oliver: But you implied it! And that's good enough. I'll wait for you forever.
      Hannah: But I never said that!
      Oliver: Forever Hannah Montana! Do you hear me? Forever!

    • Oliver: So, you were Hannah in the limo when I was upside-down?
      Miley: Yeah.
      Oliver: And backstage when I was hanging out of the window?
      Miley: Yep.
      Oliver: And when I hid in your bass drum and rode on your tour bus all the way to Phoenix?
      Miley: You did what?
      Oliver: Nothing.

    • Jackson: Oh, man, it's Mr. Dontzig, and he's wearing his robe again!
      Robbie: Yeah, well, count your blessings. At least this time it's the long one.

    • Miley: Oliver, see that girl Pamela over there? She thinks you're cute.
      Oliver: Can't say that I disagree. Too bad I'm already cruising down the Hannah highway.

    • Oliver: (hanging upside-down; to Hannah) Wow, you're even more beautiful upside-down.
      Lola: Oh, thank you! You're so sweet!
      Hannah: He was talking to me.

    • Jackson: Dad, it's mine. It's not perfect, but it's my own car and I bought it with my own money.
      Robbie: I'm proud of you, son. Especially the "bought with my own money" part.

    • Miley: The CD signing. If he stares into my eyes, he might recognize me!
      Lilly: That's never gonna happen.
      Miley: But what if it does?
      Lilly: Maybe you can learn to love him, like I do with my brother's hamster. Oh, and here's the beauty part, if Oliver dies, you want have to bury him in the backyard.
      Miley: When you talk, do you hear it, or is it like a big roaring in your ears?

    • Miley: (about Oliver) Man, he's never gonna give up.
      Lilly: Well, you better hope he does, because if he ever finds out your secret, he's not only going to be in love with Hannah Montana, he'll be in love with you.
      Miley: What? That's crazy. The only thing that's the same about Hannah Montana and me is... me. And me doesn't feel the same way about him.

    • Oliver: (to Hannah) Please, kiss my hand and I'll never wash it again.
      Lilly: Looks like he never washes it now!

    • Miley/Hannah: I completely understand if you want to transfer your obsession to Mandy Moore. She's a blonde again you know.

    • (Miley/Hannah is messing around with Oliver)
      Miley/Hannah: I LOOOVE licorice! Don't make me laugh; it comes out my nose! Ya wanna see?
      Oliver: No!
      Miley/Hannah: TOO LATE! She's about to blow!
      (Oliver pinches Miley/Hannah's nose shut)

    • Miley: What about, Lilly? You guys would be perfect together!
      Lilly: Excuse me?
      Miley: You're both stubborn.
      Lilly & Oliver: I am not!
      Miley: See, you guys always agree with each other.
      Lilly & Oliver: No, we don't.
      Miley: I am definitely seeing a couple here.
      Lilly & Oliver: You're not, because I'm not. Phew!

    • Miley/Hannah: Because (Takes off her wig) I'm Hannah Montana. Me, Miley.
      (Oliver Faints)
      Miley: Okay, that went well.

  • NOTES (15)


    • Robbie: I primped your ride

      Pimp My Ride is a show that turns junk car into customized show pieces.

    • Miley/Hannah: Then bam! He kicks it up another notch!

      On chef Emeril Lagasse's cooking shows "Essence of Emeril" & "Emeril Live" whenever he adds spices to his dishes he says "Bam!" or "Let's kick it up a notch!"

    • Miley/Hannah: I completely understand if you want to transfer your obsession to Mandy Moore.

      Mandy Moore is a pop singer / actress who became a star with her song "Candy" & her roles in "The Princess Diaries" & "A Walk to Remember".

    • Miley Get Your Gum is a title allusion to the famous Broadway musical and movie Annie Get Your Gun.