Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 14

New Kid In School

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Lilly is talking to Miley about Jake Ryan, the new kid who's joining their school. Miley tells Lilly that Jake probably wants to be treated like a normal kid. Lilly states that Jake isn't a normal kid; he's the dreamy zombie slayer on the TV series "Zombie High". Oliver chimes that he can't believe he's going to be in the same class with a celebrity. Miley asks what that makes her. Lilly replies that when she's not Hannah, Miley is a nobody. Just then, Amber and Ashley run in the classroom and announce that Jake is coming. Mr. Corelli tries to get the students to calm down, saying that Jake is just a TV star and there's nothing to be excited about. Jake steps in the classroom and everyone, including Mr. Corelli, can barely contain their excitement. Jake asks if he could say something before the class begins and Mr. Corelli agrees. Jake says he realizes that he might be a distraction to the other students, especially since he was named "Tween Magazine's Hottie of the Year". Lilly blurts out that she framed a copy of that magazine. She and Jake strike up a conversation about how much they have in common. Miley interrupts and asks Jake to get on with his point. He explains that he wants everyone to think that he's just like one of them. Amber and Ashley ask Jake to do his famous line from the show (Dude, I slayed you once, don't make me slay you!) which of course he obliges them. Star struck, Lilly said she can't believe how cool he is and Miley says that she can't believe how cool Jake thinks HE is. Suddenly, a reporter named Bree from the entertainment news show "This Week in Hollywood" arrives. She asks Mr. Corelli if she could take some photos of Jake on his first day back at a normal school. Mr. Corelli says that will not be a problem. Bree says the she wants everything to be normal looking, so she asks her assistant to some make up on Jake and have all of the good-looking student's crowd around him. Pushed out of the way, Oliver asks Miley why she doesn't want anyone to know the she's Hannah. She tells him it's because the way everybody's mobbing Jake. Seeing Jake smile for the cameras with all the pretty girls around him, Oliver sarcastically notes that they have so much better, standing at the back of the classroom next to "Dandruff Danny", who keeps brushing his dandruff onto them.

After class, Lilly and Miley have to push their way through the crowd of fans just to get to their lockers. Miley says that this is getting ridiculous. Lilly believes it's just Miley's jealousy talking. Miley responds that she is not jealous she just doesn't like seeing him milk his celebrity. Lilly says that Jake is not milking it and Miley was the one who believed that he just wants to be like everyone else. Jake comes into the hallway and is telling the story of how he met the President to Bree and several of his classmates. Jake notices Miley and Lilly and asks them what's up. Lilly barely manages to nod her head before Bree tells Jake that she wants to take some photos of him down the hall. A new crowd of fans runs after Jake, causing Miley to fall into the janitors trash bin.

The next day at school, Miley sees Tony the janitor messing with her locker. She asks if something was wrong with it and Tony says no. He just thought that Jake could use some more room for his locker. Tony opens the door of Miley's locker and shows her the he's converted not only her locker, but three other ones into one gigantic locker for Jake. Jake walks up and is amazed at what Tony has done. All he asked Tony to do was to get rid the squeaky door. Tony says he would do anything for Jake. Miley interrupts them by asking where her locker is now. Surprised, Jake asks if one of the lockers was hers. Tony tells her not to worry and hands her the contents of her locker. He takes her over to the boiler room and says her that her locker is down there, then he hands her a bag full of cheese. Miley is puzzled as to why he would give her such a thing. Tony tells her that while she's down there she should reset the rat traps.

A few days later, Mr. Corelli is handing out a test. He informs all the students that he wants complete silence during the test. All of the sudden, Miley stomach starts to growl. Lilly asks her what's going on. She says she had a Hannah thing the night before and it caused her to oversleep and miss breakfast. She tries to sneak a candy bar, but Mr. Corelli catches her. He tells her she better have enough for the whole class and she replies that only if he takes tiny bites. Mr. Corelli says that he is the only one allowed be sarcastic and makes are given the candy bar. Jake saunters into class extremely late. He apologizes to Mr. Corelli, saying that he went to premiere that ran late into the night. The cafeteria lady brings in the tray of food for Jake. Jake asks Mr. Corelli if it's OK for him to eat, because he missed breakfast. Mr. Corelli tells him it's not a problem, and reminds him that breakfast is the post most important meal of the day. Miley stutters to Lilly that she did the same thing and yet she was reprimanded. Mr. Corelli tells everyone that the test has begun. Jake asks Miley if she has an extra pencil. She tells him no, and if he keeps talking they will both get into trouble. Lilly gives Jake her pencil and Miley points out that Lilly only had one pencil. Mr. Corelli asks the girls why they are talking. Miley says that Jake was the one who started it all. Jake tells Mr. Corelli that was his fault, but Mr. Corelli says that he doesn't have to try and be hero. Mr. Corelli tells Miley that she just doesn't understand what it's like to be a celebrity. Miley blurts out that she does understand, or at least she can imagine. Mr. Corelli says that Miley's behavior has earned her a trip to the principal's office. Jake again tries to take some heat off Miley, but he ends up spouting some lines from his TV show. He then gives her an autographed picture of himself and tells Miley to give it to the principal. Jake says the principle has been asking for his autograph and if she gives it to the principal maybe he will go easy on her. When Miley gets out of the room, she tears up Jake's photo and throws it away. Bree, who has been listening at the door for any juicy news about Jake, asks Miley why she's unhappy with her new classmate. Miley says that Jake gets everything he wants because he's famous, but he's not the only celebrity at the school and it's about time that she got some attention. Bree asks her who the other celebrity is. Miley tells her that she is Hannah Montana. When Bree doesn't believe her, Miley asks her to come to her house and she will prove it.

