Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 19

Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Oliver is holding the money that Hannah pulled in from the concert, as the camera zooms out from the cash, you can clearly see the words "For Motion Picture Use Only" printed on the bills.

    • Hannah sings "Who Said" in this episode.

    • Towards the end, when Jackson and Robbie are having a water-drinking competition, the water that they are drinking is "Dasani".

    • Goof: When Hannah finishes singing "Who Said", the stage lights behind her are all off when just a second before, some were on.

    • Goof: When Hannah sings "Who Said", she is holding a black microphone with a black tip, but when she ends the song, she is holding a black microphone with a silver tip.

    • Goof: When Hannah and Lola jump into the ball pit, about 15-20 balls are knocked out of the pit. But when the crowd reaches the pit, the balls have dissapeared.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Corelli: Oh yeah, the three amigos show me the money!
      (He looks in the bag, but it's empty)
      Mr. Corelli: Seriously, show me the money!
      Miley: This is all we could raise.
      Oliver: Aren't ya gonna ring the gong?
      Mr. Corelli: Oh, I've got a special gong for you!
      (He rings a triangle)

    • Miley: What's important is not letting Amber and Ashley win this year! I'm so sick of seeing their snobby faces everywhere I turn!
      ((Miley looks up and sees Amber and Ashley's picture)
      Miley: AHHH!
      ((Miley turns around and sees Amber and Ashley standing there)
      Miley: Ahhh!

    • Oliver: Fine we'll donate our money to miss goody two socks!

    • Miley: I don't understand. How did they find out how much money was raised? (Oliver looks away like he is hiding something)
      Lilly: Oliver!
      Oliver: Ok. Maybe I bragged...a little, about how Sarah was gonna beat them. I...Phhhh...Chhhh...Sssss!
      Miley: A...Phhhh...Button it!

    • Miley: You wouldn't even buy yourself a pair of socks?
      Sarah: I already have two pairs of socks. A pair and a spare. Who needs more than that?
      Lilly: Normal people?

    • Hannah: Hey!
      Sarah: Hi, would you like to donate to . . . Ah! You! And you're! Here! And! Oh! It's! You!
      Lola: I'm guessing she's a fan?
      Hannah: (Sarcastic) Ya think?

    • Miley: We'll see about that! We'll knock on every door until out knuckles bleed! We'll beg and we'll plead, and WE WON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!
      (Miley at a door)
      Man: NO!
      (Lilly at a door)
      Man: NO!
      (Oliver at a door)
      Man: Sick 'em, Butchy!

    • Mr. Corelli: Ok, I want everybody to close your eyes and find your HAPPY PLACE. Now imagine all of the good things in your life.
      Ashley: Great shoes. Perfect hair.
      Amber & Ashley: Very berry lip shine. Ooooooooh, sssssssss.
      Lily:Even though I can't see it, it's still annoying!
      Miley:I know! Now it's in my HAPPY PLACE!

    • Sarah: I'm sorry I'm late, Mr. Corelli. I was on my way to school when I had to wrestle a cat away from a baby bird. And then, I felt sorry for the cat, so I had to go to the pet store to get it some food, and then, I saw this lost dog with a sore paw...
      Mr. Corelli: Whoa, Sarah! Why is it every time I talk to you, I get the urge to give blood; and call my mom? Which if you knew my mom, is sort of the same thing!

    • Reporter: Wow, you two are amazing. This is gonna be a great story.
      Ashley: Yea, well the truth is...
      Lilly: But wait, there's more...
      Ashley: No, there's not, really!

    • Miley: So, how's the collecting going?
      Sarah: Pretty good. I woke up at 4 this morning so I could raise money at the fish market. And then, I caught the end of the graveyard shift at the meat plant, then sunrise aerobics at the Yoga Max.
      Lilly: You get up this early every morning?
      Sarah: No, on Saturdays, I sleep in until 5:30. Then I go to an old folks home and serve breakfast.
      Miley: Why am I not surprised?
      Sarah: I just really want that gift card so I could buy a bunch of clothes and then donate them to needy children.
      Oliver: Needy children?
      Miley: You'd donate the whole gift card?

    • Miley: Oh, and they didn't even tell you the best part. They're going to take all the money from the gift card to buy clothes for the needy children.
      Amber & Ashley: Needy who?
      Ashley: Oooh!
      Amber: Not now!

    • Reporter: If I could just have a quote, how do you feel right now?
      Amber: Well, we're just so happy for the Universal Relief.
      Reporter: You mean, United People's Relief?
      Amber: Whatever you call it, people are going to be relieved.

    • Miley: I just feel bad for Sarah. She's going to be crushed.
      Sarah: (To Amber & Ashley) Yay! Good for you!
      Lilly: Yeah, she's taking it real hard.

