Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 30

Miley Says Goodbye?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 07, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Miley moves to Tennessee...

    This is so sweet and sad. Because Miley's heart is effortive and interesting. And... I surprise that I saw "Hannah Montana: Forever" is a biggest hits on Disney Channel. She looks cute and different and her blonde hair lookes different. I can't wait to watch Hannah Montana Season 4 in summer 2010. That'll be four months later. It's so sad that Hannah Montana season 3 is ended and over. But it'll very exciting and amazing soon in summer time. I hope they'll love "Hannah Montana Forever" this is part of season 4. That'll be totally great and most awesome, honey.
  • What?! Why Miley want to move to Tennessee? I'm so dying because I really want to watch Hannah Montana season 4!!

    It gives me the worst nightmares when I feel kinda crying and don't really appreciate about Miley saying goodbye. And that's sad and not very good episode. I want to watch when you stop filming Hannah Montana like about season 1-10. That's what I want. Pleeeeeassse... don't cancel Hannah Montana for long time. You promise? I hope so. Do you know why they'll sad and not so happy that Miley Cyrus is trying to cancel Hannah Montana? Yes, of course they'll feel sad and not so happy. And please... continue filming Hannah Montana season 4. If you did... I'll be very glad and hopefully.
  • I'm still not fully convinced.

    Okay, so according to this episode, Miley wants to move back to Tenessee. I can understand how that's a really big decision that can ultimately affect her life, but there is still the case of this show not doing very well with accuracy. I know this show is supposed to have a lot of drama in it, but with it's bad acting and over-the-top gags...I just can't by into it! Now, during the whole third season, I could tell that Miley Cyrus was not putting in her best effort into her acting; it's like the only thing that has kept to this show over this last year is that contract she has binded with Disney Channel. I just feel I can't connect with these characters anymore. I If the writers would have done better with the character development in Hannah Montana lately, I might have bought into this. But it's like...the only thing I got from this episode was a mildless "jump-the-shark" attempt. Lily moving in has already ripped off Wizards of Waverly Place, and Lily and Oliver dating out of impulse hasn't been believed. And I've been coming to this conclusion that Miley Cyrus is just not a very good actress. The whole thing with her and Miley Stewart is just nothing that leads to anything believable. Now, the whole thing with the spirit of Miley's horse "Bluejeans" coming into her dreams, only to remind her of who she is by revealing himself to be Miley's inner-being was really effective. But I didn't hear this from Miley Cyrus. I don't really care where this show is going, but it's no better than where it was one season ago.
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