Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 14

New Kid In School

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Miley tells Bree she's Hannah Montana, and then says, "No, really, I am Hannah Montana!" and writes her adress on a piece of paper, she actually just writes a scribble.

    • This is the second time Miley, Lilly and Oliver mention a grilled cheese sandwich. In this episode, Miley says, "What am I, a grilled cheese sandwich?" and in "Oops, I Meddled Again", Lilly says to Oliver, "Even a grilled cheese sandwich would have picked that one up!"

    • Goof: At school, in the scene in the hallway where everyone is chasing after Jake Ryan, Miley lands in the dumpster. Right then, Lilly is standing about 5 feet away from the dumpster, in awe that Jake spoke to her. In the next shot, she is standing a foot away from the dumpster.

    • Since no one wanted to scratch an expensive car, the prop department had to get creative on how to make it look damaged. They used an eyeliner pencil to draw the scratch on Robbie's car door.

  • Quotes

    • Miley: On the upside, he thinks I'm cute! Not that I care.

    • Jake: Dude, I slayed you once don't make me slay you again!

    • Jackson: Please dad, I mean, have a heart. You were sixteen once, remember.
      Robbie: I sure do, which kicks that no up to a heck no!

    • (Miley's stomach growls)
      Mr. Corelli: Okay, normally I'd ignore that, but ow!

    • Bree: Hi! I'm This Week in Hollywood's Bree Yung Zhusdan Takahashi Samuels. I'm looking for Hannah Montana.
      Robbie: Sweet niblets, that girl's done it again.
      Bree: (Interested) Done what?
      Robbie: Well, see, my daughter has a bit of an overactive imagination. Last week, she pretended to be the Olsen twins. Both of 'em. You talk about a Full House, whoo! (Proceeds to close the door but Bree stops him)
      Bree: Not so fast. (Walks into the house) I've done a little research, and the buzz is that Hannah Montana lives somewhere in this neighborhood.
      Robbie: Well, not in this house, I assure you. Why don't you grab one o' them mints on your way out?

    • Miley: I'm Hannah Montana.
      Bree: (Sarcastically) Yeah, and I'm J-LoMein.

    • Bree: Hi. I'm This Week in Hollywood's Bree Yung Shin Takahashi Samuels. We're doing a story on Jake Ryan's return to a normal life. Do you mind if we get a few shots?
      Mr. Corelli: Not at all. How's my hair?
      Bree: Doesn't matter!

    • Jake: Now, look, I know my coming here may be a distraction, since I am, well, you know, a superstar and Tween Magazine's hottie of the year.
      Lilly: (Gasps) I framed the cover!
      Jake: Me, too!
      Lilly: I hung it in my bathroom!
      Jake: Me, too!
      Lilly: Oh, my gosh! We have so much in common! We both love you!

    • Robbie: (to Bree Samuels) My daughter has a little bit of an overactive imagination. She likes to pretend she's celebrities. Last week, she was the Olsen twins. Both of them. You talk about a full house.

    • Miley: It was a secret. A really good secret that kept my whole life perfect, and now it's gone because I wanted pancakes in class.
      Robbie: I just wish you would've thought of that before you invited that reporter over.
      Miley: Me, too. I made a mistake. I'm a teenager. We act without thinking and we get zits. It's what we do.
      Robbie: So, uh, any idea how you're going to get yourself out of this one?
      Miley: Daddy, that's your job. You're a dad, that's what you do! How are you gonna help me if you can't even keep up?

    • Jackson: (Trying to start up his car) Start!
      Robbie: Sounds like a dead battery, son.
      Jackson: It can't be. I have to pick up Jennifer for the Coldplay concert. Turn over, you piece of junk! No, no, no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that, baby!
      Robbie: Son, you can apologize all you want, but without a new battery, you'd have an easier time turning over Uncle Earl in his water bed.

    • Jake: (Wearing a hat and sunglasses) Hey, Miley, it's me Jake. I'm in disguise.
      Miley: As what, an ego-maniac TV star in a hat?
      Jake: You're lucky. If my ego wasn't so big, that would've hurt.

    • (Jake walks into class)
      Lilly: Sup, Jake? Sup?
      Miley: Lilly, you dropped something.
      Lilly: What?
      Miley: Your dignity.