Later at the beach, Lilly tells Miley that her blabbing the truth to Bree is like Clark Kent revealing that he's Superman at the Daily Planet's Christmas party. Miley says she doesn't know why she should keep it a secret anymore. If she told she was Hannah she wouldn't have a locker in the basement, she wouldn't get sent to the principal's office, she could eat in class whenever she wanted, and Tony the janitor would be happy to clean up after her. Jake (Wearing a baseball hat and dark sunglasses) walks over to over to them. He whispers to Miley that it's him; he's just wearing a disguise. Miley wonders him what he's disguised as, an egomaniac TV star? Jake laughs it off, saying that if his ego wasn't so big that would've hurt his feelings. Jake asks Lilly if he can talk to Miley alone for a minute. Lilly, thrilled that Jake actually knows her name says it's not a problem. Miley gets up to leave, believing that Jake wants her to move out of his favorite tanning spot. Jake tells her that he came over to apologize for everything happened. He says that he's really not a bad guy and he want the chance to prove that to her. Miley asked him why he cares what she thinks. Jake responds that she's the only one at school who treats it like a normal kid and he likes that, plus he think she's cute. Trying to pretend that it doesn't matter to her, Miley asks him if he's telling the truth about her being cute. Before Jake can answer, a fan recognizes Jake. Jake tells Miley that his disguise apparently didn't work and Miley acts like she's surprised. The boy asks Jake to do his famous line for him. Jake says he would, except he's in the middle of a conversation, but the fan refused to back down. To get the boy to leave cake halfheartedly delivers his line. The fan tells Jake he's better on TV and walks away. Jake says he's sorry about that and he tells Miley that although he enjoys being a celebrity he wishes sometimes just turn it off and be a normal kid. Miley surprised by his confession, but before she can ask him anything else, two girls spot Jake. The two girls cost such a commotion that it draws a crowd of people around Jake. Miley manages to escape from the crowd and runs over to find Lilly. Lilly reminds her that pretty soon that's what is going to be like whenever anyone sees Miley. Jake barely manages to break free and the mob of fans and escapes into a bathroom. Lilly asks Miley she's ready for that kind of life. Miley realizes she's not ready for all of the attention and says she made the biggest mistake of her life when she talks that reporter. On the bright side Miley says, Jake thinks she's cute, even though she doesn't care what he thinks about her.

Miley heads home and explains her father everything that's happened. She tells him that her secret kept her life perfect and she blew it just because she wanted pancakes in class. Robbie wishes Miley would've thought of that before she invited the reporter to come to their house. Miley agrees with him and adds that she knows that she made a mistake. She says that she's a teenager and teenagers are supposed to act without thinking and get zits. Robbie wonders if Miley's figured out how she's going to get out of this yet. Miley tells Robbie the he's a dad and figuring out how to get her out of trouble is what he supposed to do. Robbie says that they don't have a lot of time before the reporter gets there, but he does have a little bit of a plan that might work.

A few hours later, Bree and a cameraman knock on Robbie door. Bree tells Robbie the she's looking for Hannah Montana. Robbie explains to Bree that his daughter has and over active imagination and she often pretends to celebrities. The previous week she pretended to be both of the Olsen twins. Robbie apologizes for the trouble his daughter has caused and tries to shut the door. Bree pushes her way in and tells him that she's done her research. Her sources tell her that Hannah lives somewhere in this neighborhood. Robbie says Hannah doesn't live in his house and tries again to show Bree the door. Miley calls out from the other room, and tells her father it's OK, they don't have to pretend to anymore. She says it's time to the world knew the truth. Miley walks out wearing a hideous outfit and a blonde fright wig. She tells the cameraman the she's ready for her close-up and he starts filming. Bree says that the more she looks at Miley, the more she believes that Miley is just a bad Hannah impersonator. Miley states that if she was just an impersonator she wouldn't be able to sing like Hannah Montana. She grabs Bree's microphone and starts singing. Miley speaks the lyrics of a song instead of actually singing them. She dances around wildly and climbs over the piano. Then she grabs one of Robbie guitars and pretends that she's playing it. Bree, who is starting to become nervous, pretends to be pleased by Miley's performance. Miley grabs her arm and leads her over to the couch, so they can begin the interview. Just then, Jackson walks out dressed up like Elvis, complete with a white jumpsuit and glued on chest hair. He asks if the person of the door was bringing the pizza he ordered. Miley tells him to get out because she is trying to do it interview. She whispers to Bree that her brother thinks he's Elvis. Jackson wants to know if Bree would like to interview him to. Frightened by Miley and Jackson, Bree tells them that she has everything she needs. She heads for the door only to be stopped by Robbie who was wearing a mullet wig. Robbie introduces himself to Bree as Billy Ray Cyrus. Bree tells the cameraman this time to leave and they run out of house. Miley and Robbie follow them out. Miley tells them to come back sometime. Robbie says that Miley lucked out this time, but she needs to be careful because the next time she tells someone she might not be able to get out of it. Miley tells her father not to worry. If she ever decides to tell the world that she's Hannah Montana show be sure it's what she really wants to do. Robbie says that if she ever reveals her secret he and Jackson will be right beside her.

