Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 19

Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Amber and Ashley always win the charity fundraiser, but this year Lilly, Miley, and Oliver are going to try to change that.

    There is a charity fundraiser at school for the United People's Relief and Amber and Ashley always win it. This year Lilly, Miley, and Oliver are going to try to raise more money than them together as a team. They go around to houses, but get barely any money. At a concert, Hannah asks for people to donate to the charity. They get a lot of people to donate and are excited because they are finally going to beat Amber and Ashley. Sarah comes by Miley's house, not realizing that it is Miley's house, asking for a donation to the charity. She tells them everything that she has been doing for her charity work. Miley feels bad because Sarah worked way harder than they did for the money. She tries to give Sarah the money, but she won't take it. Miley decides to give Sarah the money as Hannah, but Sarah is a huge Hannah Montana fan and she faints. Hannah finally gives her the money after running from many crazy fans. Amber and Ashley heard from Oliver that Sarah was going to beat them so they asked their parents for more money and they won...again. Miley and Lilly got back at them though by telling a reporter that they were taking their day off to volunteer.
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