    • (Mr. Corelli catches Miley trying to eat a chocolate bar in class)
      Mr. Corelli: Stewart, you know the rules. Oh, I hope you have enough there for everybody!
      Miley: Uh, only if they take really, really small bites.
      Mr. Corelli: I'm the only one who gets to do sarcasm around here. Give it!
      (Miley gives it to him)
      Mr. Corelli: Thank you. (Takes a bite) You guys gotta stop sneaking food into class. I'm already wearing my fat jeans!

    • Robbie: Not so fast, slick.
      Jackson: I just want to sit in it.
      Robbie: Let me make this simple. I don't want you touching this car, I don't want you breathing on this car, I don't want you looking at this car for more than 10 seconds without expressed written consent of Major League Baseball.
      Oliver: Dude, he so owned you.
      (Jackson turns on his car buffer that Oliver is holding, causing Oliver to fall over)

    • (Robbie drives up in a new car)
      Jackson: Wow, Dad, for me? You shouldn't have.
      Robbie: I didn't. My lease was up and I figured what the heck. So, what do you think?
      Oliver: I think it makes Jackson's car look like a piece of...
      (Jackson glares at him)
      Oliver: ... Pie. Yummy, yummy pie.

    • Amber & Ashley: He's coming! He's coming!
      Mr. Corelli: Guys, guys, just calm down. Even though Jake's a big TV star, here he's just another student...
      (Jake walks in)
      Mr. Corelli: Who totally destroys zombies! Dude, you rock!

    • Oliver: This is so awesome! I'm gonna be this close to a famous person!
      Miley: What am I, a grilled cheese sandwich?
      Lilly: When you're Miley, you might as well be.

    • (Miley taliking to Lilly)
      Miley: He's a tv star! Big whoop!
      Lilly: (Saying in a song) Somebody's jealous...

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "Zombie High" is spoof of the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

    • J-Lo-Mein is a play on J-Lo, the nickname of singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and Lo-Mein, a type of Chinese noodles.

    • Lilly: It's like Clark Kent ripping off his clothes and showing everybody his blue tights at the Daily Planet's Christmas party!

      Clark Kent is the alter ego of Superman. He works at the Daily Planet as a reporter and he always wears his blue and red Superman costume under his clothes.

    • Natalie Portman is a famous actress. She has appeared in the movies Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Where the Heart Is.

    • Mr. Corelli: Enough with the chitty chatty bang bang.

      This is a play on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a movie from the 1960's.

    • Character name: Jake Ryan

      Jake Ryan is the name of the heartthrob in the 80's classic "Sixteen Candles".

    • Coldplay is a rock band from England. They sang the songs "Speed of Sound" & "Clocks".

    • Robbie: (to Bree Samuels) My daughter has a little bit of an overactive imagination. She likes to pretend she's celebrities. Last week, she was the Olsen twins. Both of them. You talk about a full house.

      This is a reference to when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen both starred in the TV show Full House, where they shared the role of Michelle Tanner. The show ran from 1987 - 1995.

    • Jake: And that's when I said, "No, Mr. Trump, you're fired!"

      This is a reference to Donald Trump's famous phrase ("You're fired!") from his TV show, The Apprentice.

    • Britney Spears is a pop singer who sang the hit songs "...Baby One More Time", "Toxic" & "Oops!... I Did It Again.

    • Jake Gyllenhaal is a Oscar nominated actor. He starred in the movies "October Sky", "City Slickers", and "The Day After Tomorrow".

    • Robbie: Hi! I haven't officially introduced myself. I'm Billy Ray Cyrus.

      Billy Ray Cyrus is the real-life dad of Miley Cyrus and a famous country crooner who is now playing Robbie Ray on this show.

    • Robbie: Last week, she was the Olsen twins. Both of them. You talk about a full house.

      The Olsen Twins (Mary Kate and Ashley) are celebrities. They have starred in the movies "New York Minute", "When In Rome" and "Holiday in the Sun".

    • Jackson's middle name is Rod, which is a reference to country-rock musician Rod Stewart.

    • "New Kid in School" is a play on the Eagles song "New Kid in Town".