Jackson and Oliver are polishing Jackson's car. Oliver says that he likes the cars new blue paint job and asks if he can use the buffer machine that Jackson has. Jackson tries to tell Oliver to make sure he has a good grip, because the buffer is hard to hold onto, but before he can finish Oliver loses control of the buffer and falls over. They hear a horn honk, and see Robbie pulling into the driveway with the brand-new convertible. Jackson tells his father that he didn't have to go to all of the troubled and buy him a new car. Robbie says he didn't buy the car for Jackson; he bought for himself because his old car lease was up. He asks the boys what they think of the car. Oliver starts to say that the car makes Jackson's vehicle look bad, but Jackson stares them down. Jackson asks his dad he can sit in the car, but Robbie tells Jackson he is not to go anywhere near the car.

A few days later, Jackson is trying to his car to start. Robbie comes out and tells him that sounds like a dead battery is the reason for his car troubles. Jackson says his car has to start because he's picking up his date Jennifer so that they can go to the Coldplay concert. Jackson begins to yell at the car, and then he tries telling the car didn't mean it. Robbie says he can apologize all he wants to, but the car's not going to work without a new battery. Jackson asks if he can borrow his father's car, but Robbie tells him no. Jackson reminds Robbie that he was sixteen once. Robbie says he remembers being sixteen and now his answer has gone from at no to a "Heck No". Jackson tells Robbie that he'll be careful with the car, he'll be a perfect gentleman, he'll bring it back on time, and he won't take it any faster than the legal speed limit. Robbie jokingly asks if this is the same speech Jackson plans on giving to Jennifer's father. Jackson shoots back no, but he will if Robbie thinks it would work. Robbie replies that is not working on him. Jackson asked his dad to have a heart and Robbie finally relent. Robbie tells Jackson to take the keys, but Jackson literally has to pry the keys out of his father hands. Robbie says he's sorry, it was harder to let go than he thought it would be. Jackson grabs one more thing out of his car before he leaves; his sculpting hairspray.

A little later, Robbie is talking on his cell phone. He says that he took his son's car in to new battery and long story short, the car needs Bay new door. The person on the other end tells Robbie that'll be three days before the car can be fixed. An exasperated Robbie says that it only took the garbage truck two seconds to rip the door off. Robbie hears Jackson pulling into the driveway. He gets off the phone and pulls a tarp over Jackson's car. Acting like nothing is wrong, he asked Jackson why he's home so early. Jackson says that he has something to tell Robbie about the car. Robbie says that Jackson's car is fine and he went and got it a new battery. Robbie tries to get Jackson in the house by asking him if he wants to wrestle like the use to. Jackson tells his dad that something happened to the new car. When he went to pick up Jennifer, her dad brought out their Rottweiler to make sure it had Jackson's scent and one of the spikes on the dog's collar scratched Robbie's car door. Robbie's about to let Jackson have it when he remembers what happened to Jackson's car. He calms down and tells Jackson at the important thing is that no one was hurt. Puzzled by his father's reaction Jackson asks him if that's all he has to say. Robbie says that it wasn't Jackson's fault, but sometimes these things happen and nobody's to blame for it. Again, Robbie tries to get Jackson to go into the house. This time he tells Jackson he'll bake some brownies for him. Surprised by all the attention, Jackson asks if somebody died. Robbie tells them that there doesn't have to be something wrong for him to do nice things for Jackson. Jackson apologizes for being suspicious of his dad. Jackson remembers that he still has his sculpting hair spray with him and tells his dad he's going to put it in the car before they go into the house. He runs to the car before Robbie can stop him and sees his car door is missing. Shocked, he asks Robbie what happened to his door. Robbie says that he knows it looks bad but it wasn't his fault. In an attempt to escape, he asks Jackson if he wants sprinkles and nuts with his brownies. Before waiting for his reply Robbie runs off with Jackson hot on his heels.