    • Lilly: I bet she'd take a donation from a generous celebrity!
      Miley: I bet she would!
      Oliver: Yeah, right. Where are going to find one of those?
      (Miley & Lilly knock him down with pillows)
      Miley: You'd think he'd learn by now.

    • Oliver: I can't believe how much Hannah pulled in.
      Miley: I know, and it was easier than finding a mullet at a trucker's convention.
      Oliver: Huh?
      Lilly: What?
      Miley: Ya'll wouldn't last two minutes in Tennessee.

    • Hannah: Now, before I start my next song, I would just like to give a shout out to a great charity called United People's Relief, so show your love and make a donation!
      (Crowd starts throwing coins at her)
      Hannah: Guys, please! Paper money only! I bruise like a cantaloupe!

    • (Miley, Lilly, & Oliver all sigh)
      Robbie: Wow, 3-part sigh. Usually, when I hear a sigh like that, my wallet hurts.
      Miley: Daddy, I know you already gave a big donation, but Amber and Ashley's parents--
      Robbie: Now, you know what I always say, honey. You can buy a thirsty man a cow and he'll have all the milk he wants, but he still won't have enough to wash down his cookies.
      Lilly: What?
      Oliver: Huh?
      Miley: He said he's happy to give to charity, but this is a chance for us to learn to be creative and raise the money ourselves. And then, something about cookies.

    • Jackson: This is a good idea, Coop.
      Cooper: I told you, man. With ping-pong, you don't have to be tall, strong, or good-looking.
      Jackson: Exactly. Wait a minute. I'm good-looking!
      Cooper: Sure you are.

    • Lilly: That is so unfair! We worked so much harder than you!
      Miley: Yeah! We walked 10 miles, faked 6 different accents, and sang the "12 Days of Christmas" 58 stinking times!
      Amber: Wow, you're right; you did work harder.
      Ashley: We're just smarter.
      Amber & Ashley: And richer. Oooh! Ssss!

    • Amber: Hey, guys. Look, we know we gloated last year, and we feel really bad about that.
      Ashley: So, we just wanted to say good luck! May the best fundraiser win.
      (Amber & Ashley walk away)
      Miley: Okay, something doesn't smell right here.
      Lilly: Sorry, I knew I shouldn't have had that breakfast burrito.

    • (The school bell rings)
      Mr. Corelli: Oh, finally! Lunch time!

    • Mr. Corelli: (To his class) And you, my little relievers, are going to help the less fortunate.
      Oliver: Like Ms. Dawson, the librarian?
      Mr. Corelli: Ms. Dawson is not less fortunate. She chooses to dress that way. It's too bad. She could be all that and a bowl of pudding.

    • Miley: This has been going on for two hours. What gives people?
      Amber: Hi Miley.
      Ashley: Hi Lilly.
      (Amber and Ashley laugh as they walk away)
      Lilly: Okay, this has Amber and Ashley written all over it.
      Oliver: Actually it has dork and dorkier written all over it.
      Miley: That's it. They're gonna pay for this.
      Lilly: Wait, wait, was I wearing dork or dorkier?
      (Miley gives Lilly a look)
      Lilly: It's important to me!

    • Hannah: I'd like to make a donation. Lola, give her the money.
      (Lola refuses to let go)
      Hannah: Lola release!

    • Hannah:Yeah thanks for pinching me back there in the ball pit.
      Lola: I didn't pinch you, you pinched me!

    • Lilly: I bet she'd take a donation from a generous celebrity!
      Miley: I bet she would!
      Oliver: Yeah right, where are we gonna find one of those?

    • (After drinking a lot of water to see who would go to the bathroom first)
      Jackson: Ok, you win!
      Robbie: I knew having eight brothers and sisters and one out-house would pay off someday.

    • Jackson: Well this ends right now! I'm gonna beat you at something dad and I am gonna beat you SO bad.
      Robbie: Son, you got your health, you got a nice car, why go looking for unhappiness?
      (Jackson makes chicken noises)
      Robbie: Okay, that does it, name the game.

  • Notes

    • This episode premiered in the Czech Republic on November 5th, 2011.

    • This episode was on the Disney Channel website the week before it aired.

    • This was the never-before-seen episode on the "Hannah Montana: Volume 1: Livin' the Rock Star Life" DVD.

    • "Scope Magazine", a magazine for children that publishes a skit in each issue, used a scene from this episode as a skit. The issue was in available before the episode aired in the U.S.

    • This episode first aired on October 6th, 2006 in Australasian (Australia, New Zealand etc.) after the episode "O Say, Can You Remember the Words?".

  • Allusions

    • Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free is a play on the song by Dire Straits called Money for Nothing (& Chicks for Free).