Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 7

My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 18, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Seems Like Something That's Been Done in Other Shows A lot

    lilly's new boyfriend, lucas, is seen with another girl, but lilly does not believe miley, who saw this, and it risks their friendship. can miley (or maybe hannah) make lilly see the truth? rico gets security stuff because of a pair of sunglasses that were stolen.

    it was alright but the main plot seems like something that has been done on a lot of other shows and the hannah montana version wasn't great... the subplot was alright but the ending to that was kind of dumb. Overall it was alright i guess, it gets a "C" from me. Very average
  • Larry David? Noo! I can't beleive he did this.

    This is one of the best episodes of a series that isn't that good. Miley looks out for her friend and we learn that bros come before hos. (Even if the bros a girl) I am outraged at the misuse of Larry David. He has more talent than every single person involved in this show, and a minute long appearance does him no justice. He should have had a stare down with the host at the restaurant, or at least a more relevant role in the plot. Also, what the hell is he even doing appearing in Hannah Montana? Disney must have pulled a ridiculous amount of strings to get someone this good on. Why don't they have a workshop with Larry David and the entire crew of this show, maybe then they can learn how to be funny. Every time I see an episode I am disappointed in myself that I'm even watching it, and writing this review is depressing the hell out of me. Again, one of the best episodes from a mediocre show.
  • Lilly starts to like this guy named Lucas and as Lilly's best friend,Miley can see that in Lilly's eyes,however things starts to go well until Lilly neglects miley then miley finds outs that is cheating on Lilly so later Miley pretends to flirt with him.

    I like this episode but I don't like Lucas because he broke Lilly's heart.I think Lilly should've known not to fall in love with the first guy that winks at her. Lucas get over yourself, you are not a player you are just jerk trying to get some action well you know what it's not working I thought that the dumping of the food was so funny. Next time Lilly when you have a boyfriend always spend at least a day or two with your friends so that you will always have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend balance your social life.
  • Pretty good episode!

    Lucas asks Lilly out. She really likes him. Miley and Lilly had a movie night planned and Lilly brought Lucas with her and a guy for Miley. Miley finds out that Lucas is cheating on Lilly when he sees her kissing another girl. Lilly thinks that Miley is just jealous. Miley finally proves to Lilly that Lucas is cheating on her when she takes Lilly to a restaurant as Lola and Hannah and has Oliver bring Lucas there. While Hannah goes where there is better lighting so a grandma can take a picture, she tells Lucas to tell Lola eveerything. So Lucas told Lola that he had two girlfriends, but would dump both of them for Hannah.
  • This episode was okay, but one thing really bugs me...

    My Best Friend's Boyfriend was a fairly good episode on the whole. The episode was just as funny as usual, but one joke bothers me. This episode marks the second time in the second season in which Miley insults Males. The other episode was You Are So Sue-able to Me in which she states that boys need to be told what they like. In this episode, she comments on "Boy Brains". This joke is getting old, and annoying. On the whole, the episode was fine. My Best Friend's Boyfriend had a good plot line, as usual, and the writing was as good as any episode, but I would have liked this episode much more if the insults to Males was not there.
  • Lilly didn't act very "Lilly" in this one.

    I didn't like this one it was kinda boring, Lilly acted way to lovey dovey(I like the sporty Lilly) and that guy was wierd PLUS disney shows this one to much. The plot was Lilly finally gets the boyfriend of her dreams and all seems perfect and wonderful except for the fact that Miley's being left out all the time. But then Miley discovers that Lucas(Lilly's Man) is cheating on her with another girl! seeing that Miley has been jealous of Lucas all week Lilly thinks that she is just making it up and takes the fake guys side. Miley then hatches a plan to prove that she is right and gets Oliver to help. Miley takes Lilly out for a "I'm sorry I acted that way" dinner and Oliver and Lucas go out and eat at the same restuarant. Miley dresses as Hannah and flirts with Lucas only succeding by getting him to come over to the table, Lilly then reliezes that Lucas is a fake and pours sauce all over him(which was funny)In the end it all works out. Not my favorite story line but it was okay.
  • OMG I loved it. I think they all learned a lesson and Oliver showed signs of Jealousy!!

    At the beginning Oliver was acting really Jealous about lilly and her boyfriend. I am totally for the Oliver/Lily relationship. Anyways it was a great episode.

    I did find it a little wrong however when Miley pretended to be Hannah and flirt with Lily's boyfriend to prove he was two timing her.

    This episode was too funny! I loved it. It was funny how Miley was all for it but after 9 days she sick and tired of it. I think she could've been a little more supportive.

    All in all a good episode and I can't wait to see what's more to come
  • Good use of Lily and Oliver

    There was more good about this episode than bad. It focused a bit on Lily and didn’t make every little thing in the show about Miley. That is very good. And it provided for some moments of very charming comedy between the two girls. I thought the episode where Lily surprised Miley with a blind date was very good and a surprising comic turn for Miley who has lagged behind the other performers in developing her comic timings.

    The episode with Rico and Jackson was unnecessary but amusing and it gave us a break from the central scene. Both boys performed well. This episode also gave Oliver a chance to shine a bit which always makes the show better. While I don’t like the trend I am seeing of making Miley a bitter self centered brat as the rest of the cast gets more interesting and funny, this episode turned that trend back a bit. Keep working to sweeten Miley up. That affectionate little girl who loves her daddy and is crazy about her best friends is what made the show great in the first place so don’t lose that.
  • well I guess after a winning episode like the one previously, they had to put in a stinker....

    I don't have alot of good to say about this one...I WILL say that it was funny how every time Miley tried to tell on Lucas, the band would start up! I got a kick out of that. I also liked how in the end, the girls decided not to ever let a guy come between them...I wish more girls would decide to do that before this kinda thing happens! Other than that, I thought this one was lame and unneccessary.
  • Miley catches Lilly's boyfriends cheating on her but she won't believe her.

