Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 17

Miley Hurt the Feelings of the Radio Star

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 14, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Miley learns that doing too much can leave you really stressed in her new episode.

    In this episode, Miley learns that living a triple life by being a real girl, a pop star and now a radio host is the worst thing to do.

    To help out her friend Oliver, she takes on a job as a radio host with him while the real host is taking care of his wife who is in hospital.Now she has a hard time telling Oliver that she is too busy with her double life to co host the show with him.

    This episode is quite funny, with Miley going here and there and not realising what she had taken on. I would watch it again anytime.
  • Miley helps Oliver on a radio station. Funny as Episode...

    To start, this episode it is So funny, that i and you can watch over and over again... Miley trys to take on so many things at once, and ends up without sleep for 36 hours. Concerts, Traffic jams, Radio etc. Until she heats the wall, which you will understand after you watch it.

    Well if you want to find out what happens you have to watch it yourself, but it is so funny and you should watch it, asap. Miley and Lilly are really good in this episode, one of the best episode out of the season,

    A great and funy episode
  • Miley bails out Oliver and joins him as a radio team, but can she manage that while juggling her Hanna and Miley life too?

    What's ashame about this episode was that the performances were very good and were also completely wasted. The directing and the direction of this episode were off the charts horrible.

    First read the title of this episode and than watch this episode and does something not stick out right away that is seriously wrong with this episode? You, give up? Well, at risk of spoiling an episode that would spoil it for you if you actually watched it.... She doesn't hurt the feelings of the radio star! The whole premise is false! Here in the next paragraph let me show you how this horrible episode started from bad to worst!

    First of all even though it was horribly set up you could make the case that Oliver has in the past been a DJ at a school dance and has done videography so he kind of does have an interest in this type of field right. Well he was horrible from the beginning to the very end. And so Miley saving him seems like the opposite of a mercy killing. But wait there is a twist. Yes, if you don't want to be spoiled don't read on.....

    He's the one they actually want? So, let me get this straight! Miley who seemed to be better on the mike and was wasting her time for nothing and Oliver who I actually do believe is better than the performance they did show of him actually is good. So, why did they do this episode again?

    It defies credibility. If you want Oliver to succeed at being a radio star he has to do it good at least once, right? If Miley who was portrayed in this episode as better than Oliver at doing Oliver's dream job, (which is kind of offensive in itself) is the bad one how does this make sense? It doesn't except they wanted a stupid pointless twist in the end just to do it. It didn't make any sense. It wasn't funny, or believable and it totally sucked the air out of the great performances all around by all. Miley did it all for nothing. And this episode was done for nothing too.

    And what about the B-story. Well it was a really good B-story, but you know what the problem was again? Bingo! Your right they never finished it! Did, they sell Rico's shack or not. I know, it's implied that it wasn't sold, but if you don't tell us that, your not selling the story-line. Horrible, just plain horrible. If the writers and director don't care, why should we. And it's ashame, because Rico and Jackson were very good in this episode and their performances were totally wasted.

    One, other very important point to illustrate how horrible the directing was on this episode. Now, Miley who I felt did a descent performance did something that I believe was the director's fault. In between the very cute High School the Musical reference except for one other scene she never appeared tired in the entire episode. Are you kidding me? That was definitely not her fault. You, know it was the director's fault. Like I said this is how not to do an episode. I hope Oliver is still a DJ in a future episode too, or there definitely was no point to this really, really bad episode.
  • Great episode!Very funny,and I would watch again.And again,and again.....

    I loved this episode,it was funny and different than anything they have ever done before!I think that Miley(or as Hannah!)should have her own radio show.That would be a new idea and storyline for the show.I really loved the dog show(I forget what it was)and I really loved the dog Matilda that Miley was saying she wanted!I loved the whole scene with the dog,Matilda,I especially loved how Miley was saying the dog could talk.I wish that Disney could make more Hannah shows like this.Because this episode was hilarious,and really showed how Miley wants to help her friends.I can't wait to see this again!