    This episode is pivotal for the character development between Miley and Lilly. It also has alot of character development in the character of Lilly. In this season she has gotten stood up by a boy who she gets together with and he is not seen again. In this episode she gets a boyfriend who cheats on her. Lilly does not have very good luck with boys which I think will be shown again in future episodes.

    All in all I thought this episode was very excellent which is why I am rating it a 9.7
  • Miley sees Lily's new boyfriend kissing another girl.Lily doesn't believe it until Miley proves it to her that her boyfriend was really cheating on her.

    I personally never thought it would've ended up like that because up until I saw Lily's boyfriend kissing another girl, I never thought he ever would cheat on her. It kept you wanting to know more and more and at the end it left you stunned. I give it a 4 star review. I don't know what it is , but Hannah Montana never dissapoints me. This show is one of my favorites, and i'll bet it will be yours. If you haven't seen this episode, you defenetly will need to see it. Boys and girls around the world love Hannah Montana and her shows and so will you.
  • Thi episode was really good and was one of my favorites on this web site or of Hannah Montona!! Alot of peopel must like it !

    Thi episode was really good and was one of my favorites on this web site or of Hannah Montona!!This episode was most enjoyable one yet! everyone must like it because you feeel like your there watching the movie and seeing it in real life but even better!!! Well i guess thats relly what i could actually say because you probly now how good it was and how anazing it is to watch any Hannah Montana Video or episode! Keep it up and keep on making ur video so amazing and entertaining like everyone tries to do. This will always be the best ever!!!!
  • Great episode, stupid boy.

    Lily has a boyfriend now! She doesn't pay attention to Miley at all. Miley sees Lilly's boyfriend, Luke, kissing another girl. She tries to prove it to Lilly by getting Luke to hit on Hannah Montana. Rico notices that someone stole a pair of sunglasses. He buys a security system, which causes Jackson some real trouble!

    This episode was wonderful! I liked Luke, until I saw him kissing someone else. I thought the double date at Miley's house was hilarious! Luke's cousin was so funny! I liked Robbie's comment about the stupid dance shows on television. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Pretty good episode.

    This episode is about Miley being happy for Lilly at first for having a boyfriend. But when Lilly spends all her time with him she gets upset. Then when Miley catches her boyfriend in the wrong she doesn't believe her until they go out to eat as Lola and Hannah. When he goes and hits on Hannah she puts some food on the top of his head. Then she said that was just Lola just wait till Lilly gets a hold on him. This episode was pretty good and funny at the beginning more than the end of the show.
  • Great episode! Totally worth the wait!

    Lilly gets a new boyfriend Lucas and Miley's really happy for her. Then Lilly starts spending all her time with Lucas and Miley starts to feel left out. At school, Miley sees Lucas kissing another girl and she tells Lilly about it. Lilly doesn't believe Miley and Lucas even lies and says that Miley's just jealous. So, Miley as Hannah and Lilly as Lola, go to a resturant and Oliver and Lucas are there also. Miley as Hannah flirts with Lucas and Lilly realizes that Miley was telling the truth.

    I love this episode! It was funny and I'm glad Lilly's getting some romance now. I like it when she as Lola dumps that stuff on Lucas' head! The ending was funny, but I think they should have shown Lilly breaking up with Lucas. I didn't really care about the subplot. Anyway, this episode was really funny and I love Miley and Lily's outfits in this episode. I can't wait for more of season two!
  • enjoyable! worth the wait!

    Finaly! A decent episode! I actually enjoyed every minute of this episode and laughed!!!!! Miley is so happy to see Lilly with a new boyfriend. But when Miley sees Lilly's new boyfriend with another girl at school. She tells Lilly about it, but Lilly refuses to believe her. Lilly's boyfriend even lies about it to Lilly. So Miley thinks of a plan of getting the boyfriend into a situation where he gets to reveal the real him in front of Lilly by using her hannah montana persona. Finaly! Miley got to be Hannah again, we need 2 see more of Hannah Montana's secret life than Miley's. And then, Someone steals a pair of glasses from his store. Rico puts crazy sercuity systems in the store which annoys Jackson.
  • Good episode

    I really liked this episode it was funny and entertaining. It looks like Miley's acting has gotten better in this episode too. In this episode Lilly gets a new boyfriend named Luke. She starts spending every minute with him and Miley starts to get annoyed. Then one day Miley sees lilly's boyfriend kissing another girl At first Lilly does not believe Miley when she tell her but later when they go to a restuarant as Hannah and Lola, Lilly finds out that Miley was telling the truth. In the subplot, Someone steal a pair of glasses from his store. Rico puts crazy sercuity systems in the store which annoys Jackson.
  • funny

    Miley is so happy to see Lilly with a new boyfriend. But when Miley sees Lilly's new boyfriend with another girl at school. She tells Lilly about it, but Lilly refuses to believe her. Lilly's boyfriend even lies about it to Lilly. So Miley thinks of a plan of getting the boyfriend into a situation where he gets to reveal the real him in front of Lilly by using her hannah montana persona. This is a really hilarious episode, I was cracking up throughout the episode, it's so funny. The actors were funny. I really enjoyed this one, I just can't wait for the next one.
  • This episode is about how Lilly has a boyfriend and Lilly is spending more time her boyfriend than Miley . Lilly doesn't know that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

    I like how they made Lilly's boyfriend a player by hitting on any hot girl he sees. This episode is really funny I liked it but I didn't really like the story revolving around Lilly and her boyfriend they already did this. Oliver wasn't really in the episode that much as usual I think they should had more parts for him.